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The Hypnosis of Social Conditioning

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open.” Rumi

The Hypnosis of Social Conditioning

From the moment we hit this beautiful planet, we are subjected to ideas and thought forms which bind our soul and tie us to a social conditioning we spend the rest of our lives trying to overcome. This happens in every society and within every culture, and is the basis of the game of being human, in this 3 dimensional existence.

Many people are bound within a cultural hypnosis which says; ‘you do not have the right, or the power to have what you want just because you want it. You are powerless to create your desires, unless you work really hard.’  I see this everywhere, even with the most radical thinkers and free seeking beings, who look at out dated modes of thought and religion and historical cultural ideology and say; “This is no way to live we have to change the status quo.’’

Cultural conditioning is powerful and real. It is the basis for life on this planet and how and why we live the way we do around the world. 

We think we are so free in the west and yet one only has to turn on that device many look to for light relief and entertainment, to be bombarded with messages telling you how you are not free.  Advertisements telling us how we will age or get sick or have an accident. All imprinting messages of danger to sell their products.

As I watch TV today, the majority of advertisements I see are insurance companies telling us about all the things we need to look out for, asking us to pay in advance to make sure we will have the money to help us when we die, get sick or a disaster happens.

This is a direct attack on our ability and powers to create a reality we want to live. In fact it is helping us create a reality we do not want to live.

Although the contrast we experience here in this 3D world in all its myriad of forms, is the very catalyst which helps us desire, and then transform to create our dreams. It does this by showing us what we do not want, sparking within us desires to create what we do want. At some point in our life we have to take our power back, and remember…


I alone am responsible for how I think and how I feel. “

Not the TV or the cultural norms, Not the beliefs of my family or my genetic makeup or religious background. Not the scientists who want to bind me to their beliefs systems, or the doctors, who are paid to sell us a medical system which is ONLY based in selling pharmaceutical products. Not the school teachers who buy into a system which is set up to fill educational institutions which promote more limiting beliefs systems to the masses, and turn out a population who spend the rest of their lives on a treadmill of work and paying off a mortgage.

I am NOT bound to any system of belief, or any dogma. I alone have the ability to seek answers to my burning questions. I alone can fulfil my desire to return to a freedom of being, many only dream about.  


I have the ability to dream and to direct my focus. I have the ability to raise my vibration and to know I am weaving the web of life which supports me and allows me to be the powerful manifester of this world I came to experience.


How does the media create subconscious beliefs?

When we watch or listen to TV,  radio, the internet and gaming, our mind usually ceases to think in discerning ways, it puts us into a relaxed state of mind which can be measured by a ECG machine. Much of the media we watch puts us in a theta brain wave state, which is the state of REM sleep, hypnosis and many other ways of being. This is why it is so relaxing and can easily put us to sleep. Perfect for study, as the mind is open like a sponge absorbing information into our subconscious and bypassing the rational mind. Young children mostly operate in this brain wave state, making them wonderful sponges for knowledge and information, and very open to their intuitive abilities.

This is how we form beliefs without having to experience something. We see this information as a truth, as it bypasses the rational mind and goes straight into our subconscious mental hard drive, which drives our conscious mental constructs. Just listen to how the majority of the population regurgitates the news from TV, or the internet without a shred of evidence. This is not usually our intuition telling us something is true, this is our subconscious social conditioned programing working.

There is a big difference between reading something and having a visceral knowing that what you have read is a truth, and regurgitating stories you have seen, listen to or heard from others.

My decision to take my deliberate creation teachings into the media, was based on an energy healing course I did in my thirties, and went on to teach to others. This taught me about the frequency levels states of the human mind and how we are hypnotized and condition our psyche. We practised going into a theta brain wave state and accessing broader realms of consciousness, opening us up to new levels of being. We experienced this by doing psychic readings on people, looking into the body with x-ray vision and performing instant healings.

What I realise was, this theta state is a powerful way we access consciousness, and create beliefs systems. I saw that this has been so misused by most of us, and exploited by marketing and advertising programing. When I realised how powerful media is in putting us into a theta brain wave and creating the many limiting programmed subconscious beliefs we hold about who we are as human beings. I thought to myself; “I have to do my part in spreading MORE EMPOWERING messages to people.  I have to help people. I have to do something.”

If humanity at large was taught to be more connected to our intuition, and taught how to access different levels of consciousness to achieve a desired result. We would be less dependent on the mainstream media we watch on tv or the internet, we would have a human experience  which would be very different. A more creative world which promoted more creative thought, and not rote learning. Humanity would feel more connected as empathy would dominate as an emotion which would drive us forward towards creating a better world, not just for you, or your family, or  city or country, but for every being we coexist with on this magnificent blue sphere.

The spiritual movement is a way to reclaim your power. It is a way back home, out of the cultural conditioning this life seems to be determined to place upon all of us. It is WHY it is so ridiculed. It is why for years people who meditate or sing out loud in public, and love the flowers or talk to strangers on the streets, have been seen as crazy, or new age hippies. And why so many fail to join them for fear of this ridicule and judgment from their family members, or society at large.

In the  past it has taken the brave, the passionate and the radical thinkers to break away from the cultural conditioning and a system which is inherently broken. We saw this happen in the 60’s with the Hippie movement. A huge freedom seeking new age movement arose out of the repression of the 50’s.

After the second world war when we set off the atomic bomb, Gaia put a call out to the cosmos for help. Many brave new souls came to earth from other higher dimensions and galaxies, ready and wanting to help this world ascend to a new level of realisation. And yet many of these beautiful beings still got caught up in the social conditioning of that time, and succumbed to the social norms of doing what all good people do; Get married, have a family and then work hard to support this family and strive to pay the bills and the mortgage.

This conditioned way of living has been in direct opposition to the knowing inside our soul, and who we are as free seeking infinite multidimensional beings. It has made us KNOW our courage to be different, it is made us stronger, wiser and reach to remember who we are and why we came to earth.

The hardship of this world and the social conditioning has not been in place to torture us, as so many new age people think, it has all been in place to challenge us and allow us to grow spiritually. To allow us to know our courage to overcome, even overcome something we think does not need overcoming.

It has been a great cosmic game in which we have been a part of and we have held to an agreement our soul made when we chose to embark on this adventure.

As a teacher of Deliberate Creation, I’m here to remind you of your agreements, and to let you know; it’s OK not to fit in; it’s OK to stand OUT. You came specifically to do this!

”Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment. And Law of Attraction is the engine that does the work. Your work is just to give it a fertile growing place in order to expand.” — Abraham Hicks

LOVE is YOU Remember to FEEL it!  KAren Swain

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The Hypnosis of Social Conditioning

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