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Pink Boxing Gloves

Change your Vibe Change your LIFE!

Change your Vibe Change your LIFE!

I would like to share something with you I’ve witnessed in my daughter’s life lately. Over the last couple of years she has been going through her dark night of the soul. You know that place, where you believe all the stressful thoughts you have ever picked up along your physical life trail. She had an ugly time inside a relationship, which left her feeling lost, dependant on someone who wanted to control her and confused that someone she loved could treat her so badly.

As she continued to tell herself disempowering and negative stories about her abilities to get what she wants and to feel good again, her health declined, her friendships faded away, her work dried up, and she didn’t have anywhere to live. So she had to move back in with mum, which she hated. Not because I beat her, ha! Because she wants to feel independent and have a home of her own. A place where she can create, cook, look after others, live and love. And she doesn’t want to live in the city or be reliant on mum.

Life was looking like everything she wanted was Not going to happen, so as she focused on this, things got worse. I heard her say many times, ‘everything is going wrong, I feel like I can not do anything right and life is against me.’  We all know that feeling when we get depressed about something, or focus on the bad things in our life, how that snowball effect kicks in and momentum builds and POW, we feel like we are on a runaway train we can’t stop, or get off!

Sufficed to say, it was not easy living with her, seeing someone I love, be so unhappy and go through such a tough time. But I know life was teaching her about herself and her power to be in control of her emotions and feelings.

This is something she has argued with me about many times. As if desperate to prove what I know to be true, is wrong! She would scream at me about why she feels so bad and then give me all the reasons why anyone would feel the way she did. As if to protect her right to feel emotions of sadness, shame, guilt, fear, anger and depression. You know, all the ones that make us feel like an unworthy human being, separate from what we want, and the love we crave. Well she felt she had the right to have them, and not to overcome them.

You can imagine how this landed with me, as a teacher of deliberate creation who teaches people how to turn around those stressful thoughts and beliefs, to be in alignment with well-being and powers of focus and creation. She would push against any guidance I would offer, saying she didn’t want to hear all my new age crap.

Children can do this, they want to be different to their parents and carve out a life which does NOT repeat the life of their parents, or at least that part of their life they deemed as wrong, or a struggle. Carl Jung called it, individualization. And oh boy, did I have my struggles, especially when she was little.

Recently she came home from visiting her dad and his girlfriend, once again in the throes of upset and anger that dad spends all his time with a woman who is so negative, controlling and sick, and he has no time for her. It has been a common theme in her life with dad, and an upset that always seems to get her off guard. As mum I try to help her with the advice I would give anyone suffering, but it usually falls on deaf ears, and a barrage of ‘Oh you dont’ know how I feel and stop trying to tell me what to do,’  follows.  This has me walking on eggshells around her, trying to help her in ways which do not sound like I am trying to tell her what to do.

It has been one of the toughest challenges of my life, let me tell you. To see someone I love suffering and not be able to help her feel better, mostly because I am mum, and not her therapist, or guru, or teacher, or spiritual mentor.  I can help others, but not my daughter.

Patients and allowing her to have her traumas, has been the most powerful thing I could do. Knowing that she too, like me and every human being on this earth, has powerful guidance within her, and a spiritual team helping her.  Her spiritual team has been instrumental in helping her create life scenarios which will be the perfect experience in showing her about herself and her powers of creation.  This journey of struggle has been a platform to show her who she is and what she wants to be in this world. It is not easy, but we didn’t sign up for an easy ride when we signed up for a human life.

Anyway I managed to get through to her the other morning as she cried and wailed about how she can not see her dad without the presence of this woman who constantly points out the negative things she sees in everyone and life.  I asked her to find something she likes about this woman, and to see something she appreciates about her relationship with her father.

After many tears and much resistance something broke, and the calm followed the storm.  A sense of serenity befell her as she started to focus in a way which allowed more love to enter her mind and heart.  She started to see clearly, she could see how life was speaking to her about herself and how what she was seeing in others was how she was feeling about herself.

Her greater knowing was returning and she could feel once again the wisdom inside her which said, in order to help myself, I must reach out to help others. That selfish, narcissistic side of her fear started to fade away, and a happy glowing young woman, wiser for the life lessons, returned.

A friend texted her and said he was heart-broken because his girlfriend had left, so she jumped at the chance to be in service to another, and they spent a few days together laughing, crying and discussing the meaning of life.

When she came home from visits to his place it was like living with a different person. My happy, loving, grateful little girl had returned, and life in my home was a whole lot better.

Yesterday was my birthday and my happy, albeit tied daughter spent the day with me. Something that hasn’t happened in a while. We were both gifted a scrumptious ladies lunch by my beautiful friend Karen, and last night she came with me again as I ventured out to dinner with another gorgeous girlfriend. On the way to the restaurant, while stopped at a red light in Bondi Junction, I looked up at the second floor of a building and saw people doing a boxing class.  I asked her to look and she said, ‘Oh WOW! I love Boxing and my friend and I Have been practicing it over the last few days, but I need some gloves as my hands have got blisters.’

On the way home from dinner, she pulled over to the side of the road a few blocks before our house and I said; What are you doing?  She reversed the car and said, ‘there are some boxing gloves in the middle of the road and I want to have a look at them.’

Sure enough she jumped out of the car to retrieve the strange objects sitting in the middle of a dark road, and came back to the car with a set of almost Brand NEW Bright Pink Boxing Gloves.  Can you believe it! I have never ever seen boxing gloves sitting in the middle of a road before, it was like the Angels heard her asking, so just before her car pulled around the bend, they dropped them in the middle of the road for her to retrieve!

I was blown away, even though I have seen many miraculous things in my life, and life for me is a constant sequence of synchronicity. But Pink Boxing gloves in the middle of a dark road, well I have to say that was a first!

Then this morning as she packed up her van for a road trip down the coast to visit some friends, she said to me the heating light was on in the car and what should she do? I have no idea,  I said, as cars are a mystery to me.

Well wouldn’t you know it, right next to her on the other side of the road was an NRMA service truck servicing another car. She asked the service man if he would mind having a little look under the hood, which he did happily and found all she needed was some coolant liquid. An easy fix and inexpensive.

Life is showing up as if every need is miraculously being met. Things are flowing, needs and desires are being fulfilled, and the snowball effect is taking place again. The momentum is increasing, but this time in alignment with her improved state of mind and happier vibration.

You can call it Law of Attraction, or living in alignment, or pleasing the Angels, or being Blessed. It really doesn’t matter what you call it. When you find a way to feel better about yourself and the life around you, life will show up to answer your asking in ways you could never ever imagined.

Just like the Angels are following you around dropping gifts in your path to show you they are listening to your every beck and call.

Be Happy Well Being is Yours. You Are BLESSED. 💖😇

All Love KAren Swain xx.

If you would like some help overcoming your stressful beliefs about yourself and life and find your way back to Love, please let us know how we can help you. Or Book a session with KAren and Blissful Beings 

you are beautiful

Pink Boxing Gloves

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