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Readings on SkypeReceive private self-empowerment sessions with KAren from anywhere in the world on Skype: Download Skype it’s EASY  & FREE  Click here to Download Skype now



Weekly personal sessions/teachings with Blissful Beings

This guidance offer is for 8 weeks of on going face to face support and guidance to help you focus better on the road to your dreams… It’s important to have a mentor in life, we know.

The message of self-Empowerment is becoming a more mainstream message with the popularity of ‘The Secret’ and the growing interest in Law of Attraction, but a mentor and reminders on a weekly basis will have such a profound effect on your consciousness you will find that living the life you love will fast become your normal and not your unusual.

$700   for half hour sessions for 6 weeks

$999  for ONE hour sessions for 6 weeks

Receive a face to face one on one guidance session with KAren on a weekly basis. This type of guidance each week is invaluable and Life transforming. We remind you of your power to be who you have come to be, to enjoy all life has to offer and to be in alignment with your soul plan. You came to make a difference in the world. Let us help you get on your path.

As you practise thinking in new life enhancing way over a period of  weeks, the neural pathways in your brain will change to create new empowering metal habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.

It’s easy, profound and life enhancing, and when you use Skype the call cost are free. Send us your skype name in an email and we will set up a time to talk to you..

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We Look forward to helping you live your bliss


KAren has helped me in so many ways through her sessions with me that my friends and family have commented on my new healthier way of life. I have tried all the obvious forms of therapy with some results but none have been as effective as she has. So I highly recommend her 2 anyone out there looking for a better quality of life – she is the real deal and I cannot be more grateful. Karoon Norman

 I just want to say thank you so much for sending the powerful inspiring message to me every week! It’s been helping me approach my dreams everyday! I’m so grateful. Thank you! Best regards, Jeff Li Hi Karen, thank you for the healing messages, I just love it, all of it, it is so true for me.  Thank you for writing it – it enabled me to see a part of myself – that is ready to be set free!! Bless you! Dear KAren, you are amazing, my life is getting better and better. I can see now how I am creating it, all of it, and I am excited about creating the life I want… thank you again for your patience and guidance and love.   with Love Jo

Hi Karen – yes love getting your emails and all that you have to share . THANKYOU!!!!!  I find all the information inspiring and helps remember why I’m here!!  Love your work: Sue James

KAren You changed my life! I am so much more happy and positive about everything now. I feel so blessed every day and I enjoy the little things so much more. I am not so tied up in struggling to figure out the details and I feel confident to leave this mostly to life to sort out. I can see it happening in my life everyday, how it all magically comes together when I relax and enjoy the now moment more, with love Joy

Thank you Thank you Thank you for your wonderful guidance and this magnificent internet course. I am seeing things manifest and happen in my life now every day, Thank you again for helping me to think in more empowering ways, lots of love Beverly

Thank you Karen for helping me see the brilliance of my mind and soul. I feel I have really tapped into something quite magical. I wish I knew this years ago, it would have made my life so much easier. I now look forward to a future filled with wonder and my dreams come true. I always wanted to live an extraordinary life, Now I am living it! Love to you from John.

Hey KAren, I hope you are well. I am really enjoying the guidance and ideas I am getting from you and appreciate your confidence and understanding. This week I have been reading over your notes and have felt a lot more positive Thank you for helping realise that my dreams can come true!!  I am so excited. Regards Jenny