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Why I Meditate

Meditation can be the breath of life you are looking for. If you’re worried or sad, this means you need to meditate more.

I spent many years in my forties feeling like my life had more meaning and purpose. As much as I helped people, put on spiritual events, researched and learnt new skills. I still felt there was something more to my life. My cry to the universe was; “What happened to my Exciting life? I am Board beyond belief!”

I lived in the most beautiful place on earth an hour out of the city and I loved my surroundings and the beauty of the nature. But I felt like I was treading water for many years, waiting for some shift to happen so I could do my work in the world in more powerful ways.

Life brought me back into the city at the end of my forties where I was to discover so much had changed while I was living in paradise. So many movements happening in the new age arena, with incredible spiritual events and conscious parties, music, people and gathering. I dove straight in!

It was delicious and I found so many wonderful people speaking MY language in a more comprehensive way than ever before.

Now my life is a frantic, filled with people to meet and to talk to, events to organise, new movies, music and healing techniques to help and promote. My books to write, blogs to put out, seminars to do, teachers to meet and interview and new ways of learning how to handle this technical age.

The younger generation has really stepped it up since I was in this scene in my thirties. I think I was waiting for them to grow up and find their passion and their niches so I could benefit from their brilliance, creativity, perspective and help them touch more people.

WOW can this all get completely overwhelming. My cry to the universe today is now; “HELP !!! I need HELP  with all that I have put on my plate.” NOT bored anymore. I AM Right in the thick of my purpose and my dharma and doing what I came to do on earth.

Sometimes I feel it would be so much easier to go home for an extended stay. To reemerge back to the bliss I came from. Not as a morbid thing like, ‘Get me the hell out of here!’ I just feel so overwhelmed sometimes. I feel like I really need a deep REST. I want to recuperate, refresh, reignite and to re-emerge… And as much as I sleep, I don’t find this feeling of deep deep rest and rejuvenation.

This is when I remember I don’t have to leave permanently to find my bliss, I just have to get back to my meditation practice.

Meditation is like going home while still on holiday. It is a way to rejuvenate and re-emerge back to our true nature of bliss. To jump into the sea of infinite energy and swim amounghts the stars. It’s our way home, while vacationing here on earth.

The holiday is fun and there are wonderful people to meet, things to discover and places to go, but sometimes it gets a little exhausting. I do not have a stressful job, or am I tied to a desk. I live my life doing what I love, full blast with passion, humour and enthusiasm. But we all need some time out.

We all need to nourish our souls and our bodies in a way that really counts.

When I forget to meditate I reach for food as a way to find the energy I am looking for. But as healthy as the food may be, it still does not reach that place inside me which is reaching out for more. The empty place that says; ‘I want to be filled with ecstasy. I want my cup to run over.’

Meditation to me is a way of filling this empty space with the love we have come to give and remember. Our practise is a way of nurturing the self while we nurture others.

It is a way of being at home with the divine mother and the supportive father. To feel the embrace of the divine within, regardless of the movies we are running on earth.

We can find our home, our center and our bliss, all from a simple act of going within and tuning our tone to the sound of source and drinking the nectar of the divine.

Meditation is a way to stay Intimate with the Infinite.

I write this as a way of reminding myself to meditate more. I hope it reminds you too.

Bliss be with youWhy I meditate

All is LOVE & Love is ALL


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