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Let’s get you on your path of Infinite Potential. You came as a Genius Creator, it’s time to have an intimate relationship with your inner-being, guidance and discover HOW you are creating the life you’re living. 

Life Changing,  Enlightening, Inspiring

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***Beginning August 1, 2016 we will require full  payment to confirm all scheduled appointments,  at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment date. Payments not received within this timeframe will forfeit their appointment slot. Deposits will be refunded in full for any appointments cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment date.  Thank you.

In Person Personal Sessions Coogee Sydney  $300

 Start_TodayDiscover what beliefs are holding you back from creating a world you wish to see and how you can transform them to be in alignment with your grandest plan. 

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All online international, nation or in Sydney sessions are done on Skype or Zoom. You will receive a recording of the session, via dropbox for you to download and revisit, which is a wonderful Reminder from Home, any time you need it.

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Half hour Tel/ Skype/Zoom Guidance Session $150

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Or Come on a weekly transformational journey. One hour once a week for 6 weeks

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It’s important to have a mentor in life, we know. The message of self-Empowerment is becoming a more mainstream message with the popularity of ‘The Secret’ and the growing interest in Law of Attraction, but a mentor and reminders on a weekly basis will have such a profound effect on your consciousness, you will find that living the life you love will fast become your normal and not your unusual.
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“KAren, I wept with joy and release when I read your guidance. Such a wonderful exchange of pure positive energy!  Thank you so much for all your wisdom and guidance.  Much Love Lorna.”
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I have a very full life and busy schedule, so I’m only commit to a select group of clients each month. People who are up for discovering their abilities to create on purpose,  expand their awareness and who wish to transform their limited beliefs and take responsibility for their energy they bring to the world, and are committed to being agents of transformation in their life and the lives of others.

My sessions are not for everyone, they are only for people who take personal responsibility for being the creators of their personal reality and know they can create so much more!

“KAren, I wept with joy and release when I read your guidance. Such a wonderful exchange of pure positive energy! Thank you so much Love Lorna.”     Read more feedback here 

My work on this planet is to align you with your soul’s calling. I  help, teach and support people who are here to make a difference to our world and the people who abide here. I am a teacher of teachers, here to support and help the Difference Makers of our world remember your purpose and connect you to your inner guidance and broader perspective. I  support you in a variety of ways and realign you with your Soul’s purpose and intentions.  I only do this for people who are in alignment with the Deliberate Creation teachings my guides Blissful Beings bring forth.  I work with many teachers, coaches, singers, musicians, artists, healers, innovators, changemakers, disrupters and people serving humanity and this planet in a multitude of ways.

You are a Powerful Genius Creator Connected to a Stream of Infinite LOVE.

Having a self-empowerment conversation and spiritual reading with KAren is a life changing experience. ‘Your problems are an Invitation to Enlightenment’Mind and Heart

Who would you be without your stressful thoughts?

When’s the last time you felt incredible and full of energy? Like you can achieve anything you want and Life ADORES you? Are you ready to surrender who you are for who you can become?  This is your invitation to Self Empowerment and Freedom..

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“I believe we don’t need fixing or healing in any way, we only need to know how to direct our powerful focus in a way that serves us and get out of our own way so we can rebuild our natural well-being from a place of connection to who we truly are, who we have always been and who we came in as.”

We are all Genius Creators! I Love helping people see their potential to be, do & have all they can dream of.


Book Guidance Sessions with KAren & Blissful Beings