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Thank you for your Appreciation and comments about our sessions, seminars, radio shows, movies, products and our Reminders from Home  messages…

We LOVE to hear your Joy! 

“What I adore and love about all of your guests and your channel in general— is that they ALL SAY…… “all of them!!!!!!!!!!”….. say the SAME THING…… it’s all about- because of- the reason is……. “LOVE”. That in itself is…… AMAZING!!!!! I’ve ALWAYS KNOWN it’s all about LOVE but now……. It is confirmed!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Karen ❤️❤️❤️  You are……simply put….an Earth Angel. I adore you. You are such a beautiful person. Love you KAren.” Amy Vandegriffe ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you so much KAren! Really appreciate your time and giving me this recording. I’ve been thinking about what we spoke about. Writing some down. I’ve been looking at Byron Katie’s site and seeing what other thoughts I can turn around. Feeling better. Yesterday I finally got outside after not being game since last Thursday. I only went half a block though before feeling that was far enough. But today after out chat I’ve been out around the block and then out again to the grocery store. Might not sound like much but after the past few days that feels like absolute freedom! Ha ha. So thank you again!!   🙂

Big hugs and lotsa love, Pam xxx

“Wow! Such an amazing experience this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed our session together and so grateful to you for your enlightening counsel. I laughed and cried and felt centred after our session. I went to work happy; for a change. You have a wonderful energy and I’m blessed to have connected with you. Thanks ever so much for the links, much appreciated. I shall keep in touch.. ” Jeanine  Hage-Ali

Hi KAren, I would also like to say a big thank you for the event the other evening and also what you said about the ”healing” for lack of a better term (to be updated) & trusting my intuition. These messages were a great reminder for me to quieten my nervous mind of ‘not being good enough’ whilst giving my boss a session today. She experienced something that was very meaningful to her & now wants me to offer my services at work. I also listened to my intuition today, which I probably would have dismissed in the past, followed through and found my friend’s stolen motorbike. I also spoke with my mum about ‘the healing room’ and discovered that’s how she works also. I really did come away with so much from the other evening & thoroughly enjoyed the interview! Thank you ever so much for sharing all this wisdom!! Heaps of love & look forward to hearing from you soon xx Mo

Hi Karen, I would love to be more In tune with the universe and it’s magic. You are a beautiful being and have inspired and entertained me with you radio show. I’m on the Gold Coast, I love that with digital radio I can tune into you up here. I have gone through your old shows and wish you would store more of them.

Thank you for being you. Love and blessings Kim xx

“Quite a while ago – like years – I did your deliberate creation email course….with great success – I really believed it help me attract my partner and in-built family that I now enjoy and have for 5 and 1/2 years…..and help my thinking/emotions etc….. I would love to do the course again –  …..let me know what you think – hope you are well and glad you are still doing this – I was just on the net searching about self esteem and thought of how good I felt when I was doing your course!! thank you – to you and the universe!!” – regards Jenny

”Karen: Thank your for your time and sharing your gifts and insights so generously. You made a difference to me by showing me that I do not have to believe my thoughts and I can reframe them in a way that works. Thank you for helping me to reframe my relationship outcome that empowers me to attract a more aligned woman into my life. Thank you for helping me to identify some of the boulders that are blocking the flow in my life. Thank you for giving and contributing to me. I am very grateful.
Warm regards, Malcolm”

“Hello Karen. Firstly thank you for your program, Accentuate the Positive, I enjoy it, you do a good job. I listen to you every Saturday morning as I drive to my yoga class. This morning (Sat 26 May)  just before 8.30am you played a recording of a lecture on mid life crisis, which I found very informative and interesting. Again thanks for an uplifting and interesting radio show, keep up the good work.  Best wishes, John Wenborn “

Wow all I can say is Wow ! thank you so very much !!! luv David”Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 6.29.52 pm

Karen has helped me in so many ways through her sessions with me that my friends and family have commented on my new healthier way of life. I have tried all the obvious forms of therapy with some results but none have been as effective as she has. So I highly recommend her 2 anyone out there looking for a better quality of life – she is the real deal and I cannot be more grateful. ” Karoon Norman

“Your show is pure energy! Every time I feel a little down, I tune into Blissful Beings and your empowering voice 🙂 With Luv from France, Nicolas Berthou”

“Hi KAren, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your help. The email you sent me has helped me in ways that I have yet to fully understand but what I know so far is more than I could have possibly dreamed.

