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2016 is a 9 year, according to numerology and tomorrow,

September 9 2016, is 9 9 9 

What does this mean for YOU? Have a read below…

tripple 9

9 is a number like no other. Any number you add to it and reduce back to a single number, will always return to the original number you added. What does this mean about the energy of the 9?

9 is an amplifier of energy, a reflector and a tool for conscious evolution. It is a Master number in that it has no particular bias and allows all points of views and differences. It reflects and amplifies what is added or put in front of it.

9 represents the energy of evolution, change and moving forward into the unknown and the known.

I am a triple 9, born on a 9 day in a 9 month in a 9 year. My name adds up to 9, the house I live in is a 9, and most of the houses I’ve lived in over the years have all added up to 9, even my mobile number.

I stopped thinking about numbers a long time ago, as I studied numerology and was obsessing over the numbers, so to find some peace of mind. I had to stop looking at the meaning behind them and secretly adding everything up in my head. The world is too full of numbers to keep this sought of thing up, and it can do your head in.. But now and again I will notice the number presented before me and I always laugh as invariably it will be a 9. The number the cafe gives me as I wait for my chai latte, or the table number in the restaurant! It goes on and on, the universe has a very good sense of humour. My soul really wanted me to know the meaning of 9 and after spending many years on this planet with this number dominating my chart. I certainly do know 9.

9 will always challenge you, as it means transition, change and evolution. As human beings our ego perspective and logical minds love sameness and routine. We think it gives us a sense of security and some boundaries as we navigate this contrasting time space reality. But our souls didn’t come here to stay the same. We came to experience diversity, to challenge ourselves and to grow from all that we experience.

9 will surely do this for you. It will push you out of bed in the morning when you are in the comfort of your life, loving it just the way it is. This could happen with the death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, job, friendship, a move to another country or house. Anything that represents a change will occur under the influence of the nine.

What 9 is asking from you, is to get used to change.. Nine is showing you nothing is permanent and Life is built on change. You can not evolve while you are standing still.

As we came into 2016 with excitement and plans for a bright and successful year, I thought to myself. Hold onto your hats kids, 2016 is going to be a big ride, as I knew there would be much change and much of it will look like it was unwanted.

9 also represent service to humanity. In numerology it is the last number in the single numbers used to navigate your chart, and although it’s a 9 it really represents oneness.  A sense of belonging to the unit, the whole, the family of souls having a human experience.

People under the influence of 9 are always people who want to serve humanity in some way, whether through their art, healing abilities, talents, intelligence or with their ability to help and love others.

We have come into this existence as individual aspects of the greater source, we are here to have a individualistic experience and this is the dominating factor of society and human existence as it stands in your now. People with a strong influence of 9 find this a great challenge as their focus is more We focused, than Me focused and often get lost in the great sea of humanity and ego’s all screaming for attention.

Number 9’s often feel ignored, unseen and pushed aside, as they tend to reflect the people they are with, instead of standing out.

The energy of 9 is powerful and can be very subtle, like the  flow of the tide under still water, which carries you to a new place and a new point of view. Sometimes calmly and unknowingly, some times it can hit you up side the head and knock your socks off,  but always through the influence of change.

Nine represents the great sea of humanity, which is undergoing a great shift at the moment. As you try and hold onto the old, you will suffer, for human life on our planet right now, is not about repeating the past. It is about building a new way if being, doing and living in our world. My best advice to you in this powerful time of change is to roll with the punches, go with the flow and adjust to the new world mind.

So what does the energy of a triple 9 day, like September 9 2016, mean for you? It means anything within you, any belief, idea, habit or assumption that has you standing still and stagnating will be challenged. It will rip away your comfort zone and hang you out on the leading edge of thought. You can ride this wave with a smile as you would ride the roller coaster, or scream your head off with your hands in the air. The way you react to this energy is completely up to you.

Radical Acceptance is the order of the day. Nothing else will do. Accept all of it as it you planned it this way, because in many ways you did from your broader perspective. Being one with change will be your saving grace and hold you in a place of ease and flow.

Any discipline like astrology, numerology or other bodies of knowledge which gives you tools to know yourself, will never really represent who you are when you are connected to the source of all knowing. No chart or discipline of learning can represent who you truly are as your higher self or whole self.

Be fluid, bend, accept and go with the flow. As you live your life with this perspective you will glide through the eternal now with ease and grace and you will know yourself to be one with the beauty that is the eternal knowing of the cosmos.

Just Be Love… Nothing else Matters.

KAren Swain is a Teacher of Deliberate Creation connected with guides from broader perspective, a group of beings, or stream of collective energy she calls Blissful Beings. Connect with KAren here 

For a reading with Blissful Beings please visit our guidance page 

love is the bottom lone


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