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This monthly webinar series are support and activations for the New World Teachers and Difference Makers. A support group for Lightworkers, Star-Beings, Difference Makers and people who appreciate the physical journey they are engaged in, while wishing to know more about who you are as non physical infinite potential energy and creative multidimensional beings. Expand your Potential, Fulfill your Soul Plan and Amplify how you effect change and make a difference in our world.

In The Inner Sanctum, you will receive teachings, guidance and messages from  KAren and her guides Blissful Beings, not available to the public. You also have the opportunity to meet and ask questions from some of today’s leading edge spiritual teachers, emissaries and wayshower’s who we invite in as guests teachers.

Now more than ever before it is important for people to know who they are and carry light messages and new light and sound technology for humanity to spread their wisdom and shine brightly. We remind you how to flow your energy to help create what you want and help humanity Ascend.

Subscription members receive, all the recordings from the beginning of this year to watch and learn from, a closed Facebook group, to meet and chat with other members around the world. The opportunity to join us at the end of some of my interviews on ATP Media, to meet my guests and ask them your questions. Also monthly psychic awareness and acceleration webinars. 

We meet monthly to discuss Deliberate Creation, how we create our own reality and effect change and transformation in our world.

I just want to send you a quick note to thank you for The Inner Sanctum and thank you for sharing your knowledge and love and light. I’ve been listening to them when I can and I gain more and more from them each time.  😉 I feel so blessed and grateful that the universe pointed me in your direction! Kristin Mismash

Our next guest teacher in the Inner Sanctum Webinar Series is near death experiencer and author, Nancy Rynes.

Join us October 22 2017 at 10AM  Sydney time which is October 21 in the afternoons for USA residents    Check your timezones here 

NDE Nancy Rynes

During January 2014, self professed atheist Nancy Rynes, was hit by a truck while riding her bike.

She experience an amazing NDE where she received many messages from her guides on the other side about how we can be more divine, live our best life, how we create our reality and much more.

Meet Nancy and  hear her incredible story and the lesson she learnt from the other side. Ask her all your questions!

Nancy has written it all down in her wonderful new book Awakenings from the Light.


Have a listen to our wonderful conversation on ATP Media here

Subscriptions for The Inner Sanctum is $22 per month or $180 a year or $55 for one session.

Please Subscribe below by pressing the orange subscribe button. We look forward to you joining us, bring all your burning questions.

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Inner Sanctum Schedule for 2017

In the following months we have some incredible guest teachers for you to meet in the Inner Sanctum

March  Guest Teacher    Krista Gorman:  NDE taught me how to live

April   Guest Teacher     Dianne Collins:   Creator of QuantumThink

May     Guest Teacher    Danielle Gibbons:  Channels Mother Mary

May:   Connecting with your Spirit Guides and spiritual team

June    Guest Teacher     Robbie Holz:  Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening

July:  Connecting to your galactic spiritual guides, & deliberate creation

July     Guest Teacher     Mary Rodwell:  Awakening to the New Human

August:  Deliberate Creation Teaching: How to flow your energy and raise your vibration

August   Guest Teacher   Sherry Wilde:   Rejoining our cosmic family

September: Teaching others deliberate creation is about being an example of what you want to teach.

September  Guest Teacher  Frances Key  Your Spiritual Team

October: How To be a New World Teacher and Share your wisdom with the world

October   Guest Teacher  Nancy Rynes   Awakenings from the Light

November: The Age of the Guru is over. NOW is the time to integrate all-knowing with each and share our knowing.

November Guest Teacher   Natalie Sudman  The Application of Impossible Things

December: You are a powerful being, you came to create and know your power to do so.

December  Guest Teacher  Clayton John Ainger  The Magic Shop of Creation.

And many more exciting and wonderful New World Teachers to share their wisdom and their story with you. I look forward to being with you again soon.. BIG LOVE ks xxx  💙 💚 💜  ✨

I have edited out about 30 minutes from our 2-3 hours Inner Sanctum Webinar sessions for public viewing. Below are the snippet YouTube vids from this years 2017 Inner Sanctum in chronological order, Click the image to view … ENJOY! Atp shows on youtube

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