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Utopia: Creating Heaven on Earth

How do we create Heaven on Earth?


There are many people in spiritual communities and the new age who talk about creating a Utopian Earth. ‘Let’s create heaven on earth’ they say. They want to do this by changing what they see happening in the world, so they push against the injustices, the drama, the disruption and speak of creating a world of only Love and Oneness.

‘I want to change the world’ they shout!

BUT is the world in need of changing or is it in NEED of Appreciating?

We can never really change outer circumstances by pushing against what is going wrong, nor would we want to.

The only world we can ever really change is the world between our ears.. This is the world we live in.

How we perceive physical life determines how well we live on earth, how happy we are and what we attract into our lives.

This is a magnificently diverse planet we inhabit and it has been created this way to serve us, and serve us it does.

The contrast here is so unique and dynamic we have the ability to see only Joy or only horror, depending where we look.

Utopia is in heaven, just ask dead people or people who’ve had NDE’s. The contrast in heaven is so limited, from our perspective, it looks like only Pure Positive Energy.

We came into this diverse physical environment to experience the contrast, the despair, the drama and the fear.  We do not have any of this were we come from, and so all of it is wanted as an experience to grow from, to be explored and to be cherished.

Life on planet earth will never really be a utopian society. Many people have tried to create this by leaving society and retreating into their own little heaven on earth in communities or alone. But no matter how far we run or where we retreat to, physical life will ALWAYS find ways to challenge us, for physical life was created just for this…

This is a polarized contrasting environment we live in, and we knew coming in from our broader perspective, that this magnificent polarised existence would challenge our true sense of oneness and purpose. And so in order to restore our sense of heaven, or home, we explore the contrast and the fears here, and then give birth to many desires to return home to feeling good again. We give birth to desires to make our life easier, to remember who we truly are and to feel Loved again. This is the magic of experiencing a polarized dynamic contrasting environment like this physical dimension.

We have created many ways to feel good and all of these ways have created the life we know on earth today.

Every decision that has been made on earth, be it inventions, laws, religious dogma, even war, was made from wanting to feel better. To feel free again, to feel more powerful and more important.  Albeit some of these decisions were made from a perception of separateness, and have created more contrast to overcome, but what if this was perfect!

Physical life will never be smooth sailing. More contrast will come, and more ways to find utopia will follow. For we are not finished yet and physical life continues because of our quest for more.

“Your desires summon life.

Without the contrast, you would not desire and without desire,  life would cease to exist.”

The Utopia we seek, is in our minds and hearts. We CAN find what we are looking for, but it never existed outside of us. Our home has always been with in us. We brought it with us when we came.

Paradise on earth  is when we can look around at the planet with all its horrors, injustices, joys and bliss and appreciate that we are here for the ride of our life, and ALL of it is here to serve us.

The terror and the injustice has been created for us to find the richness in the ashes. We do this by knowing our home within.

“One who remembers home is within, has more power of influence over physical life, than millions who forget.”

We can attract any life we can imagine, this is our power and our birthright. Experiencing Utopia is determined by our ability to focus on what we desire, what we appreciate and what we Love, regardless of our circumstances.

Now you know. Where will you look?

 LOVE IS YOU, Remember to feel it

KAren Swain xx

Blissful Beings Reminders From Home


Utopia: Creating Heaven on Earth

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