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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Blissful Beings mean?

Blissful Being is the name I have given to my higher guidance, or broader perspective, it can also be called my inner being. Who provide me with answers to your asking. As I receive thoughts I translate in my own personality, voice and vocabulary ways in which you can find harmony with your desires to live a better life. Bliss is who they and we are, and Bliss is a way of being. Please see our Who are Blissful Beings and Meet Karen Pages for more insights

How do I sign up for seminars and webinars?

To come to our gatherings please email us to find out more join The Inner Sanctum monthly webinars, Deliberate Creation for the New World Teachers Click here to join. Here you will receive updates on events.

How do I join your newsletter?

You can join our monthly Reminders from Home email inspirations by filing in the form on the sidebar of every page. If you would like to know more about our newsletter please visit our Reminders from Home Page

Why would having sessions with KAren benefit me?

Having a Deliberate Creation session with KAren and Blissful Beings is a life enhancing experience. We all want to live well and enjoy our life, but sometime we get so blinded by the details of our life and fixated on the circumstances we are living now, we tend to forget to dream, visualise or flow our energy toward what we want. We tend to spend a lot of time focusing on our dilemma’s, which give them more energy and power in our lives, and often makes us forget to focus on our dreams. Karen’s teaching’s remind you to do just that, she will put you back on track, show you the way towards your dreams and help you transform and empower your mind, heart  and belief system, as well as teaching you powerful Self-Empowerment tools  you will use for the rest of your days.

How do I book a session with KAren?

To book a session with Karen please go to our Guidance Page and choose a session type to suite you. You can access Karen form anywhere in the world on skype . Booking a session is easy. We use PayPal which meas you can use your credit card EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAYPAL account.

Preparing for your Deliberate Creation session with KAren Swain?

Preparing for a guidance session with Karen is easy, just bring your burning questions, or your inquires into life and you will be richly rewarded.  The more inquiries you bring with you the more you summon the energy that answers. It is profound, simple, easy and fun.

Is KAren Psychic? Is this session psychic reading?

Yes and No. KAren does not work as other psychic do, she tunes into your thoughts and beliefs and will make evident which thoughts or beliefs serve you and which are limiting you from receiving the life you wish to live. Then together you will transform your beliefs to be in the flow with your dreams. This is very much a psychic ability, although she does not give you information about what you already know, like the look of your residents or the  names of your relatives, or who has passed over to the other side. KAren does not predict your future she shows you how to CREATE IT!

KAren has practiced, over the many years she spent inquiring into the meaning of life, her connection with her higher guidance, who bring answers to your questions about how you can be the DELIBERATE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN REALITY, lead a better life and connect more fully with your true nature of well being and positive energy.

How much does it cost?

The cost will vary depending on your choice of guidance sessions. Please go to our guidance page for more information on our charges

Do you work with a guide or spirit?

Yes and the greater your questions the more energy comes to speak with you.

Is this a healing session, do you work as a healer too?

Yes. Every session has the ability to help you find more alignment with your Well Being. the more you feel better about your life, your body and your circumstance, the more you will heal, or transform them. Healing begins at the level of your awareness to be more connected to your JOY.

Do you have any books or literature I can read about you and what you teach?

Yes we have our first eBook ‘How can I get what I want’

Also our second eBook ” Return to LOVE’ about the reality or non physical, guidance and how there is no death

You can meet Karen here and  if you would like to know more about her, You can read more of Karen Story here.

We also have  many articles on line for you to enjoy

Do you have testimonials?

Yes please see our Appreciate page to read our testimonials.

You can also read our inspiring stories  for more insight into how this wisdom will change your life.