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Magic Happens

u r magicHere are  some of the amazing things that have happened to me over the years playing with focus and aligned with universal energy.

When I was in my thirties and doing all manner of self-help and healing courses, I wanted to see some of the magic of life show up in physical form. I had seen many many things with my psychic vision, people past lives, guides, relatives on the other side and had many teachings from my broader perspective about how we are all Genius Creators of our physical reality. But I wanted to know we are truly capable of performing miracles and magic on a physical level. I wanted to see something miraculous with my physical eyes and so I was asking life to show me and LIFE did!

I got this opportunity many time to see the magic of life, one of these times was when my daughter was very young…

She cut her foot badly one afternoon after school while playing in the garden as I was taking a shower. She came running into the bathroom screaming, crying and making a big fuss. I put her foot under the running water to wash off some of the dirt and blood that was spurting out, but her screaming continued. So I thought, “if I can just stop the bleeding she will calm down”.

I put her on the top of the toilet seat and placed her foot in my hand, commanding a healing from the universe, I noticed I couldn’t feel the blood running under my hands as I had expected, so I removed my hand to see what was going on.

The cut had sealed instantaneously!!!

My daughter and I sat there stunned and in shock at the speed at which the cut had healed. She spent the next few days picking at the sealed skin with a pin to try and get some of the dried blood out from under it.

I knew then that what I was learning about was a reality and that nothing is impossible, one only has to tune in and believe.

The wedding Party

There was another time when I was at a wedding many years ago, and a friend stumbled and hit his head. He split his eyebrow wide open. I caught him and saw the blood pouring out of the open wound. Luckily he was drunk enough not to worry.

So I dragged him upstairs to the bathroom to administer to his wound, with nothing but a wet cotton ball to work with, I psychically stitch the wound together with my mind and it too sealed instantaneously. I popped a bandaid on it and we went back to the celebrations…


I have done this with cracked bones too.

One day I was checking out a yoga studio above some shops near my home on a rainy Sunday. They were closed and as I was descending the wet cement stairs in the building, I slipped and fell down two flights landing on my arm. I cracked the Ulna. OH BOY did it hurt. I managed to drag my sorry self home and get myself to bed. The pain radiated out around the universe, it felt like. I looked inside and saw the crack bone, so I sealed it in my minds eye and went to sleep for a night and a good part of the next day.

When I woke all was well. It had sealed back together and I could use it again with no problem. Although I was very careful of the arm for a few weeks. It was like when you get the plaster removed after weeks  or months and yet you still feel really vulnerable of the arm and pay special attention not to knock it or bump it. This is what I was like for a few weeks.

 I have many more stories like this that I will write down soon…

Today Life shows up as a magical journey. I think of something fun or inspiring to put on radio and within a week or two it will show up. Life is a series of synchronistic moment for me today. I see everyday how life is answering my call on many subject at once.

I know Life is working FOR me and not to me in every moment and I am eternally grateful for this adventure. There is still so much more to learn and know and I am thrilled and eager to learn more and see more Miracles unfold.. It really is about the POWER of LOVE

KS xxx 😀

LOVE is You Remember to FEEEEL it !

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