I no longer struggle and worry about if I am getting it right or following the correct path. I know that everything that comes to me is a gift and will bring me things greater than anything in the world. I am confident, happy, sure, eager, excited and have a feeling of anticipation “for what will appear next. I dream more, fantasize about the life I want to live and move confidently in that direction knowing it is going to be even better than I could ever hope for. My creativity has expanded and I am eagerly making new and wonderful things and letting go of things that I no longer have a need for. My wardrobe is smaller for the letting go but I know new and beautiful things will come to take its place. I am planning a new garden and kitchen and looking in areas that we want to live for a house that will help us on the next step of our journey.

KAren I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help and if there is ever a way that I can help you please ask and I will do everything in my power to make it happen. I am in debited to you and am willing to repay 100 fold if I can. I listen to Abraham a few days ago on a live event through Hay house and was blown away by how much I understood what they where talking about and how much it lifted my spiritually. I now understand that everything I want and more is in the vortex and I am able to go into my vortex not for the manifestations of my dreams and desire but for the simple pleasure of how good it feels and that everything lines up so wonderfully when I do. I have the power to feel good and to create a world of my dreams and I embrace it fully and excitedly and just want to say bring it on. I am ready, woo hoo what a wonderful life this is. My god I love it so very much and I can’t wait to see how much better it can get. Everything is alright and getting even better. Thank you , thank you , thank you. Humbly Lee”

“Hi KAren, I am more than happy for you to put the email on your appreciation page. I still feel the email does not go far enough to express my feelings of freedom and gratitude about the transformation that you help me to achieve. I feel like everything I desire is right at my fingertips and that all I have to do if feel good and it will flow beautifully to me. I just can’t thank you enough. Life is so good and I know that I am the creator of my experiences and with every podcast I get from Abraham I find more things to be appreciative about and a greater understanding of what it is all about. I definitely feel that I am about to step onto a rocket that will take me to my dreams and beyond. I will let you know just how far I go and what happens when I get there. I am flying home to Me and feeling my Godlyness and bliss and connection more and more each day. Your soul friend With love Lee”

“Hello again – this is Heart of Hanne from YouTube. Once again I would like to express my appreciation for your extraordinery inspiring videos on YouTube, and I’ve just stopped by your beautiful webside also. It so resonates with where I am right now. Thank you for being such an inspiration ♥.”


“Dear Karen, I am soooo enjoying your fascinating book “Return to Love”. I too have been on a spiritual journey (as you know) and have been searching for purpose in my life. I feel like i have something to offer people but am still looking for what resonates with me. Your book is giving my spiritual yearning so much nourishment i cant describe it. I am devouring it! This feels so right to me and I am sure this is what i need to explore further to find my purpose. I am really looking forward to our get together. You are a very special person. Odette xx”

“Karen, Thank you for your weekly reminder “Hang in there”. Today has been a tough day, a crisis of faith, a puzzle of which step next to take, and feeling a bit sore and defeated and starting to think the journey of my life, which has been long and hard, would never get better… And wondering if there would come a sign to help. And then just went to my email and your wonderful reminder – I had a smile on my face as soon as I saw the heading. Thank you – I always look forward to getting my blissful being emails, and just thought instead of just reading them, for once I’d let you know how much I appreciate them, and your positive reassurances… Love and peace Meeghan :)”


“You have been a great help with the Reminders from Home that are incredible because what I have searching for always manifests in the messages that are sent from you. It gives me the affirmation that I am on the right track. I still shake my head in wonder at all the powerful and uplifting words that have found their way into my experience. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you for being apart of this incredible journey. Love and big Hugs Lee.”

I just love receiving your “Blissful Beings” messages , they’re so uplifting. With love & light, Linda”

I absolutely love and look forward to these weekly reminders…. this one made me truly LOL ! Thank you for setting up this web page and sharing these life-giving and affirming inspirations with us all. Much love and appreciation….Bev”


“Thanks Karen, It was wonderful to be reminded to simply and gently bring yourself back to feeling good, and Karen does amazing job at it, great energy, it feels like Jerry and Esther Hicks are in the room. Thank you KAren for sharing yourself so generously.” Lv Milla.”

