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Radical Acceptance

Many of us are very good at pointing out what is going wrong in our world or in our lives. We tend to love to talk about the bad things more than the good. Why do you think this is?

Maybe we talk about them because what we really want is to heal them and to see things change. Or maybe it is because feeling bad and watching horrific injustice in our world, is so against who we truly are as beings of Love and Light, that it really gets our attention and has as mesmerised, like passing by a bad accident on the road. We can not help but look.

Bad things happen, people get sick, have accidents, fight, some execute horrific traumas on other beings and the environment for personal profit and gain. While others live in the lap of luxury with the capacity and means to help many, and do nothing. As we travel through this contrasting environment we will see and experience many challenges, but one does not have to suffer over them, for we have the capacity to find something much much more when we practise a simple but POWERFUL Rule. Radical Acceptance !

Acceptance can be easy when we miss the bus or someone arrives late, but can you find it within you to accept your life circumstances when you are sick or in pain, or get fired or your partner cheats on you? Think of the worst thing that could happen and then ponder, could you find a place of acceptance? If you can than this  means you are living one of life’s biggest secrets. You are finding a place of LOVING Kindness and a connection to a higher world and a place of Bliss you may never have dreamt of in your lifetime.

In 2016 I spoke with an amazing woman Scarlett Lewis on my podcast radio show ATP Media. She told me something that really illustrates this idea. The worst thing that ever could happen to Scarlett did, her beautiful vivacious little 6-year-old son Jesse, was gunned down in the sandy hook school massacre. The murder of her precious little boy took place two weeks before christmas. Scarlett spent those two weeks looking at the presence she and Santa had lovingly wrapped and placed under the tree foo Jesse, while she worked through her rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts.

But Scarlett said something really poignant to me. She said as she lay there contemplating the fact the her biggest fear had happened, she realised she no longer had any fear left in her. And while she was experiencing the worst kind of trauma she could think of,  she also experienced a sense of peace and acceptance she had never known, as she thought to herself I have nothing left to fear.

During the weeks and months that followed, Scarlett said to me she felt a strange kind of elation and sense of calm, which propelled her forward through her life. During this time, she started a movement called, I Choose Love which has been talked about on many TV and radio shows, in many events and newspapers, and is changing our world.

The nature of life is a movement forward. Our world is literally spinning in space, hurtling through the cosmos at speeds beyond comprehension. The flow of the energy of life, is motion forward. When we are in tune with the flow of life, we effortlessly flow with the stream of BLISS.

LOOK at the word LIVE.  Now look at the word EVIL,  evil is live backwards! This acronym shows us how the energy of life is working. Evil literally means, we are pushing against the flow of life. Moving backwards against a current of Love, which is asking us to relax and let the stream take us where we want to go.

In 1995, I went to a personal growth event in Maui where I saw an amazing teacher speak about his horrific story being a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He was in a coffin size cell, about 6 feet long and three feet high. He could sit up and lie down, but not stand. He spent almost seven years in this place, only let out once a month or so to walk and be with other prison inmates. He  ate, slept and lived amongst his own excrement for 7 years, until he was released at the end of the war. And with all of this, he said he found his BLISS in this place.

He found it because he stopped resisting his circumstances. He thought; ‘I have the ability to go within and find my happiness.’ He said he would meditate for hours a day and go to places of unimaginable beauty and grace, finding an ecstasy and freedom he never knew before. He went on to become an inspirational speaker, helping people out of the prison of the negative mind. ( I would tell you his name, but it has escaped me all these years later, although his story never did.)

Pushing against life, or resisting the stream of love feels like negative emotions, pain in the body, trauma and suffering. This feeling of pushing against the current of life is represented in our negative emotions. We know what we are doing with our energy, because we feel it within us as E-Motion. Energy in Motion.

This is a play of opposites, this physical dimension and because we choose to play in this experience, we will get to see and live many things we may prefer not to. But life presents us with contrast for a very good reason. Life is asking us to relax and let it show us something we may not have known before.  It is asking us to look within and not to be so swept up with our outer circumstances. As all our power to influence, to manifest and affect change, is within us. It is in our ability to choose the way we want to feel. Radical Acceptance is the power to choose thought, to maintain calm, clarity, grace and connection to our higher mind and source of Love.

Suffering only occurs when we believe we are victims to a circumstance we have no control over. Radical Acceptance changes all that!

I was on the phone to my aunty yesterday, who was retelling me the story of my cousin Angela, her daughter’s, tragedy during her first marriage. When she was a newly married young girl, two friends, her and her husband were driving back from the snow when they were hit by a truck. My cousins young husband, who was in the front seat next to the driver, was beheaded and all but her were killed in the accident. Apparently Angela,  got out of the car, surveyed the scene and calmly put of cloth over her husbands beheaded body before calling for help.

She practised this radical acceptance we speak about here, as she experience this horrific trauma. She became a nurse and went on to marry a beautiful and Loving man and is very happy with her life today. And last year she celebrated the birth of her beautiful little granddaughter, my aunt’s great-granddaughter.

Life is a Gift no matter what happens and we will find the gift, we will see the miracle, when we relax and go with the flow. This may take Radical Acceptance during those times of extreme contrast. But remember all of it, everything we experience, is there for our highest good and we are the architects of this physical dream.

LOVE IS YOU; Remember to feel it. 💖

KAren Swain Teacher of Deliberate Creation for the Difference Makers. Blissful Beings Reminders From Home: 

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Radical Acceptance

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