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‘Your Problems are an Invitation to Enlightenment & Empowerment’

My work on this planet is to align you with your soul’s calling. I  help, teach and support people who are here to make a difference to our world and the people who abide here. I am a teacher of teachers, here to support and help the Difference Makers of our world remember your purpose and connect you to your inner guidance and broader perspective. I  support you in a variety of ways and realign you with your Soul’s purpose and intentions.  I only do this for people who are in alignment with the teachings my guides Blissful Beings bring forth.  I work with many teachers, coaches, singers, musicians, artists, healers, innovators, changemakers, disrupters and people serving humanity and this planet in a multitude of ways.

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Life Changing,  Enlightening, Inspiring

“Wow! Such an amazing experience this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed our session together and so grateful to you for your enlightening counsel. I laughed and cried and felt centred after our session. I went to work happy; for a change. You have a wonderful energy and I’m blessed to have connected with you. Thanks ever so much for the links, much appreciated. I shall keep in touch.. ” Jeanine  Hage-Ali

“Karen has helped me in so many ways through her sessions with me that my friends and family have commented on my new healthier way of life. I have tried all the obvious forms of therapy with some results but none have been as effective as she has. So I highly recommend her 2 anyone out there looking for a better quality of life – she is the real deal and I cannot be more grateful. ” Karoon Norman

As a teacher of Deliberate Creation I am your Soul’s best friend and your ego’s worst enemy. The limited mind wants to hold on to it’s limitations. It hangs onto ideas and beliefs of not enough, can’t have, won’t be, will never happen, too afraid of, can not do and why. It will argue it’s point of view and hold on to it’s limited reality, as it relishes in being right..

Deliberate Creation says you have the power to focus and create what you desire, but the limited egoic mind will tell you why this is not so.
It will vehemently justify why your current reality is not to your liking by continuing to tell the story of your painful points of view.

I come across this everyday, people wanting to tell me their painful stories. Why they need to worry. Why they can not have what they dream of and why they have to complain about their lot. It’s not enough to justify why it all goes wrong, we have to point out the reasons why and tell the story of the cause of it all.

If Only We Really Knew How powerful WE ARE.. If only we realised how our Focus Attracts. We would change what we talk about and what we see. We would make an extra effort to see the best in things, to praise the outcomes, to appreciate the gift in every encounter and to make known how we can FLY. We would praise our life and cherish all it has taught us. We would know, every situation and every circumstance is an opportunity to grow, find our talents and see our strengths.

LOVE your egoic mind as it has many things to show you about life, but never let her convince you of your limitations. For you are not limited in any way. You are a child of the infinite and a spark of the divine with abilities beyond your current comprehension. You have the power to transform worlds and create galaxies. But your egoic mind does not remember this, it is satisfied in repetition of old ways and limiting ideals, ruled by habits and routine and hypnotize by the social norms.

I will never agree with your limited points of view, as I know you are a Genius Creator. This idea will challenge you, interrupt your neural pathways and push you out of your comfort zone. But I will always leave you with food for thought and reasons to transform your old habitual ways.

You are infinite possibility and expansive creators, you have star-dust in your bones and you can be and do and achieve anything you can imagine. You just have to clean up your focus and remember your Source.

People will hate me and people will love me and none of this has anything to do with me. It is always about how willing you are to touch your Soul.

KAren Swain Teacher of Deliberate Creation; Blissful Beings Reminders from Home

Reminders from Home with KAren Swain

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You CAN have it all and eventually will my friend, be sure about this!

I am a medium and a teacher receiving guidance from my broader perspective, or as many people have called it,  spiritual guides, which I translate into guidance with life stories that illustrate the intent beautifully while we converse.  I am a translator of energy helping you identify, transform and re-program your limiting subconscious programming. From a heart centered place you put yourself back into alignment with your purpose, your joy and your soul.

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“KAren, I wept with joy and release when I read your guidance. Such a wonderful exchange of pure positive energy!  Thank you so much for all your wisdom and guidance.  Much Love Lorna.”                 Read more feedback here .