“KAren; Firstly thank you so much for your words. Moments after I read your email I felt my vibration change totally. You have an amazing talent and I’m blessed to have your guidance available to me. I’m very thankful for your words on Mark, I feel as though I already knew what you said to me but I needed to be reminded of why his soul chose to leave our reality. Your words have changed my energy and I feel refreshed and revitalised! This morning, while I was in bed, between sleep and consciousness, a voice continually encouraged me to “create!, create!, create!” and I allowed myself to dream about my desires and be grateful for my life, it was very powerful for me! So thank you thank you thank you! HEEEAPS of love to you, Lorna xx”


“Dear Karen, I just want to say THANK YOU for your inspiring messages especially reading this weeks, has certainly brought on the tears moving a locked part within me no doubt. In fact your message has answered that which I have been asking myself this week and reflecting on the overall picture of my life at this time of year where I seem to always get caught up in the busy rush and craziness of it all. I am asking myself questions of my being here in this physical body and what I am to get out of being on earth.

Your messages always seem to come at the right time and Iam blessed with people like you for being in my life. I wish you a beautiful Christmas and look forward to receiving your wonderful messages in the new year. Many Blessings Sandra Pec.”

“I just want to say thank you so much for sending the powerful inspiring message to me every week! It’s been helping me approach my dreams everyday! I’m so grateful. Inspired by your messages, I’ve been thinking and thinking and practicing. I finally got it! Thanking – loving – giving – receiving – thanking!! that’s my belief now! By this way I think I can get all the joy of my life and make my dreams come true! I’ll go on this way util the day I leave this planet. Thank you!!!  Blessing to you! Best regards, Jeff Li”

“Hi KAren, I had an epiphany this morning on the train and wanted to thank you!!!! I have been to one of your workshops and been receiving your emails for about 2 years now and you always talked of feeling good etc.  I heard it but never ‘got it’

I have been through a very difficult time lately with a relationship breakup and work and have been healing and processing and its been a great growing time for me – what has helped and only of late because ‘i got it’…… every time I felt myself go down and start to rant and all that stuff, when I caught myself and consciously changed my thinking and started focusing on feel good feelings, I actually can say I now can change my state. So THANKYOU for the gift you have given to me!!! I feel excited about the future and my wonderful new life that is unfolding. God bless you and thank you!!xxx Sue”

Thank you SO MUCH for today – I didn’t realise exactly how much time you dedicated to “my joy” today until I switched my mobile back on.  I felt so comfortable and nurtured in your home, and it was invaluable to me to actually speak to you about LoA, rather than just read statically from a book – the bouncing of ideas and ‘real life’ scenarios is just so important sometimes. Avalon was lovely, and after a potter and a good surf-side sit, I ended up at the hairdresser.  I felt that it was EXACTLY the right time to lose some dead ends, cover some greys and recapture my goddess.  So now I am swooshing around with my new do, feeling fabulous. Thank you so much for your time and glorious energy today – I feel so much more able to “drop the why and go for the high”.  Off I go in search of my bliss…..Much love, Michelle”

 “To My Mummy Dearest HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. To my spectacular Mum. Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone around you and for being so strong minded and creative. Being your daughter makes life all the more interesting, exciting, loving and fantastic. Thank you for putting up with me, you make growing up so much more fun. Our spa day is still to come. I love you always and forever. xxxooo BuB..March 2007”

“Hi KAren from Kathy, I hope all is well with you, things are going well for me, our meeting in Sydney was soooooo helpful, it helped shift a lot of my thinking that just wasn’t serving me, thank you so much!!”

