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A Tribute to Jerry Hicks.

A Tribute to Jerry Hicks.

November 2011

 Thank you for the questions Jerry, You made the world a Better Place.

Jerry and Esther Hicks
Esther and Jerry Hicks


Jerry Hicks is one of the reasons we are on this fascinating journey of self discovery and deliberate creation. If it wasn’t for his persistence and eternal asking about the  meaning of life, ‘why we are here and how do we create our personal realities?’ The stream of energy consciousness called Abraham may never had come through Esther with her ability to translate broader knowing and thought so clearly, and with such great insight.

As Einstein once said ” if you can’t say it simply, you don’t know it well enough.”

The teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks/ Abraham,  have made the great mysteries of life so easy to understand. What a joy it has been for me to hear Jerry’s questions and Esther/ Abraham’s words in response to his asking.

I have revelled in the teachings of Abraham ever since a  friend sent  me their introduction CD in 2001. This was the very first time  I heard  them, and for me it was like coming home.

When I first heard what Esther/Abraham had to say, my heart sang out loud for the first time in my spiritual quest.  To hear such pure positive and simple truth was to me an enormous blessing, beyond all blessings. Esther’s words resonated so deeply within me I felt for the first time on my path I had come home to myself, to my Truth. I felt Validated, I knew I wasn’t alone in what I knew to be my truth. It was Such a JOY for me to hear Esther’s words and Abraham’s teachings.

I had been searching for a teacher who would make sense of the meaning to life  for many years. Ever since my mother made her transition when I was 16. From this powerful event huge and prevailing desires and questions shot out of me. WHY WHY WHY? Wy did she die? why did she get sick? why didn’t she get better and stay? How do we heal sickness? Where do we go when we die? Where do we come from? Who are we really?  Why are we here? What is the meaning to life?  I want to know…. Oh the questions kept coming and coming. The more I looked the more question arouse within me. And so, like Jerry, I looked and asked and searched and explored. I read heaps of spiritual books and went to many spiritual, healing, energy workshops, seminars and teachings.

I became obsessed with wanting to know the meaning to life. I  volunteered as a co-ordinator for an organisation dedicated to expanding spiritual knowledge. There I  booked many spiritual teachers from all over the world for our meditation and enlightenment evenings. But none of their teachings resonated deeply within me. I felt, at that time, despondent that I would never find someone who knew what I knew.

I had read the Seth material when I was in my early twenties. The book ‘Seth Speaks’ fell off the bookshelf  in a house I was baby sitting. It came to me in response to my asking, and when I read the words, “we are the creators of our personal realities,” as was out lined in the book. I knew I had come home. This knowing resonated so deeply true within me, I could not go back. I could never again  believe life just happens to us in some random way and that we are victims  to terrible circumstances we have no control over. I felt  as though I had known this wisdom all along, and been deceived by the people around me into thinking I was a victim in a cruel cruel world, powerless to do anything about my circumstances. But I knew there was more sense to life than many people talked about or knew of, and I was determined to uncover it.

As soon as I read the words, ‘You are the creator of your personal reality, and all your power is in the Now”, I knew this was my truth and who I really am… The Power to create!  I knew we all are this power to create everything we could ever want. The next step was to know how!

I spent years looking for someone who could explain this to me in person. I no longer wanted to just read about it in books. I wanted a teacher to show me,  to teach me, to expand on what I knew was the truth of my being. When Abraham came into my life, it was like hearing my thoughts for the first time outside of my head. Oh the joy of this, the exhilaration, the thrill to hear  Esther’s/Abraham’s words.

I had been telling people similar things most of my life but with little respect. Maybe because even-though I knew I can live the life I want and that I am a powerful creator, I was not living my truth. I was playing  victim to my circumstances and my limiting thoughts and not living the life I knew I could live.

I don’t live in a new age community, I live in the world, and many of the people around me still think I am crazy for talking about things like non-physical energies, thoughts create, channelling, entities, psychic ability and the power we have to create our own personal realities. But I have to say, this is really changing.

I have been talking about  Law of Attraction and energy for at least thirty years now and fewer people think  I’m crazy. More are joining me in this powerful and life changing conversation. It is really a thrill to me to experience this and I attribute this hugely to the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham.

If it wasn’t for Jerry’s asking and Esther’s bravado to become public with her teaching, Rhonda Bryne would have never found them and been inspired to make ‘the Secret’ and thousand of people across the planet wouldn’t have been as aware of this powerful wisdom as they are today. Esther/Abraham has always said…” there is never a crowd on the leading edge of thought,” but from the amount of people today discovering Abraham’s teachings, and the packed houses Esther is presenting to, there is now a crowd on the leading edge!

I suspect the expansion of this knowledge  was  inevitable, as humanity has been asking to know more about our power to receive and create for generations.

Fully living in alignment with this wisdom and the flow of our innate well-being has been my life’s quest and sharing this with others, the fun of the journey. I endeavour to live in alignment with my source more fully every day. And some days are better than others, but the thrill of it all is having a goal, having somewhere to go. A brighter future to live into. The fact that I am not perfect yet, is perfect. I am not finished nor do I want to be . I guess when I feel I am finished fulfilling my desire to know and live this wisdom more fully, I too will take my transition back home. Just as Jerry has decided to do.

I know that for many people, death seems like an ending or a failure to get what was wanted, but it is not. What we call death is a response to a desire within us, to be at one again, with the fullness of who we really are and who we have become… To once again feel the fullness and the JOY of the Vortex. As Abraham would say…

Thank you Jerry for your questions.

Thank you for your Love.

Thank you for your Light.

