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Free yourself from the imprisonment of ego

Free yourself from the imprisonment of ego

How much power do you give your ego mind over your Loving presence?

Life serves as a platform for spiritual growth in all it’s diversity. We have the opportunity in this third dimensional reality to explore many different ideas, beliefs, thought forms and experiences, but in all of this, there is only one truth. We are all connected and we come from LOVE.

The ego mind will have you believing differently, especially in those times of despair and contrast, but this is when you need to remember your connection to Love the most.

When you are in a hurry and the person in front of you cuts you off in traffic. When the person you love deceives you. When the telephone operator keeps you hanging on the line, transferring you to different departments who have no clue why you called and you have to repeat your story over and over again, only to be told you have the wrong department! 😖 😁

I know there are worst things to grapple with, as we continue this wonderful journey of physical life. Illness, death, fear, poverty, starvation, limitation and on it goes. At some point we all swim through the gamut of trials physical life has in store. Many of them in different life times, but all of us will experience at some point feelings of lack, loneliness, hurt, despair and fear.

The question is not, why I am I suffering? But how long will I stay in this vibration and use my physical life circumstances to create this feeling of disconnection to my broader knowing and my source?


While we are here and especially the ones who are on a deliberate path back home, the trek to enlightenment. We have to remember to not sweat the small stuff, or get upset at the contrast we see around us in abundance.

I had this experience yesterday. I was locked in a car park for 3 hours after losing my ticket. The car park people would not let me out until I paid the exorbitant fee for losing a ticket. I was so angry with myself, as I always put the ticket down my bra, this way I always know where it is and can NOT lose it. Even when I was in the dressing room, I said to myself, remember you have the ticket in your bra so be careful when you try on clothes.

You see I was buying shorts and cheap t-shirts to wear on my trip to Java to build houses for homeless families. I wanted to save money as I will probably destroy the clothes in the build. So in my self-righteousness I refused to pay the fee to let me out, stating I was happy to pay the parking fee I had incurred or even double or triple it, and in turn they refused to let me out. I told them to send me the bill and I would pay it later. BUT they refused. I am not sure the legal ramifications of all of this. I really do not think a car park attended has the power to lock you in for not having the money to pay a fine. I am pretty sure fines can be paid at a later date.

OMG did my EGO have a field day with me yesterday! I had thoughts of revenge, rage, disempowerment, injustice. You see I would NEVER imprison someone over a few dollars, especially if they said they would pay it later. And I guess I wondered why I had attracted this experience to me.

Eventually my common sense overrode my sense of injustice and I succumbed, went back inside the shopping centre, to get cash out and I paid a fine I could not afford because of the expense of the trip. Saying to myself, ” the money will come back, if  and when I let go of the anger and feelings of injustice.”

Chatting to my guides, they said ”Let it go, let it go, let it go!” But you know the old ego, could I let it go? NO!!! As much as I tried to focus on something else, the injustice of the car park imprisonment crept back into my mind. So I had to find the blessing and the teaching in all of this and a way to learn from it and let it go..

Life always reflects back to us a mirror of the dominant vibrations or ideas we are carrying, or believing to be true.

How was this feeling of being unjustly imprisoned resonating with the thoughts I had been indulging in lately. I had to look hard, but if we are really honest with ourselves, we do not have to look far to find the vibrational match.

As I stated before i am about to embark on a journey overseas to build houses for the poor and as I was trying on the clothes to do this I was amazed and disgusted at how much weight I had gained over winter. I had to buy clothes two sizes bigger and I was thinking, Will I be able to do this? Will this fat middle-aged body be able to lift bricks in the sweltering heat of Java?

I have felt imprisoned in my body for a while, knowing that without it, I do not need to diet or exercise and I’ll be free to fly around the cosmos helping as many people as possible from an expanded perspective. So the feelings of being here in a fat body have felt like a prison, and I guess the car park incident was bringing this message home to me in a big way, if only I could get my little egoic mind out of the way and see the bigger picture! It was an old familiar journey down the road of the ego yesterday, but the strength of the feelings over such a trite circumstance and really over just dollars, had my attention and had me asking questions; What am I learning here, what is the message for me and how can I find a better feeling about all of it. 

Can I love this body?

Can I let go of feeling imprisoned within it?

Can I find feelings of freedom while living out the rest of my days in a confined ageing physical form.

This is my challenge and many other lightworkers challenge, I am sure.  

I always like to turn every bad experience into a positive one. And writing this blog is one of them.

So now here is the bigger challenge….

CAN I LOVE the car park men, four of them, for locking me in a car park for three hours.

Can I find the humour?

Can I thank life, for doing this to me?

Can I see the gift in it?

Can I Love my body JUST the way it is and find feelings of freedom within it?

Can I remember in times of strife and struggle to get back to love… Get Back to LOVE?

OF COURSE I CAN and so can we all..Nelson Mandela

This is the challenge life presents to all of us. This is the game of life. To be in it, and yet not of it. To remember our outer circumstances are NOT responsible for our inner circumstances, or emotions.

We HAVE ULTIMATE POWER over how we think and feel, and these little games life plays with us, is showing us just how well we are doing being deliberate with our powerful focus and vibrational stance.

Love is easy to find when we sweep aside the egoic mind that wants to defend, destroy, disempower and criticise others and reconnect to the LOVE we are, and the Love that has created all of it for us.

Life is happening for me, not to me.

In every life circumstance, no matter how traumatic, trivial or trite, is a gift, a treasure, a lesson and a opportunity to expand, grow and be the exalted wisdom you came to be.

LOVE IS YOU Remember to feel it, under any circumstance.

BIG LOVE KAren Swain. xx

KAren Swain is a spiritual Teacher of Deliberate Creation channeling wisdom from her broader perspective and guides Blissful Beings. This is the same stream of intelligence as the Abraham Teachings.

She also has a radio and podcast show called Accentuate the Positive Media  conversation with open heart and inspired minds, Awakening Consciouness

For more about KAren, please take a look here



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