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How to know if channeled information is right for you.

One must have discernment when listening to channeled information.

There are many channels of higher consciousness putting their work and messages out into the arena of life, through the internet, literature and online radio today. But how do you know who to listen to and if they are really channeling higher forms of consciousness and not just ranting on the internet from their ego perspective.

How can you be sure their message is true for you?

how can I know if it is really channel information

First we would like to ask you to feel if the message is right for you. Your soul knows who you are and what you need to remember at any specific time,  whether it comes from an ego perspective, or higher perspective, the message may be beneficial to you at your specific stage of human consciousness  development. And you will know this by the way you feel when you read, listen or watch the messenger deliver their message. If it feels right, it will be right for you. But knowing something feels right in your now moment, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be right for you in the next stage of your development.

We would like to out line some criteria of discernment for you to follow as you surf your internet for messages from higher forms of consciousness.

When a messenger is connected to the creator, source and consciousness that is overseeing this planet for the highest good of humanity, they will never deem anything as evil or wrong or unwanted, because from this perspective, source knows that all experience has value to the soul who is wishing to experience it.

Signs to look for, to determine if the channeled information is coming from higher consciousness..

1: Judgment in any form, is a sure sign this channel is speaking from the egoic perspective, as source never tries to change our beliefs or sway us in any specific direction. When a channel says something is bad or good, this will show you the channel is coming from the preferences of the channel, which is fine, as long as the channel determines that this information is coming from their personality preferences and not the higher consciousness they are channeling.

2: Rules and regulations; When a teacher or channel gives you guidelines how you should live your life, what you should eat, do and have, this is a sure sign this information is coming from a mind connected to ego or dogma. Source or higher guidance, always gives us the FREEDOM to be, do and have anything we desire. We are not limited to what we can experience here in this physical environment, only we, together with our inner being, can choose what we wish to do here. We often bring ourselves to places of contrast, trauma and seemingly unwanted experiences in order to learn, evolve and grow from this. And although many of these experiences are not pleasant, we get to feel, experience and know how it is to have them, and as healers or teachers here to help guide others, this empathy of experience gives us a powerful tool of relating to human suffering.

The wonderful channel, Seth said through Jane Roberts in the 60’s.. There are ONLY Two Rules to Life: ONE: You create your own reality.. And TWO: There are No limits!

3: How to feel: You have come into this polarized contrasting environment to feel and know the vast gamut of emotional experiences available to you here. Your emotions are your indication of connection to your powers of manifestation, your source and your soul. A teacher of higher consciousness will never tell you HOW to feel, but will point out that it is imperative you know or are aware of how you DO feel, for this awareness guides you and is your inner being speaking to you about how you flow your energy.

4: Fighting the Good fight: There is no fight from your broader perspective, Only Choice! As humans we love the good fight, this paradigm of the good versus the bad forces is one  humans have been enjoying for millennia. It is the basis of all your entertainment and many of your electronic games. But resistance to anything always ensures it stays in your life, and so as you push against the unwanted, the perceived bad, the crime and the unjust, you will keep this vibrational stance a dominant feature in your energy field, and hence will attract more of it.

5: Protection: When a channel tells you to protect yourself, this is an indication the vehicle of the channeled information has a belief in a force outside oneself which can harm you. You as a Soul, can never be harmed, hurt or extinguished. Even when your body is sick or harmed. You, as your true identity is whole, healthy and one with the creator. The only protection you need, is to grow a good attitude towards yourself, others and life and to strengthen your remembrance and connection to your source. This will ensure you attract only that which is for your highest good.

There is only ONE Source of energy throughout creation, and this source is a stream of PURE POSITIVE ENERGY, which you can allow or pinch off. Darkness, evil, bad feelings or trauma in any form, is an indication you are pinching yourself off from your source and are in a place of forgetting who you really are.

Your ARE this Source, YOU ARE Pure Positive Energy who has come here to forget, and then to take the journey home to remembering.

Your source, god or your higher or broader self will NEVER judge you as wrong, bad or not worthy. You are Loved beyond measure, beyond what the human mind can fathom. You are given complete and utter freedom to be do and have all you choose to focus on and manifest while you are experiencing this physical timeline existence. When you Know this, when you feel your connection to the love and the freedom that is your true nature, You will know who to listen to and who to ignore. You will know when information coming through a channel is life giving and when it is not.

KNOW YOURSELF and you will KNOW all others.

You are LOVE Remember to FEEL it…

Reminders from Home Blissful Beings and KAren Swain

KAren is a Spiritual Teacher and Channel of Deliberate Creation, supporting the Difference Makers, Changemakers, Teachers and Disrupters of our world. For a reading and guidance from KAren and Blissful Beings Light Council .. Please visit our sessions page.

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