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New Paradigm in Living Abundance

New Paradigm in Living Abundance

We are moving into a new collective way of being, bringing in a realm of existence which will see physical life shake off many of the traumas and limitations which have become unnecessary for human potential to expand and evolve on this plane. The new way of thinking and feeling about money in the fifth dimension, is not to go out and make money, it is to allow abundance to BE your reality.

Living in the fifth dimension

There are many ways to think about money, and money is such a big conversation on this planet at the moment. Especially since the GFC. It seems to establish the way many people think of worthiness, and WORTH has NOTHING to do with money. Yet the 3rd dimensional reality consciousness has defined people by the amount of money, or lack of it, they have.

‘Ghetto child, a rich man, a middle class housewife. the poor, the wealthy or rich.’ How did we get so off track as to define a human worth by the amount of money in their bank account, or how much STUFF they have.

People’s worth is not about their ability to make money, it IS their ability to be of VALUE to others and honor their soul plan. Every experience is valuable to others in a variety of different ways.

How to they contribute, how do they uplift how do they teach you or remind you of who you really are, when you have forgotten and you are believing your stressful, or negative thoughts about yourself or another.

Worth has Nothing to do with Money!

EVERY being is Worthy of a Loving and Abundant life, and of fulfilling their desires and purpose here.

How did we get so lost to think how much is my time worth in terms of dollar amounts? The 3rd dimensional construct of working hard for money can have a strong hold on many who are here to raise above it and Ascend to new way of being. It says: I have to do, in order to create what I want. I have to turn from my inner-guidance of what feels good, what I want to do and engage in a pastime of mediocrity, in order to enable my good life to flow into my existence.

THIS is backwards in the 5th dimensional reality and frequencies. Feeling good, feeling excited and listening to your inner knowing, is the path to your abundant life.

We have the galactic council here to bring through this new paradigm in awareness. These beings and some of  their collective physical realities, are living with this higher frequency within a physical timeline, and so are here to show the way. These beings are here to help us become this reality while physically focused in this dimension. They are here to help us affect our transitioning to the new paradigm in thinking, being and vibrating here on this plane. For as we vibrate this  knowing and way of being, we allow the superhighway of focus and energy, to become more readily available for those who are seeking it, and having difficulties transitioning into this way of being more fully.

Many of you are currently stuck in the fourth dimension, swimming in a matrix of third and fifth dimensional awareness and vibrational stances. This awareness of two different frequencies, creates boundaries, thought forms and experience is which contradict themselves and each other. This can be a confusing time as you readily indulge in 5th dimensional flow and freedoms in your life, feeling the ease and grace of a timeline experience, which has you seeing and manifesting desire faster and more readily into your experience. But you slip back into the 3rd dimension of thinking of lack consciousness, separateness and limitations. And your guidance system, now a very powerful force in your experience, shows you the vibration that is attached to this way of feeling, thinking in being, and these lower frequencies can feel devastating to some who are now used to a new level in experience.

How do we stay focussed in the 5th and bring through a new reality of Abundance for this plane of existence?

Many of you came here to show the way to 5th dimensional way of being and expressing.  This frequency is available to you now and will become more of the norm as more points of consciousness reawaken to their potential.

The way to stay focussed in the 5th, is to do the work as you travel the timeline of your existence. This means as you bump up against old paradigms of lack and limitation, one has to transmute them in the moment. This will mean NOT talking your troubles over and over with people who are only interested in the drama of the tale. This also means ASKING for assistance from those around you who know how to help you build  strong foundations based in this new expression of life. These will be people who are not seduced by your troubled mind or physical circumstances, for they will only know your potential to create a new in the moment. (KAren is one such as this. A Brilliant teacher and expression of 5th dimensional thinking, who also knows very well what it is like to swim in the thick soup of 3rd and 4th dimensional beingness.)

In the 5th dimension, the role of money is greatly diminished as a form of exchange. It is no longer seen as a measurement of worth or value and as we evolve to new states of consciousness, it will eventually be phased out. But for now we are dealing with a powerful construct upon your plane, and so to believe it is not important in this time is to greatly delude yourself in a way of being that is not yet available here.

Money in the new paradigm is a form of exchange only, as required for services or things needed or wanted to get things done. The bases of the belief around this form of exchange is; there is an unlimited supply.  There will still be some who have this supply in different amounts, as this is a way of affecting focus. The more you want something to happen or become, the more you will have to tune your focus to the frequency of it becoming real in this existence. This will ensure the supply will expand to enable the desired form or idea to be built or bought. But Money will not be seen as a measurement of value based on scarcity as you currently think now.

When something is looked upon as rare or scarce or in limited supply, the price is hiked up to an amount most people can not afford. This is a construct rooted in scarcity consciousness and many of your, so-called, marketing experts, will ask you to use this construct to sell your wares and services.  ie: “Limited offer; Get it Now before it runs out. Only for a short time”  This way of selling or marketing your brand or services will hold you in the 3rd dimensional thinking of struggle, separateness and limitation.

There is another way which allows you to flow with the ease and grace of the new paradigm and will bring to you all you need to thrive upon this plane. This is to vibrate a frequency which is in alignment with the energy, or idea you wish to bring to you and others. It is most important that your focus is on the collective. Which means, any money-making venture you engage in, must be for the good of the collective and not just the wealth or satisfaction of the individual.

This is why so many lightworkers struggle when trying to make money from a 3rd dimensional construct, for this will surely fail. As you have come here to demonstrate 5th dimensional living to your brothers and sisters, who are locked in the 3rd dimensional struggles and asking to find a new way and a better life. It is up to you to demonstrate this way of living and NOT to conform to the ways others are making money from a separateness perspective, no matter how much they make and how good it looks to the little, or ego mind.

The Collective Energy Knows No lack

As a Lightworker and Difference Maker, Your path is not to be rich for the sake of being rich, it is to allow abundance to flow and nourish many. For your Soul agreed in this time upon your plane to serve the whole, as a multidimensional being of Love and Light, to be a living example of the future you are bringing into being.

It is a totally new way of doing, marketing, selling and being with Abundance. One which indulges in unity consciousness and upholds the paradigms of the fifth dimensional constructs.. The Galactic Council & Blissful Beings.

For guidance on how to stay 5th dimensionally focus have a reading and session with KAren and Blissful Beings Light Council 

For more inspiring transmissions and monthly webinars where you can ask questions; Join the inner sanctum 

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Bring forth a new way of living abundance

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