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A Message From A  Future

A Message From A Future

As many of you are coming to understand, a fixed future is not a sure thing. You are all genius creators who ask and create, through your attention and energy alignment, the life you live. Your choice of frequency, as you direct your emotions and find the best feeling path, is your energy alignment and determines if the life you ask for, manifests into your now reality. Every desire, idea, intention or dream you’ve had represents a probable future you can live into through your energy alignment, good and bad. And so, as you struggle to feel good or focus in a way which connects you with your source and your power to manifest, many future realities are not chosen by you to be lived with in your time space continuum.

The future

The future is never fixed in time, there is not only one future out there for you to see, as you are co-creating many probable future realities with your broader knowing and your limited ego human mind component, in conjunction with your multidimensional selves.  This is why, even the best psychic can be wrong in trying to predict your future, as they usually only ever see a probable future timeline that is created from the trajectory your current vibrational stance is creating at the time you have the reading with them.

The future for humanity is fluid and open also. It is at the beck and call of the collective consciousness which is determining outcomes on a mass scale depending on the dominant intention or vibrational alignment of the collective or the masses.

This is about critical mass. It does not take the majority of people to align with the bright future we all want, or even 50%. This equation and percentage is a lot smaller than many of you believe, it is under 5%.

This does not mean your race only needs 5% of people who desire to see a better world, will make it happen. Many more than 5% are desiring a better world, in fact the majority of your human race are asking for it, but very few are allowing it. This means, around 5% of your population as a collective, will have to bring themselves into alignment with a better future for humanity. They will have to walk the talk and BE the vibrational match the people of earth are looking for.

Humanity’s awakening, is not determined on people coming to an understanding of the nature of your non physical counterpart, your oneness and unity with all things and your multidimensional selves. It IS about aligning with the knowing within you. It is feeling this understanding as your truth and thus acting, speaking and feeling in alignment with the connection of the supreme nature of the universe, on an energetic level.

Be the change you wish to see. Meaning, there needs to be around 5% of people loving their life exactly as it is, feeling grateful to be alive, feeling the freedom being a deliberate creator brings, feeling in alignment with mother Gaia’s energy and knowing ALL IS WELL, will bring about the shift in human consciousness which will create a more unified, humane and connected world.

But as many of you have seen on your social media outlets, the majority of the people wanting a better world, are not in alignment with this vision, as they are spending far too much time pushing against what is going wrong and what needs to be fixed or changed, in order to have this better world they see.

One does not have to be a conscious crusader to be someone who wants a better future for humanity. Only someone who has seen, or experience struggle and launched desires for a better way to live. They too will be a powerful force for change when they align their energy with their vision.

Let us have a look at one of your probable futures. One many are summoning with your asking and wanting to manifest in your here and now…A probable future reality for planet earth

Humanity will have come into the understanding, or the knowing of Oneness of all things and for all consciousness and has come to know the nature of their being as one of an energetic structure, which like the rest of the cosmos, has an ebb and flow and is directed through thought, intention and belief. This means the future looks like freedom and yet individualization is less of an important concern as it is in your current society. Humans, because of their understanding of the eternal nature of their source of being, will no longer live in fear of persecution, that is offered up to you now as a torture, or punishment with the idea that you will die.

Because of this understanding of your eternal nature, the knowing of the existence of the higher self and your non-physical counterpart which guides you and helps you overcome challenges, will be known by all beings. Fear of extinction will have been eliminated, and a knowing you have access to broader understanding will see your society rest and reach out to be of service to the collective. Lack consciousness will have been eliminated and so there will no longer be the struggle to survive or the idea of competition.

This innate knowing of the connectedness of all things and beings, sees your world unify and cooperate with nations across your plain. Help will be given in the initial stages to the people and countries suffering to survive and the monetary system will come more into balance, and will eventually fade away.

Freedom will be the dominate knowing amongst your people, for you will come to the understanding that you were never victims to a system which overrode your ability to feel good and create whatever you want.

Many of the concepts you uphold today to be your truth, will have faded away, and the people of the future will look upon them as the insanity of a very primitive people with little understanding of the nature of all things.

Health and healing will have drastically changed as the study of the quantum world brings into being a knowing of the cause of imbalance and disruption to the physical energy structure. No longer will doctors be at war with the body. (We will go into this in more depth in another article)

The concept of war is a huge thought form upon your planet, in this moment of time this article is being written. The idea that in order to get something you want, one must push against the other or destroy the opponent, has been the downfall of your human society for millennia. It creates competition and lack  consciousness.

When you come to know your true nature more fully you will understand there is nothing to fight for. For you will be in alignment with the knowing you are the creators of whatever you want, and so one does not have to destroy the one who has this things you perceive you want in order to get it. This will drastically  change many systems, belief structures and paradigms upon your planet, for this belief alone is the reason you have a monetary system which perpetuates the idea of lack and competition, worth and human dollar exchange.

Desire will be a very different thing for the people of the future, for desire will be in alignment with the good of the whole and not the fancy of the one. Collaboration will be seen as the current operating system, competition will be phased out and creative solutions for moving forward will be shared by many as you elicit help from more advanced civilizations from beyond your planet.

There will still be much learning and creative enjoyments in the place you call the future. It will be as busy as your current society, but when you eliminate struggle and survival, creativity explodes upon your plain.

Struggle, as many of you are coming to understand, is a consciousness and not an act of will. It has been a response to circumstances you perceive, and yet when you know that your current  circumstances are fluid and created from your vibrational stance or frequency alignment, you will no longer need to perceive struggle as normal or wanted.

What challengers will there be in a future time where struggle is not a part of the operating system? Understanding advanced concepts and incorporating or embodying them into your daily life will be a part of the challenges you create.  Much like when a school child learns, and then has to apply what she learns.

Technology will come more into alignment with quantum consciousness, meaning, you will see your gadgets operated more from your feelings and thought energy. Sound and light will play a major role in your technology, propelling your vehicles and operating your communication and gaming systems.  Of course the mind matrix connection will play a large part in your communication, and spoken language will fade out as a way of conveying information, but not as a way of communicating art, such as music and singing.

The study of consciousness and mind waveforms will expand and you will find many more brain wave frequencies become available, than you have identified in your present time.

Art, architecture and your propulsion systems will be transformed through these advances in your mental and consciousness technology.

Food will drastically change and become less important as a pastime and creative endeavour, as it is today, this industry is responsible for the majority of the imbalance you see in your weather system and natural environment.

Communication with the earth consciousness, mother Gaia, will be seen as normal and humanity will live in alignment with her energy and be nurtured by her knowledge. Natural Organisms will interact with their inorganic surroundings to form a synergistic self-regulating system, to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on your planet.

This is just an outline of what is to come, for more in-depth details of probable realities available for you to create, align and explore; please Join the inner sanctum.

We will be bringing through more of these transmissions soon. YOU are LOVE Remember to Feel it.  Blissful Beings

KAren is a Spiritual Teacher and Channel of Deliberate Creation, supporting the Difference Makers, Changemakers, Teachers and Disrupters of our world. For a reading and guidance from KAren and Blissful Beings Light Council .. Please visit our sessions page.

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