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Own Your WOo WOO

Someone said to me yesterday, they didn’t want me to teach my particular brand of deliberate creation teachings to their students or tribe because I am too WOO WOO, or out there for them. And I found myself agreeing with them once again, as I have many times when people have said my work, or teachings are too woo woo. I am used to this, as I have always been very open about my beliefs and experiences. But I have heard myself many times dumbing it down so as to not upset the apple-cart, or to let it sink in slowly to a mind who has no idea what I am speaking about. Or to someone who has been told that psychic awareness and abilities, is a practice which preys on the sick or grieving to just rip them off .

And you know what I want to say to this… It’s about time there is a teacher who can explain complex spiritual concepts and esoteric principles to the mainstream mind, or to people seeking a better way of living and being in this world, like the social activists and young changemakers or social entrepreneurs, who can break it down and make it logical and speak to the left brain while opening their intuitive and multidimensional awareness.

The world is in need of more intuitive beings to remember they have guidance,  and why they are here on planet earth at this time.  Many have answered the call Mother Gaia put out into the universe years ago for help. And her they are living in this 3D environment struggling away to try and fix a broken society and system, not remembering their connection to their spiritual team, so big and vast, mother nature herself would awe in the face of this wisdom and beauty.

It is SO important to remember who we are and that we are never alone, for we have a benevolent  infinitely wise and all seeing non physical mob who are knocking themselves out to bring us all we can imagine for ourselves, and for this beautiful world.

 I really feel this is one of the MOST POWERFUL things we can remember as souls experiencing a human life.  Something we, as a privileged society infinitely able to help the struggling third world societies, must remember.  When the consciousness of the west rises to meet the wisdom of the cosmos, this world will change over night, for we will no longer be able to sit by and see our brothers and sisters living in such dire circumstances across this planet. Nor will be able to stand by and see the pursuit of money and convenience destroy our beautiful mother Gaia.

To me awakening our awareness of who we are spiritual multidimensional beings is the most important teaching we can learn, or remember. 

On Facebook the other day a woman who used to work with me on community radio, mostly mainstream but into health, meditation and yoga, went to a psychic and was told she had spirit guides. Having heard me talk about this many times, she sent me a message to ask if this is true, and in a comment under her post someone wrote. “And you paid money to hear this?”

I want to give this message to everyone who has ever been call too woo woo, or hippie dippie peace love and brown rice, or crazy, or too out there and not grounded enough.

Let me tell you, the world NEEDS MUCH MORE OF IT!

 For far too long as a society, we have been stuck in the logical mind, which holds back our intuition. Perceiving our world only through our limited beliefs systems and the five physical senses which, as science has discovered, are extremely limited on the spectrum of light, colour, sound and vibrational frequency.

Most people pursue their dreams through a lens which has a smoke screen over it, feeling judged and seeking approval, trying to get along in a world which is all about making a living instead of making a life. Sickness is on the rise, dissatisfaction is rampant, the media spews out rhetoric and negative messages at nauseum, and they call us Crazy! 

It’s the crazy ones, the woo woo ones,  the ones brave enough to speak their truth in the face of fear of judgment by people who are trying desperately to fit in, who are changing this world for the better. They are heralding in a new dawn for humanity and raising the vibration of this planet, helping humanity SHIFT to a new dimension and way of being in this world.


Time and time again I hear people say; I couldn’t tell anyone what I experienced, or came to understand because they just think I am crazy. Some of them have even been locked up in mental institutions by their families for speaking their truth. I have a friend who had a kundalini experience many years ago, when her crown chakra opened and she started downloading huge amounts of information, she had no way of knowing. It definitely was an overload to her mind and system and she did struggle to put the pieces together, but instead of allowing her to go through this life transforming experience, her husband had her committed to an insane asylum. Of course their marriage didn’t last and she went on to become an amazing change-maker, helping others understand who they are beyond their limited perceptions of the world.

The mainstream media wants to strengthen your belief that it is not safe to come out of the spiritual closet, they want you to think if you believe in spiritual guides, crystals, law of attraction, energy healing, life after death, aliens or ET abductions you are just not right in the head!  Sure they will put people on breakfast TV to share their alien story, but not to really hear them, usually only to have a laugh at them.

One of the Biggest fears in life for many people, is the thought of being judged badly, or ostracised by their family, friends or community. It is a belief which has the majority of people silent to speaking their beliefs and stuck doing something which does not light up their heart.  Then Crazy New Age Hippies like us, you know the woo woo ones, come along with their very expanded points of view and completely crack open their minds and world. It is not easy to adjust to this new way of being, but let me tell you, it is just SO WORTH iT!  To allow your courage to overcome a fear that has been holding you back for so many years, is a feeling of total liberation that will set your soul FREE.

Teaching people about deliberate creation is not out there at all. Everyone wants to feel good, and teaching deliberate creation is always about showing them how to do this. It is about reflecting back to them their ideas, or their habitual limiting thought forms that have been interrupting their desires to live their soul plan or dreams. It is about showing them that what they really want is usually not what society has scripted. It’s about breaking open the mold of social conditioning, to reveal a beating heart connected to every other beating heart. It’s really simple, for this teaching is about WHO we are and WHY we are on this planet at this time in history.

I am Proud to be a Teacher of Deliberate Creation helping people remember their intuitive and psychic abilities and how to speak and connect with their spiritual guides. I am Delighted at my role as a Teacher of Teachers here to Uplift, Activate and Support the New World Teachers and Difference Makers of our World. It took me a really long time to remember this is why i am here on earth, and even longer to really own it.

If anyone ever says to you again, you are too woo woo, or crazy, because of what you believe or for speaking your truth, well, you just say right back to them,

I am Living in alignment with my passion and truth and this is the BEST FEELING on earth, knowing I am connected to a wisdom inside me that shines brightly in a challenging world!

You Are Love Remember To FEEL it! ks xx

Love is all and all is Love, KAren Swain 🙏 xx.

If you would like some help overcoming your stressful beliefs about yourself and life and find your way back to Love, please let us know how we can help you. Or Book a session with KAren and Blissful Beings 


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