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How to know you are a lightworker

How to know you are a lightworker

What is a Lightworker and why does mother earth and humanity need them right now?

Find out if you work with the Light.

are you a lightworker
A LIGHTworker is someone whose soul has a deliberate intention to be an uplifter, a helper, a healer/teacher, contributor and is here to bring humanity to a new way of being and living in this physical reality.

In truth everyone on the planet is a lightworker as we all come from the light. But there are people who come to enjoy and learn from this physical environment, and then there are those who come to contribute to it. If this is your intention; You are a lightworker.

There are many people striving to make a lot of money so they can have a good time here on earth, their main focus is on self accumulation and self-satisfaction. This does not mean that they do not contribute to this world for they truly do. We are all one energy and come from the same source, so every individual experience is valuable to the whole.

But like many successful people here on earth,  once the soul is satisfied with their creations and manifestations on this earthly plane, a new focus is born. And this focus is to use the light, not only to create heaven on earth for themselves, but for all who abide here.

This is when the individual soul starts to ask very different questions, as they look out into life and see the vast variety and dilemmas presented to us. The question stops being; what do I want and how can I get it? and starts being; How can I help and how do I manifest this?

These are the people my guides Blissful Beings are here to support, guide and help remember their calling.  They teach the difference makers, the changemakers, the lightworkers and the contributors of this world to remember their powers of creations and manifestation. The ones with open hearts filled with desires to know more about who they are and how they can help.

This is how to find out if you are a lightworker…

  • You are more passionate about making a difference than making money.
  • You know you have a greater purpose and you spend a lot of time thinking about your true calling or purpose.
  • You are multi talented and find it hard to pick one thing to devote your life to.
  • You focus more on making other people happy, comfortable and accepted than having to have this yourself.
  • You love animals.
  • You have felt different to others many times.
  • You have faced many life challenges which awakened you to your spiritual calling.
  • You are a sensitive or intuitive person, often knowing things before they happen.
  • You love people, but often crave time alone to recharge.
  • You have an intimate relationship with your inner guidance, or inner-being, often satisfied to listen to the conversation in your mind.
  • You feel strongly about the issues this planet faces and how to make a difference.
  • You have great highs and big lows in your emotions and energy.
  • Your mantra is about more We, than Me.
  • You want to devote your life to something bigger than your personal desires.

Like any human experience, the lightworkers come to earth under the same rules of forgetfulness. We fall under the spell of the Maya of life, and forget who we are and where we come from. This is the beauty of the game you see, to forget our light and then take the journey back home, to remember who we truly are and how we can use our light to contribute to this time space reality. And then to remind others.

This is a beautiful journey and as we were planning our time here from non-physical, we were told it wasn’t going to be easy. In fact we were advised before we came that the level of forgetfulness here would be one of the toughest rides we can have. Much more challenging than other dimensions and planes of existence. But we said we were up for the challenge. We are courageous Souls on the leading edge of thought.

As life unfolds and more of our true essence is revealed, we start to shake off the dark shadows that surround our hearts and minds. It is so much more important for you to stay focussed on Loving and Accepting others, especially the ones who have made your life challenging, for your expended energy body has you feeling dense, or negative energy more intensely. Judgment, in any form, will feel really bad for you, as your soul or source would never judge another.  Forgiveness and Acceptance are your first priority as you embark on your journey as the one who brings the light to dark circumstances.

The majority of the people on this planet are here seeking their individual life goals and achievements, this is why success coaches are so popular and make a lot of money teaching how to get all you want. But the lightworkers are not as concerned with the money-making game as much as they are invested in the people making game.

Thank you for being you and for being here on earth at this time.

Just because you are here, you light up the world without even trying.

Your Love is your Power to Transform and Transcend suffering.

KAren is a Spiritual Teacher and Channel of Deliberate Creation, supporting the Difference Makers, Changemakers, Teachers and Disrupters of our world. For a reading and guidance from KAren and Blissful Beings Light Council .. Please visit our sessions page.

Read more about KAren here.
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