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I have a very full  life, so I only see a select group of clients each month, people who take responsibility for the energy they create within them and are up for self discovery, more awareness, turning around their limiting beliefs, and who are committed to being agents of transformation in their lives and the lives of others. I attract the teachers, people who are dedicated to the upliftment and empowerment of other.  Having a reading and conversation with me is always a transformational experience, it’s about being real with what stops or blocks you, owning it and finding new ways of thinking so you can move on to better and freer ways of being in the world. There is no coincidence you have found this page, you are on your transformational journey… My sessions are Not for everyone, they are only for people who take personal responsibility for being the creators of their personal reality and know they want to create much MORE!

KAren answers your questions about who she is, her guides and how she works as a teacher, psychic and channel of higher consciousness.

Who would you be without your stressful thoughts?

“Quite a while ago – like years – I did your deliberate creation email course…. with great success – I really believed it help me attract my partner and in-built family that I now enjoy and have for 5 and 1/2 years….. and help my thinking/emotions etc….. I would love to do the course again –  Let me know what you think – hope you are well and glad you are still doing this – I was just on the net searching about self esteem and thought of how good I felt when I was doing your course!! thank you – to you and the universe!! -” regards Jenny

The world has become more aware of the power we have to create what we want. As a human race we are waking up to our power to manifest, or create our world. Law of Attraction is on the lips of many discerning people these days and it’s a conversation well worth having. If you have wondered how Law of Attraction is working in your life, this is the time to find out. Now is the time to Allow your dreams to flow. Find out how by being involved in one of the most powerful conversation you will ever have.

Book a session with Karen today and receive personal guidance, spiritual inspiration, connection, upliftment, clarity self empowerment and Education about the Law of Attraction. A session with KAren will allow you to reconnect to the JOY you are looking for and the power you have to make your dreams come true. This is a life changing decision. Self Empowerment, you deserve it!…

“Education is not to put in but to draw out. All learning is Remembering all teaching is Reminding. All lessons are memories recaptured.

The Soul has access to all of this information, indeed the Soul is all of this information.

The Soul is the body of God in-formation”

From the book ‘Conversations with God’ By Neale Donald Walsch


Hi KAren, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your your help. The email you sent me has helped me in ways that I have yet to fully understand but what I know so far is more than I could have possibly dreamed. I no longer struggle and worry about if I am getting it right or following the correct path. I know that everything that comes to me is a gift and will bring me things greater than anything in the world. I am confident, happy, sure, eager, excited and have a feeling of anticipation for what will appear next. I dream more, fantasise about the life I want to live and move confidently in that direction knowing it is going to be even better than I could ever hope for. My creativity has expanded and I am eagerly making new and wonderful things and letting go of things that I no longer have a need for. My wardrobe is smaller for the letting go but I know new and beautiful things will come to take its place. I am planning a new garden and kitchen and looking in areas that we want to live for a house that will help us on the next step of our journey. KAren I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help and if there is ever a way that I can help you please ask and I will do everything in my power to make it happen. I am in debited to you and am willing to repay 100 fold if I can. I listen to Abraham a few days ago on a live event through Hay house and was blown away by how much I understood what they where talking about and how much it lifted my spiritually.

I now understand that everything I want and more is in the vortex and I am able to go into my vortex not for the manifestations of my dreams and desire but for the simple pleasure of how good it feels and that everything lines up so wonderfully when I do. I have the power to feel good and to create a world of my dreams and I embrace it fully and excitedly and just want to say bring it on. I am ready, woo hoo what a wonderful life this is. My god I love it so very much and I can’t wait to see how much better it can get. Everything is alright and getting even better. Thank you , thank you , thank you. Humbly Lee Bloom

Karen, I just want to express my appreciation for your guidance, already I am starting to feel quite a bit better, almost at that point of pure joy again, except this time I feel less resistance in regards to money, so I am grateful for the past few weeks, even though they have been pretty intense, but it feels great to finally see something for what it is instead of that detached state, (when you know its a period of change but still resisting it) and to take on board the lessons, and grow and embrace it. Thank you so much again!!!! love*light, Carmen.

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