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Some Get Old Some Get Better

Some Get Old Some Get Better

Age! It can carry us towards ecstasy and creativity or support our deterioration.

As I watch the famous, the talented and the notorious age, some get old and some get better.. Why?

I believe it is all about our connection to the infinite within us, to the lessons we choose to listen to and abide by. When we are young we feel invincible, free, filled with questions and inspiration. Some of us want to rule the world, some want to be heard carrying our messages in everything we do. Some don’t have a clue what this message is and are on an intense search to put meaning to their life.

Many listen to the mainstream bells chime and follow the crowd, looking for good jobs, money, marriage and success, but can wined up old unsatisfied and tired of life, feeling like they didn’t listen to their calling.

I really feel the more connected we are with our soul, the more inspired we will feel, and life, at any age, becomes an ongoing adventure.

The broader part of us is inspiration itself. We have chosen to create this physical experience to widen our perspective of the divine. We take on this 3D experience and immerse ourselves to benefit from the expansion it affords us. How lost in the 3D illusion do we want to be, and for how long?

Whenever I get immersed in the troubles of being human; things like weight issues, money issues, relationship issues, I feel lost. As I reach to feel better and wish for more clarity and understanding, I reconnect to my cosmic knowing and I’m inspired to make a difference again and remembering this Life is NOT just about me, it’s about all of us. We are a collective and we are here making a difference to not just our soul but the combinations of all beings who awaken to the reality of the wild and free within them.

We are living longer as a race and as we evolve, we will continue to do so. We need to burst the bubble of the Age myth. Ideas like, getting older is about getting sick, no longer being useful or able to learn new things, and the deterioration of mind and body.

I’m at an age where many of my friends are shaking their fists at the advantages in technology, they insist they do not understand things and invent all manner of excuses why. I really believe this does not need to happen. We can keep an agile mind and move with the times as quickly as the younger ones, we just have to empty our minds of some of the junk we pick up along life’s trail.

Age can be a torturous thing. Watching your physical form deteriorate. But more than this ,it is seeing the mind stop, or get stuck in beliefs of the past.

Beliefs like…

  • I can’t keep up.
  • It’s too hard.
  • I am older now so I’m slowing down.
  • Time to retire..
  • In my day…
  • I need to be with people my age.

I hang out with the younger ones who see us, not in years or generations. They feel us. They listen to what is resonating with their souls and connect from this point of view.

Inspiration never gets old… Creativity never gets old. Connection to source never gets old, and can get stronger. The only thing that gets old, is the lens we see life through.

Can we stay new fresh and free as we journey throughout this time space reality. It all comes down to how much Love we allow ourselves to feel. Love for life, love for others but most of all LOVE FOR SELF and the changes in our form.

The ones who get better can the ones who’ve had the hardest of beginnings. They’ve placed many desires in their future and are still eager to see them come to fruition.

Nelson Mandela was a perfect example of this. His youth was filled with passion, purpose and opinion. His lessons were hard and tortuous, but his connection to his soul and the divine became stronger during his years of incarceration. His desires multiplied, to be fulfilled in his later years. But moat of all his LOVE for humanity in all it’s splendour and degradation expanded beyond the normal human experience allowing all who encountered his presence to be washed in light.

This is the BEST way to age. Grow your light, expand your heart, love the contrast and see through the lens of your source.



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