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Shifting Realities Shifting Frequencies

I had a chat with my guides Blissful Beings Light Council recently and they were again teaching me about Deliberate Creation. Below is the teachings and the dialogue I received..

Alex Grey Light worker Shifting Realities Shifting Frequencies
“Theologue” The Union of Human and Divine Consciousness Weaver the Fabric of Space Time… Artist: Alex Grey

Your reality is not a static thing, it is a constantly shifting fluid construct which is solely dependant on your vibrational stance.. Have you noticed how two or more people can be experiencing the same circumstance and yet experience two or more completely different realities of it. This is why when  you ask people what they thought of a situation or event can be nonsense as you will only get their perspective based on their reality at the time they experienced the event.

‘Did you like the rock concert?’  One will say it was crowded and hot, too loud and so it was a terrible experience, the other will say the concert was electric the music fantastic and the experience the best they have ever had. Same event two differing realities.

Life shows up in accordance with the frequency you evoke. And the frequency you are evoking much of the time you are physically focused is in accordance with the beliefs you hold about yourself and life.

You have at your core the ability to shift frequency at any time in any moment of your daily experience. You have the ABILITY and the POWER to change your reality in accordance to the choices you are making with the beliefs and thoughts you hold and choose.

How is this possible you ask? Because you have at your beck and call the ability to discern, decide and Choose. But most people use their abilities to discern decide and choose,  only as a critical thought over the reality they are observing…  I like this I do not like that, this hurts me or upsets me, or this makes me happy or sad”.  This is the way many of you use this precious and powerful ability to choose.

We are suggesting to you that instead of choosing a judgment over what you observe around you, take your focus inward and say. IS THIS HOW I WISH TO FEEL?  If the choice at this time is NO, I wish to experience a different reality, or a different feeling, then you CAN use your powers of discernment and choice to shift how you feel in the moment! This ability to shift your frequency or feeling is your powers of creation.

What is your frequency.

Frequency is the quality of vibration dependent upon the intention and focus of the belief you hold. And the current reality you are experiencing in this moment is also dependant on the dominant frequency or vibrational stance attached to the beliefs which is creating it. Meaning you believe something to be and And so it is..

Many people will argue about beliefs saying; some things are reality, not because they believe them, but because it JUST IS.

But collective belief structure, and we call it a structure for it can appear to be very solid, is the reason why you experience many things in your time space reality, which you did not consciously decide you would believe, or even question if it is true or not. You, like many of the beings on this planet, have come into a collective agreement about many manifestations, or physical reality constructs.. which you, on a subconscious level,  decided to see and experience as your current reality.

But this too is a constantly changing phenomena and is shifting quite rapidly now. For as you evolve both with your technologies and within your consciousness, your physical realities and the beliefs construct which hold this reality in place is constantly shifting.

Everything you see around you is a collective belief construct which collectively you are choosing to express, much like the holodeck on star trek …. But this does not mean it is stagnant or fixed in any way, for you have the ABILITY  to change what you see and experience by choosing a different frequency or quality of vibration. This choice directed with intension, is the reason some people can see UFO’s or non physical entities and others can not. There are so many differing experiences which can be had in this time space reality, and why there is a lot of time wasted arguing over what is real and what is not real within your mass media and mass-consciousness.

You see this, as your music systems change from Records to CDs to Mp3, more and more possibility becomes available and as your collective culture accepts these realities they establish them As the current reality. The same applies for any manifestation you currently believe to be set in stone.

Let’s make this dialogue a practical application of this teaching…

Take your physical body as you see it and experience it in this moment in time.. What does it feel like now?  How well or not well does your body feel?  Can you imagine a different experience with this physical construct?  Can you see a different body, be it to your liking or not. Can you see yourself as older, or younger, stronger or weaker. Any of these realities are available to you in this moment, all you have to do to bring them into existence, is to tune into the frequency the other experience holds for a certain amount of your time, and this will become your reality in this moment in time and space.

But many of you have beliefs which will greatly halt this process, for you believe things about the physical form, which are a part of the collective construct of your time space reality and culture and so may hinder this process. Try if you will to allow a new reality to exist simultaneously with your current belief constructs. All things are possible is a good thought to start with.

Have you pain in an area of your body which you would prefer not to have? Can you see a different reality within your physical form?

Now see the prefered reality you would like manifest and experienced now. Also ask to know the frequency of this reality.. Ask to experience the vibration, the feeling, of this and tune your focus, your sense of being to this. As you would tune into a radio station or show playing this song. How does it feel, what do I believe about myself, what can I do? How does this sound,  what is the texture, how does the energy flow within it. What colour are you when you see this healthy freed strong body form? What does it feel like to have a body which performs optimally? Remember a time when you knew this. Or imagine it as you would like to see it.

This focusing exercise takes a powerfully directed focus and commitment to allow your choice of thought and vibration to manifest this.  Which you can do.

Keep Affirming. I can do this, I am good at this. I have a powerful focus. I can be single-minded in this. I am good at this. I have a powerful ability to focus and direct my thoughts and vibration and I know how to tune into frequency.

Me to Blissful Beings Light Council.. (BB LC ) Tried it, easier said then done.

BB LC … Well KAren only another belief to thwart your process in this matter…  Change this to, This is EASY to do…

Me to BB LC..  I know I can do this, but I do get in the way with other thoughts/beliefs arising telling me why I can’t have this reality now. Like..  in order to heal something, I have to work harder or change something else about myself, or there is a karmic reason I have this pain in my body. or there is a lesson in this I need to learn or a belief I need to shift or something I need to DO to change it.

BB LC … We know KAren, many people feel like this about shifting frequency and being a powerful Deliberate Creator. They make it so much more complicated than it needs to be.

The lessons you are here to learn as you are physically focused in a dense dimension, is how to create. How to shift your focus from one reality to another. How to love instead of hate. How to Allow instead of resist. How to direct your focus from fear to love,  from limited to unlimited within the confines of a dimensions which was set up to promote separateness, contrast and limitation. How to REMEMBER who you are! These exercises we are showing you involve all of these lessons.

Pain, or the troubles and traumas you see in your life, only need to exist until you know yourself as someone who can shift frequency. Someone who can enjoy in the moment. Someone who knows themselves as a powerful Deliberate Creator.

You can do this exercise in focus with money, love, any circumstance you wish to shift, change and transform.

Keep practising, you will get this, as you already know how to do this and are doing this in many other dimensions of reality. This is your natural way and state of being on the higher planes . It is only in the denser planes that this becomes more difficult. And this  is why you came. For you gave yourself the challenge to forget and then to remember, within the denser time space reality of the 3rd & 4th dimensions.

We will be bringing through more of these transmissions and teaching exercises soon. YOU are LOVE Remember to Feel this. Blissful Beings

KAren is a Spiritual Teacher and Channel of Deliberate Creation, supporting the Difference Makers, Changemakers, Teachers and Disrupters of our world. For a reading and guidance from KAren and Blissful Beings Light Council .. Please visit our sessions page.

Read more about KAren here.

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Shifting Realities Shifting Frequencies

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