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Being Right About Being Wrong

Being Right About Being Wrong

 The fear of being wrong can be emotionally and physically crippling, but discovering we have been wrong can also be enormously liberating! .

“What if I dedicate my life to something and tell the world this is how it is only to turn out that I was wrong?” How would this feel?    How do you handle being wrong?

One of my favourite teachers, Byron Katie, taught me how to be wrong with joy because being right is just not that important in a world where perception is everything. One persons view on life will be totally different from another’s and yet both are right, because both get to manifest what they believe to be so.

Here on this magnificent planet we are given the gift of manifesting whatever we believe to be right or wrong, and we have absolute freedom with this. Law of Attraction makes it so..

One of my first spiritual teachers, Seth says this..

There are only two rules to life

1: YOU create your own reality

2: There are no limits to what you can create.

If this is true, this gives freedom and space for all points of view to co exists simultaneously, and yet as humans  we seem to spend a lot of time arguing over right and wrong…

I recently read a post about the passing of a wellness worrier Jess Ainscough, a young woman helping people with their health while keeping her cancer at bay with healthy eating, mindfulness, recipes, and her blog. She was doing a really good job of this too until her mum got cancer and died. This rocked her world and her beliefs.

This is what she wrote on her last blog at the beginning of 2015…

“This year absolutely brought me to my knees. I’ve been challenged, frightened, and cracked open in ways I never had before. After my mum died at the end of last year, my heart was shattered and it’s still in a million pieces. I had no idea how to function without her, and it turns out my body didn’t either. For the first time in my almost seven year journey with cancer, this year I’ve been really unwell. I’ve lived with cancer since 2008 and for most of those years my condition was totally stable. When my mum became really ill, my cancer started to become aggressive again. After she died, things really started flaring up.”

You see she had told her mum to deal with her health issues the same way she was dealing with hers, through a healthy diet and a good attitude. But this did not help her mum stay well, as it was doing her. The death of her mum, who was her biggest fan and supporter, shook her up in more ways than one. It made her question everything she believed in and I suspect had her question the rightness of her teachings to her large fan base.

Jess continued to write in her last blog…

As difficult as it has been to simply surrender and allow what was happening to happen, complete rest has been exactly what I needed. I’ve had no energy for distractions, so I’ve literally been lying in bed deeply pondering my situation. I’ve been meditating for hours, doing visualisation techniques, and feeling every single emotion that’s bubbled up. I’ve always been numb to my emotions, coating everything in positivity, so this has been a game-changer for me and also very strange. Some weeks I’ve felt nothing but overwhelming sadness, others I’ve been really bitter and angry. The most important part though is that I didn’t try to stop or censor any of it (even though I gasped and covered my mouth after shamefully and very uncharacteristically uttering the words “fuck my life” during one particular outburst). 

I think  questioning what we believe to be true can be one of the hardest things we can do, especially when we build a life around it.

It’s just so important to listen to how we feel, for this points to our beliefs of right and wrong.  It’s not that any of it is right or wrong really, it’s only what we decide we want.

Believe it or not some people want death, they yearn for it and cry out to the universe to give it to them. When others are trying their hardest to keep it at bay for as long as they can.

With good intentions and armed with experience and results we set forth into the world to help people change or grow by telling them about what we believe helped us. But life is a movable feast and as we grow and live longer, what we once thought was the very core of our truth, can change!

Should we let change rock our world or can we allow this to empower who we are today and expand what we believe to be truth.

Another favourite teacher of mine, Abraham Hicks says this..

“We  come forth not to get you to believe anything, as we see great diversity in that which you believe, and in all of that there is perfect balance and so we come forth not to alter your beliefs, but to reacquaint you in the eternal laws of the universe.”

We must always consult the soul when wanting answers to seemingly unanswerable questions. From this broader perspective the life we lead becomes clearer and our unshakable concepts can change.

Death is NOT the end game. We do not loose our battles by dying. We simply reacquaint ourselves with our broader perspective when we can not find the answers in our physical belief systems.

Does what you believe empower you and help you feel good, or is it something someone else has told you is so? Question everything but allow your clarity to come by accepting what is happening to you now. Your questions will be answered by life, either in the form of direct guidance or experience. Be patient, it’s all out there waiting for you to allow.

Remembering the eternal Laws of the Universe is one of the best ways I know to find peace of mind.

1: Law of Attraction drives EVERYTHING. ( your vibration attract, or life mirrors back to us what we believe to be so)

2: You are the CREATOR of your own reality, (which means you get to decide what to believe).. and

 3: There are no Limits…

 How will you react next time someone tells you, you are wrong? Can you agree with their point of view or will you defend your belief to the death?

One of the most powerful manifesting tools is to have a belief and then line up with it and not let anything or anyone else distract you from your point of view. But just remember we are here to enjoy the diversity of life and because everyone does not join you in your ideas does not mean they are wrong or you have failed. Allow people to have their own point of view while you have yours. Do not push against others when they say you are wrong.

Byron Katie says; “The first act of war, is to defend your point of view.”

If you are here to create peace of mind, body and soul; Live and let live, and you will thrive.


You are LOVE Remember to FEEL it…

Reminders from Home Blissful Beings and KAren Swain

KAren is a Spiritual Teacher and Channel of Deliberate Creation, supporting the Difference Makers, Changemakers, Teachers and Disrupters of our world. For a reading and guidance from KAren andBlissful Beings Light Council .. Please visit our sessions page.

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Sometimes one has to consult the soul to understand the reason why…

But no matter where we go, we still fly

LOVE is All and All is Well  ks xx

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