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The business of being sick.

The business of being sick.

19 May 2016

I had the most interesting experience recently, as some of you might know I had been unwell over the weekend, and you know when we feel at the mercy of the weaknesses of our bodies, it is a very humbling and vulnerable experience. A time when we reach out for help and healing. A kind thought, an educated point of view and a spiritual experience. So as I reached out for this over the past week, I was directed to go to an indian healer who is in town, having never visited Australia before, he came highly recommended and so I took myself off to see him.The Business of Being Sick

As I sat waiting to see him in the living-room of a beautiful modern house in one of Sydney’s most expensive beach side suburbs, I couldn’t help but notice the business of being sick. Much money was changing hands, cash only, and boxes of medicines were being prescribed to the many vulnerable women passing through, some with their beautiful children obviously in need of some guidance. 

My overwhelming feeling was, how lucrative the business of being sick is, as we swallow any advice given to us in this vulnerable time.

No one introduced themselves to me as they were busily taking money, booking people in and administering herbal medicine. I had to ask the lovely lady her name as she directed me down to the doctor, as they were calling him. This is an Ayurvedic doctor who is well versed in this Vedic  philosophy of health and healing.  I was told he is very special and he would know exactly what is wrong with me simply by feeling my pulse. No need for all the test and procedures allopathic doctors put us through to diagnose our illnesses. Which was what I was up for.

He asked me to hold out my left arm as he felt my pulse then proceeded to tell me I am in good health and have a strong physiology, as he put it. But it was clearly written in front of him on the paper I was told to fill out why I had come. Did it escape him that I wrote down I had been suffering nausea, vomiting and pain?

As we discussed my health problems, he began prescribing pills and potions, pronouncing more and more of them as I described my symptoms, asking his assistant to check and see if the pills were available. After a 10 minute conversation, I was ushered out of his room and upstairs, only to sit again and wait for telephone calls to be taken,  pills and potions to be discussed with the other patients and bookings to be made. I left his consultation room no wiser, but armed with a piece of paper filled with five different pills and potions to sniff, ingest and rub on my body.

As I sat waiting for my script to be filled and money to be taken, I noticed the presence of two of the most beautiful “rainbow, or crystal’ children waiting with their mothers, their energy struck my heart. Their aura’s were sublime and the light that shone from their faces was extraordinary,  but like me, they were ignored while the hussel of the sickness business was taking place. How can we pass over these extraordinary beings who are here to change the paradigms on this planet, I thought. Ignored or ordered to move out of the way, they took it in their stride with the look of innocence on their precious little faces.

I don’t  know what I thought I was going to experience, or what I would gain out of it. I guess I wanted reassurance, some care, kindness, some spiritual healing or reading like I would give my own clients, and some time taken to really see and hear my inner-being’s desires. I didn’t receive any of this and felt like I was in a herbal sales production line, where the administrator of the pills had no idea of the potions she was selling me and the aloof student assistant to the doctor strutted around hurriedly looking upon me like I was an inconvenience to the business at hand..

I would expect this type of experience from a busy overworked and underpaid emergency hospital outpatient clinic. Something I wanted to avoid, I thought I was choosing an alternative holistic spiritual healing practice. 

I believe when we go to a healer of any faith, denomination or medical ideology, we should leave feeling better about ourselves. Stronger, happier and more self-assured. 

I believe the healing arts of our planet are in great need of change and transformation if this world is to improve to the point where the human consciousness will be in a place to survive here. The Healing arts should be the first place where unity and kindness is present..

No healing occurred on this visit, but an understanding of how I am to move forward with my own healing did take place. I left feeling like I had been swirled around in the washing machine of the sickness industry. Swept up in the mayhem of neediness and wanting an outcome.

The doctor was a lovely man, like many healers, who firmly believes in his particular modality of healing.  Something they must rely on, as any healing starts with trust in the physician. But for me, I couldn’t get out of there quick enough. This way of healing did not align with my knowing, as I don’t prescribe to this way of medicine.

I believe we are more than a script of potions and lotions, and healing is more about listening to our emotions.

I paid my money and took some of the pills with me that I was prescribed. I was reluctant to take all, as they clearly stated there was colouring and other artificial additives in them, and I am not a pill taker, refraining from even vitamins, as our bodies usually piss most of them out.

My inner-being or guides, were at me as soon as I walked out of there, laughing once again at my refusal to listen to them. Actually they were already at me while I was there, asking me to observe the business of being sick taking place and how easy it is to make money, lots of it, in this industry. Something I have never done. As I hold a belief that healing is as simple as re-aligning our life with our Soul’s purpose, allowing this profound spiritual purifying energy to sweep through us, rebalancing our molecules and making us whole again. This can take a lifetime or a moment, depending on what our Soul is choosing to experience.

But I was deluded once again by the paradigm of the business of being sick. I wanted a diagnoses, I wanted someone to tell me there is something wrong with me, so I can get on with the business of fixing it by changing my lifestyle, diet, routine or something! This is years of study of the healing arts beaten into my psyche. I must KNOW what is wrong with me, I thought!  I need a diagnosis, something to grasp onto so I can proclaim why my body is screaming at me. What if I am dying of cancer and I didn’t know it!

Can healing really be as simple as self-care, knowing our Soul purpose and nurturing our little minds and bodies.  I think it can. I believe sickness has things to teach us. Sickness is our bodies talking to us about how we think and feel. We can fill it up with all manner of pills, potions, lotions, diets and fads, but eventually we have to stop and listen to what our Soul is saying to us.

A healer is one who can hear your hearts desires, and remind you of what you already know but refused to listen to. One who speaks to your soul and allows your mind to understand.

Our Souls speak to us all the time, through our emotions, life circumstances and bodily conditions. It reveals hidden truths of who we are and why we have come. Uncovering our soul purpose in the crossfire of the common life.

Are we listening, do we hear and take it in, or are we busy looking for a name to bestow on our illnesses so we can read the text books and follow the instructions of healing.

Death is not the failure to heal our body. It is an ending of the chapter in the story we are writing with our soul. Life is a journey of the unexplained, uncommon and juxtaposition of the next moment. And illness is a reminder to stop and reflect on what is most important within our journey.  When we remember this, the healing is done.

KAren Swain, Teacher of Deliberate Creation and Spiritual Mentor & Healer.. Read more about KAren here

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