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Articles & Blog

Articles & Blog

September 2017 Own Your Woo Woo

September 2017   Pink Boxing Gloves; Change your Vibe Change your LIFE!

July 2017       The Hypnosis of Social Conditioning

April 2017           The Soundtrack Of Our Life

January 2017       Radical Acceptance

November 2016    Rocking The House with Habitat in Java

October 2016       Free yourself from the imprisonment of ego

September 9        The Energy of 9 and 999

August 2016       How to know if it’s real channeled information.

August 2016       A Message From A Future

July 2016           New Paradigm in Living Abundance

June 2016         Shifting Realities Shifting Frequencies

June 2016          How to know you are a LightWorker

June 2016          Spiritual Protection

May 2016          Available to Receive

 May 2016         The business of being sick

January 2016      Some Get Old Some Get Better

March 2015        Why I Meditate

March 2015        Being right about being wrong

Jan 2015            Utopia

Oct 2014           What is seeking to emerge?

March 2014         Magic Happens

May 2013           What is Enlightenment?

April 2013           Fat Fifty and I should be dead

 March 2013        Waiting to Die Wanting to LIVE

Nov 2011           Tribute to Jerry Hicks; Thank you for the Questions ‘Teachings of Abraham’

May 2010             First thought. How to Maintain a positive attitude

March 2008          Success Stories

Dec 2007             Self Adoration; the path to enlightenment

Nov 2007            Would you rather be right than have things go well?

Oct 2007             FREEEEEDOM the Teen Dream: A guide for parents

Sept. 2006            Born Knowing

August 2006         Understanding the Law of Attraction

August 2006         Weightless

July 2006              The Intelligent Body (the path to physical healing)

June 2006              Healing Habits

March 2006          Time of awakening

Feb. 2006              Mood Management

Dec 2005             A week of forgetting/My Father leaves the Planet

Jan. 2004              Relationships

Sept: 2002             John of God: Miracle man from Brazil

Dancing witht eh LIGH