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Who is KAren Swain

KAren Swain

I am a medium and a teacher of expanded awareness, who receives guidance from my broader perspective, or as many people have called it,  spiritual guides, which I translate into guidance with life stories that illustrate the intent beautifully while we converse.  I am a translator of energy helping you identify, transform and re-program your limiting subconscious programming. From a heart centered place you put yourself back into alignment with your purpose, your joy and your soul.

I’ve had access to exalted higher perspective all my life, which means, I’ve been able to read people’s energy fields, know their thoughts, vibrational stance and see your fears or dreams unfolding. I know who you are, why you are here, what you fear and see your dreams.

When I first started meditating in my early twenties, I would see a Big Eye staring back at me. It was visceral, in colour and as real as looking in a mirror. I was told, this is the all-seeing all-knowing eye, which has access to broader perspective. I was being shown something about myself I didn’t quite understand at the time.

It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I discovered what I was to do with these abilities. I didn’t know how to handle or what to do with this until I finished a full-time Naturopathy course, had a baby, opened and closed a gift and furniture shop and started massaging people for a living.  This is when why I had these abilities would be revealed. When I touched people, so much information came to me about them and during a massage session with a hollywood movie star, I started channeling higher perspective.

It was during this time that my soul contract was revealed. I came in as a teacher, a seer and healer here to help you remember who you truly are. To awaken your innate intuitive powers of creation and help you see life through the eyes of your soul. I am here to support the people who are here to make a difference to our world.

I did all manner of healing and energy healing courses in my late twenties and early thirties and soon realised why many of us are not living our fullest potential.

We have been taught out of our innate wisdom to Love, Connect and Create on Purpose. To be Fearless and Deliberate in our thinking, and this is very much being perpetuated through a media system which constantly bombards our subconscious mind with negative messages.

When I realised this, I decided it was a part of my mission here to turn this around and pump out more empowered messages through media. So I started ATP Radio and Media where I interview all manner of teachers, conscious creators, artists, musicians and difference makers who see life with a higher perspective.

It is my job to help people remember who you are and why you are on the earth at this time and how you make a difference. I am the caretaker and mother of the difference makers, the healers and the teachers who know they are here to serve themselves and others. I read from your soul perspective and remind you how to be more connected to this and create on purpose.

Somehow my mother knew I was here to speak to people’s hearts. Even though she went through her own struggle and died young at 50, she named me KAren and insisted people pronounce it with a hard A. The sound AR, is the sound that opens the heart and the KA body is the light body we use when we are out of our physical bodies flying around the universe at night..  Listen below to how I say my name… Laugh! 😀

 Let’s get you on your path of Infinite Potential. You came as a Genius Creator, it’s time to have an intimate relationship with your inner-being, guidance and discover HOW you are creating the life you’re living.  Book Guidance Session with KAren here

A piece of me..

I was 12 years old, and the nanny to my baby step-brother said to me during the dinner making ritual, “Come here Karen, I’ll read your palm.” “You will what?” I thought.

I didn’t know what she was talking about,  I had never had a conversation about being psychic, or palmistry, or seeing into the future. Maybe I had seen gypsies reading a crystal ball on TV, but I don’t think I associated her request to look at the palm of my hand in the same way. Nonetheless I was eager to find out what she was talking about and happily stuck my hand out for her to inspect.

She said three things that had me running to my room in tears.
I would be 28 when I got married and when I had a baby, and I would be a teacher when I grew up.

Devastated, I was devastated ! 28!!  THIS was so old to the 12-year-old me, almost left on the shelf! And then to be a mother at this ancient age, OMG what was she thinking; And a Teacher! That was the Worst thing anyone could say to a dyslexic child who Loooooathed school.

Funny how we interpret what people tell us, we can only hear our fears or our dreams speaking.

School felt like prison to me, I hated it and dreamed of leaving to pursue my freedom. And then to be told I would become the very thing I was dreaming of running from, was just about the worst news the 12-year-old KAren could have ever heard.

I didn’t understand what was happening to me then, I didn’t know what this nanny was saying, or if she had ANY authority in the way my life would pan out. All I did know was; I wanted to prove her WRONG, Dammit! I would get married way before I was 28 and have millions of kids by then, and I would never ever be a teacher…

How right she was, this magical mysterious woman who’s name I don’t remember and who came into my life to deliver a message of my future.

I married for the first time at 27, desperately trying to prove her wrong. Well at least I wasn’t 28, but I did have a child at 28,  and when I think of who I am today and what I have to offer people. Teacher is the very best description of what I do and who I am.

I really Love helping people transform and empower their view of themselves and the world around them. I teach the most important principles of life! It is Why I am who I am, and do what I do. I am not here to counsel anyone, but if you have the patience and the openness to listen to this wisdom, you will learn many things from me!

I really enjoy creating different ways in which to communicate the message of who we truly are and what is available to us when we tune into our true nature of Love and infinite possibilities.

I love interpreting spiritual wisdom into simple and practical ways to live and thrive, and helping people find creative ways in which to do this too. We have an infinite smorgasbord of ways in which to communicate who we are, express our love and empower others to express Love too. We can do this through our art, voice, body, heart, head, hands, connections any pursuit really. There is no limit to how we can express the love we are.

I love knowing my energy is what matters most.

I influence people’s healing and power to create, by focusing and strengthening my own connection to source through my words & wisdom. This reminds them of their powerful connection to their source and power too. It’s always a mystery to me exactly how their transformation happens, but it always happens and people around me remember the love and Joy they are and what’s possible for them.

I have help many people transformed their lives over the years and as I have helped them I have transformed my own. It is a sublime co-creative experience, this life we live and the work I do, and I LOVE it!

Find out for yourself, find some time to work with me…

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“She will lead you to deep understanding of your life and your truth through simple language

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