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This is a group for people who appreciate the physical journey they are engaged in, while wishing to know who you are as non physical infinite potential energy. If you wish to expand your potential and learn how you can effect change and make a difference. You are perfect for our Inner Sanctum, where you will receive teachings, guidance and messages from Blissful Beings not available to the public. And will have the opportunity to join and ask questions for clarity in our monthly webinars.

Now more than ever before it is important that people who know and carry the light, spread their wisdom and shine brightly. We remind you how to flow your energy to help create what you want and help humanity Ascend. We meet monthly to discuss Deliberate Creation, how we create our own reality and effect change and transformation in our world. These monthly webinar series are support, teachings and activations for the New World Teachers and Difference Makers.

Our next  Inner Sanctum Webinar is
 Saturday 17 June  9AM 2017 Sydney Time Zone or Friday 16 June in the afternoon for USA residents….   Check you time zones here 

Robbie HolzOur guest this June is spiritual teacher and healer Robbie Holz, whose husband, Gary Holz, went to outback Australia in the 90’s when he was a quadriplegic with MS. There Gary met and communed with aboriginal elders who gave him secrets to healing. He was told they were expecting him and they gave him their secrets of awakening and healing. Gary transitioned in 2007 and Robbie continues his work, with him guiding her from spirit.

Robbie also went to meet the aboriginal elders in a secret women’s ceremony in 2008 and came back with many tales to tell. You will love this conversation as we discuss the way the mass media has badly portrayed a culture which has many gifts to share with humanity..

Have a look at our wonderful talk on ATP Media here 

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In the following months we will have some incredible guest teachers in the Inner Sanctum

March       Krista Gorman:    My NDE taught me how to live

April         Dianne Collins:     Creator of QuantumThink

May         Danielle Gibbons:  Channels Mother Mary

June         Robbie Holz:       Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening

July          Mary Rodwell:     Awakening to the New Human

August      Sherry Wilde:     Rejoining our cosmic family

October     Nancy Rynes      Awakenings from the Light

September  Frances Key      Your Spiritual Team

November   Natalie Sudman  The Application of Impossible Things

And many more exciting and wonderful New World Teachers to share their wisdom and their story with you. I look forward to being with you again soon.. BIG LOVE ks xxx  💙 💚 💜  ✨

Watch a Snippet from May 2017 Inner Sanctum with Danielle Gibbons



In February 2017 we had  Garnet Schulhauser as a guest teacher, have a listen to a bit of our conversation below


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