Hi Karen, thank you for the healing message, I just love it, all of it, it is so true for me.  Thankyou for writing it – it enabled me to see a part of myself – that is ready to be set free!! Bless you!… Sue”

“Thanks Karen, I love your messages, they are wonderful little reminders of the truth! ”

“Thanks for our session today, it really was just what I needed to see the light again, you have well and truly reminded me what it’s all about, Thank You!  Keep up the great work, Kathy”

“Karen Wondrous One, I have just been exploring your web page – absolutely Brilliantly, Joyously Inspired – so Perfectly into the NOW  Energy – If not Now, When!!    Continue to Blaze  on with Fearless Love.  Love and Laughs to you All, Zoe x x x x ”

“KAren, Thank you so much for adding me to your weekly reminders.  I must say that your web site is stunning.  I was ‘lost’ in it for hours yesterday, and feel so blessed to have discovered it. Kind regards, Michelle”

“Thank you, thank you and thank you. These weekly reminders have become such an integral part of our lives now. To be reminded in this way is a valuable gift that is appreciated beyond words. It brings joy and hope when sometimes it can be overlooked. May the universe bless you for the wonderful job you are doing, connecting in this way.. Much Love Carol”

“After feeling pretty crappy all day, plagued with negativity and fear, I came home and decided to read your website for inspiration and enlightenment…………….you do it every time…………..your words are so healing and soooooo beautiful, I feel so much better. A big thank you to my biggest teacher. Thank you for being in my life, even if sometimes its just thru your website!! Love you lots Karen Taback”

“Wow, what can I say that I guess you don’t already know and believe in? At the end of my time with you, I experienced a weightlessness that I have never felt in 40 years. Although not forced, I am moving out tonight and just want to thank you for showing me a light beam to follow. I know that I would continue being tortured within had I not met you. As sad as I do feel, I have slept for the last 2 nights secure in the belief that I need to hold onto happy and blissful feelings and safe in the fact that I truly do want to be happy within myself and that the love that I have for Gilly is so much broader than I allowed myself to be exposed to. You rocked my precious wife’s world and I feel the same. I TRULY hope that I create the chance to once again collide with someone I love so much….I can’t get the word FREEDOM out my mind. Thanks Karen…. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Russel”

“If you only knew how timely this message was today….but that is you !!! Right on time when most needed….I am having a day of forgetting who I truly am and now I will stop sinking in the little details and remember to hold the light !!!!! God Bless ! David xxxxx”

“Thank you. I can’t tell you how appropriate these words are for me RIGHT NOW!! Love and thanks,Trypheyna”

“Dear Shinning Light~Karen,Thanking you so much for your messages of rememberance of who we truely are. Your Bliss Full Beings images and angels warm me and inspire me, they look fantastic, as does your Santa!The joy of receiving your messages has helped me tune in to the calling of my heart and has also guided me in meeting beautiful friends~ helping me to keep my heart open and faith full.May each day surprize you and enrich your sences. May each day thrive in abundance with you, Lots of love to those you love and those that love you, Keshes”

“Dear KAren. Thank you for these wonderful messages. I look forward to them every time and absorb them deeply. Heaps of hugs to you both, Irene”

“I am presently in Luxor Egypt. And For a variety of reasons this trip has presented a huge variety of the unexpected. And in the numerous moments of confusion, your emails helped pull me through. So with much love and infinite respect and admiration, I just wanted to thank you. Judy  XOXO”

“Hi Karen, thank you very much for your emails. They have been a blessing for me and for a couple of friends as well. This message was an answer of me deepest prayer so thank you very much.  Love and Light Silvia”

“Dear Karen, thank you for today’s session, just what I needed, I feel so much more positive about everything. Love your house, its good to have you back. LIN.”

“Thanks so much for helping me to remember.  I’m so excited at the thought of moving forward and upward.  My heart is filled and bursting with love today.Oh and I found our new home after the session, I already know It’s perfect.  Blessings, Nicole”

You always answer an unconscious question. It makes me stop, think, breath and enjoy again.  Julie Sanderson

Hi Karen! Thank you so much for your timely gorgeous messages in a challenging day ..It was lovely to meet you also, I recognised your brilliant light.  Bless you, Cristina

Hi Karen, thank you, do you realise every time you send me one of these, that it is exactly what i need at that moment in time!!! this one has actually been on a mind a lot lately.. Jodie

“Her work is connected to source and she connects you to your truth. She is life and she lifts you into life. Open your Heart to her and become one. DARYL GUNTS”

Thank you to everyone who continue to expressed their appreciation, it is such a joy to hear your love. In Gratitude KAren…