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Available to Receive

Available to Receive

Are you receiving all you know you are worth?

If the answer to this is no, then why is this? We love to look out into life and blame something or someone. But the only reason we do not receive what we say we want is because we hold some limiting ideas which block us from receiving. We are the boulder in the path to our abundant life.

So many spiritual teachers across the planet tell you, ‘‘do what you Love and the money will come.” Yet I know many people who do what they Love and the money doesn’t come.. Why is this so?

How do we block receiving..

I’ve had many conversations with people lately about how they are not receiving the abundance they want. Even after putting out hard work, they tell me they keep giving and giving and not receiving the financial remuneration they feel they deserve. Do you know this story?   I know this story only too well. I find life puts people in our path who highlight our own habitual patterns. This is the potency of law of attraction. When you see something in another, it is because it resides in you. But it doesn’t have to stay there. Living within us are our fears, and our dreams, the question is what do we give most of our attention to.

How much time do you spend worrying about money and how much things cost? Imagine a life FREE from this!!! Imagine yourself doing things you want to do because you can do them, and do not have to consider the cost of something. Imagine this sense of freedom living within your heart and mind. THIS is the life we ALL can live, when we get our stressful thoughts out of the way.

Some people want money just because they want to be rich and feel this will bring them the happiness they are looking for. They put a big price on their product or service because they know they can get it. But the people who come to me, are not seeking fame and fortune for all the wrong reasons, they are seeking a way to be abundantly honoured for the powerful work they put out into the world and know life does not have to be a struggle.  

Recently I was at a meditation night with a wonderful teacher Tom Cronin, who I have interviewed. If you watch us as he tells me his powerful story, you will see what an impact finding meditation made in his life. He KNOWS the Power within and understands that when you find someone to guide you and help you find your own power, there is no price we can put on this as this will change your life. I loved talking with him about his courses and what is involved and how much they cost. He was very clear the amount of money he wants to be paid, knowing how he makes a difference in people’s lives.

Know Your Worth

This is how I want you to feel and be. I want you to really KNOW your worth, you are amazing and you are making our world a better place, you need to be honoured for this, but this honouring HAS to start with you!!

This is how all healers, uplifters, teachers, coaches, musicians and artists could feel. To know how you impact  your clients and know your worth as someone who makes a difference in the lives of others.

We think the little pieces of paper in our pockets hold so much value and we scrimp and save to keep them. We work tirelessly at jobs we do not like, and do things we do not want to do to accumulate more of them, all because we have placed so much value and meaning on money. But if you really knew the value you bring to others, you would never again accept so little pay, for giving out so much of your talents.

We have placed our value and worth in all the wrong places. It’s TIME to turn this around and see ourselves and our work as valued and valuable.

We’ve had it all backwards, we have worried and worked to create more pieces of paper to pay for the things we think will bring us our happiness. Happiness is not something we can buy, Happiness is within us. Let’s let it Loose! 

If you are a Difference Maker and would like support turning around the limiting beliefs you hold to receiving all you know you are worth. And you would like to attract more abundance and money to you for the work you put into the world..  Join us on a 5 week journey into the subconscious mind of your habitual stressful thought patterns concerning receiving what you are worth..

These patterns do not just lie in you they are all a part of a collective consciousness that has demoted and degraded the work of artists, energy healers, spiritual teachers, change makers and disrupters for ages.

If you are wondering WHO I am and WHAT authority I can have in the transformation of your limiting habitual thought patterns.. Check me out here.  For the most part, I am not doing this seminare, I show up so Blissful Beings can teach through me…

JOIN US on an Empowering Journey to the centre of your Soul

 Awaken the Difference Makers

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