Eternally Grateful, KAren Swain



Jerry’s transition has made a big impact with all of us who are passionate about Abraham’s message .. It makes you think about how Esther is finding peace with it all and makes us sit up and listen more fully to Abraham’s message of life and more life…

I have had a lot of communication about it from my inner being.. Blissful Beings, esp. about how Esther is doing. As I have been thinking about her a lot and feeling so much LOVE for them both…

Here is what Blissful Beings are saying..

“Esther knows, more than most, that she is a vibrational being and that even though we are having physical experiences, everything we live is really a vibrational experience.

Her relationship with Abraham, which has changed her life and the lives of many around the planet, is a purely Vibrational experience. One she has enjoyed immensely. Her enjoyment with her relationship with Jerry, although a physical one, was enjoyed too because of her thoughts, beliefs and story about him which evoked feelings of Joy, Love, connection and more.

Everything we live is a vibrational experience, no exception. Why, because we have opinions, feelings and emotions about everything we live.

Regardless of what is happening in our lives, our enjoyment of life, or the lack of it, comes purely from our story about it.

As Abraham has said, ‘there is no such thing as death only a new way of experiencing more life’, and so as Esther reaches, from her physical standpoint, to play with Jerry once again in his non-physical form, she knows that her story about his transition will hinder, or enhance her communication and relationship with him more now than ever before.

Esther knows that regardless of what we are living, it is only the story we have about it which makes us sad or happy, and she realises her happiness is now dependent on the story she avails herself about Jerry’s transition.

This knowledge in itself would be enough for her to reach and allow, through the story she tells herself about what has happened to Jerry and her life as it is and will be, for her connection to her vortex. As this is where Jerry abides these days.

And just as she has had a life changing and life enhancing relationship with Abraham, a non physical energy, so too can she continue to have a life enhancing relationship with Jerry, now a non-physical energy. And we would say that Esther is endeavouring to do just this, to feel good now, more than ever before, as this is where she and Jerry can play together.

So in her moments of feeling sad that Jerry is no longer physical, or when she is missing him, she knows all she has to do is find her way back to her vortex, just as she does every time she interacts with Abraham, and together Jerry and Esther will be again…”

LOVE is you Blissful Beings.

Here is a note from Blissful Beings on the question…

Why did Jerry Hicks get sick and die when Abraham teaches that people either transition because they are experiencing so much pain that their only relief is in leaving physical, or because they’re done creating on this plane and ready to move on???

Abraham has always said that what we experience is a reflection of our vibrational standpoint and the next logical step on the road to fulfilling our desires for more expansion and the enjoyment of  life.

Jerry Hicks is one who has many more desires waiting to be physically experienced, most of them born out the work he and Esther have done with Abraham. He continues giving birth to new desires, as we are all creative genius who are expanding this time space reality and all that is with our desires. Everyone will be eternally coming up with new ideas, fun things to experience and adventures to live into.

Jerry also knows that he can attain the fulfilment of all his desires by aligning his energy with that which is wanted, and so one would conclude that the dominant desire within Jerry was to be once again one with the totally of all that he is and has become. And from this non-physical standpoint, choose again the next logical step in the expansion of all that is.

From broader perspective we see nothing as going wrong here. No pain to overcome, no trauma to surmount, only a fulfilment of a desire to be at one with the fullness of who we are and have become, and then make more decisions and to continue more life from this perspective. But from your physical standpoint you see the ending of life as a terrible thing, a failure to get what was wanted, or to manifest your desires, and the process in which the decision was made, more fully, to return home, as something unwanted, when it is not.

Like many people, Jerry and Esther have held thoughts of endings as not wanted, and so there was resistance to Jerry’s desire to go home, both from him and from Esther.

Jerry had been contemplating re-emergence as the next logical step, from his physical standpoint for some time and also holding resistance to this thought knowing that Esther would not be so happy with this decision. This resistance was enough to create a slight imbalance in his physical body, in which the well-meaning medical doctors could concoct a diagnose as an illness that needed the very best of their archaic medical treatment. And as Jerry is one who is choosing not hold too much resistance to others and to what is, he went alone with the doctors treatments. Which only increased his desire to feel better, vital and whole again and to once again be the fullness of his whole-self and broader perspective.

But as Jerry also had a desire to stay and live and enjoy more Life with Esther there was a splitting in his energy. A decision.. which way to go, two desires that did not seem compatible. Even with this split energy or decision to be made, enjoyment of life until the last breath is possible. Suffering is not necessary, or wanted even when the physical body is out of balance.

The decline in Jerry’s physical apparatus made the decision to leave this physical ride a stronger desire. And so Jerry, as everyone will do at some stage in their physical journey, made the decision to re-emerge once again into non-physical and to feel the fullness of the vortex…

Never more than now have Abraham’s words been so powerful, to those seeking to understand this play of life and death, especially to Esther as she reaches to find alignment with Jerry’s decision. Never before have the words, “You just have to get over this death thing” meant as much to those looking on at this event and reaching for more understanding.

Jerry’s Transition and illness has given birth for more understanding of Abraham’s message in many people looking on into Esther’s and Jerry’s Life. People all over the globe are sitting up straighter and listening with more intending ears to why … supposedly ‘Bad things happen to good people” and hearing the message that there are NO bad things that happen only experiences and ways in which to perceive them…

It is a powerful time for people seeking a fuller understanding of Abraham’s message and a powerful time for all who enjoy it.

LOVE is you, Remember to Feel it
Blissful Beings..

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  1. Beautiful! Well said, felt, written. Bliss indeed. Thanks so much for sharing your joy & understanding ~ Along with you, I’ve been sending Jerry and Esther big love! xoxoxo Julie