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The Soundtrack Of Our Life

soundtrack of our life

What is playing in the background of your mind as you journey through this world?

Similar to the music that plays in the supermarket, the mall or an elevator, there is music playing in the background of our minds. This music is the soundtrack of our life. A constant persistent recurring broadcast of programmed beliefs we have picked up along our physical trail. It plays like a song on repeat.

Have you heard it? Do you listen?

This background noise has more power over us than we know. Not only are we listening, we are reacting to every circumstance, every thought and every influence this background voice spins.

This soundtrack plays while we drive, wash the dishes, have sex, eat, think, create, work, meditate and play. It is always there, talking to us and tuning our vibration. It creates our emotional set point, the dominant point of attraction we hold as we live our lives. It is responsible for what shows up in our world. The manifestations in all their forms, people, circumstance, perspective and how we relate to each other.

We created this soundtrack, it is the voice of our parents, teachers, social and ancestral acceptances  and the media’s influences. It is a collection of beliefs we hold to be true about ourselves, and it is why we feel the way we feel, which creates our long-term happiness, or depression.

We hear it all the time when we attempt to do something out of our comfort zone, for this soundtrack IS our comfort zone. It screams at us when we leave it, or have an idea that does not belong to it.

Below are some of the negative things we tell ourselves. Let me know if any of these sound familiar;

“You can’t do that, you are not good enough!”

“You better get it done you are running out of time.”

“No one will ever love you.”

“You are too fat, too thin, not good looking enough, not smart enough.”

It lingers there reminding us repeatedly, why we are not enough. It is the reason for people’s depression, and ‘reason’ will NOT change it.

But as easy as it is to change the music playing on your music player, you can change the background noise of the negative mind to a chorus of Beauty and Bliss. We must repeat a different story and connect this story to our feelings of knowing, to the connection of our truth, the alignment of our emotional freedom and the movement of our unbounded soul.

We can do this in a variety of ways and whatever way you choose, it’s important to create a soundtrack which allows source to sing through you.

I recently attended a singing workshop by the sublime conscious musician Tina Malia, in which she shared her story going from depression and pain, to bliss.

Her vehicle was Japa, a mantra practice. Her friend and teacher Jai Utal, gave her a mantra, RAM to repeat. She said she was going through her dark night of the soul at this time, and all the distractions we use to avoid our negative background noise stopped working. Alcohol, food, sleep, coffee with friends, movies and drugs.

So loud had the subconscious noise become, she felt she was encased in pain. This feeling guided her decision to commit her mind to this practice of Japa, reciting the simple mantra RAM, the name of God.

Morning and night she repeated it over and over in her mind, and for the first few months nothing happened, until one day, a spark of light lit within her heart and over time this light grew to encase her whole being and beyond.

As I listen to Tina share her story, I asked my guides; what was happening to her and why did  this simple practise alleviate her suffering?

I could relate to her story, for we have all been through the dark night of the soul and felt the pain of living a life separated from Love and Joy.

My journey was very different, I did not recite a mantra. I worked and worked to embody what I had come to remember as the truth of my being.  I silenced the howling wolves who chanted in my mind as my background soundtrack, by diligently practising better feeling thoughts.

This is how my guides answered my question, they told me; Tina’s Japa practise of continually reciting a mantra created a new soundtrack. The mantra, which held the vibration of the divine, replaced the constant background banta. It had lay down a new track and a new path for the mind to travel. Like water running over a rock creating a channel, over time this path deepens and the water will naturally follow this trail.

It changed the track, and removed the subconscious background noise and replaced it with the vibration of God. And when the soundtrack of our mind is in alignment with the vibration of the divine, we can dive into life with all it’s traumas and contrasts. We can love and hurt and laugh and cry, and all of it is BLISS.

We must grow the light from within and stop looking outside for a new song to add to the playlist. The music we are looking for lives within us, in our connection to our divine spark, and the more we feed this focus, the larger the spark becomes.

Today when I stop to listen to my background soundtrack, I find it is mostly music. Songs run through my head underneath the thinking, the concentration and the meditation, my mind is singing. Usually some profound conscious song from one of the many conscious music artists I adore. Or a Mantra from my weekly Kirtan night.

The inner critic is quite most of the time these days. She just wants to Love and find solutions to create more love in every situation and circumstance. The background noise has stopped torturing me, stopped judging me and now it nurtures me and guides me through my life.

My mind is connected to the most important beliefs we can hold as a spiritual being driving a physical mind and body.

We ARE ONE, We Are All Connected and We Are Love.

These words and beliefs are no longer just lip service for me, they are the soundtrack of my life.

Remember Your BLISS: KAren Swain

Tina Malia – “The Silent Awakening” LIVE from the Song of the Soul tour



Gayatri Mantra Tina Malia



The Soundtrack Of Our Life

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