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Who Are BlissfulBeings

BlissfulBeings Light Council

Blissful Beings is the name I have given to the wisdom and the higher dimensional collective group consciousness who speak through me. They are a part of my higher self and oversoul. They are a stream of teachers who have an intention to make exalted wisdom more mainstream and a part of our everyday existence. They are changing paradigms and bringing a broader perspective to all, or anyone who wishes to know.

They bring  answers, clarity and insights to our burning questions about life, love and the universe. These teachings are inspired from the questions that have been asked of me through others as well as the questions I have asked of life.

Who are WE really and how can we live  an extraordinary life lined up with our true nature, inner power and eternal well-being?

We offer guidance to activate and re-awaken your soul’s remembrance, you are here to raise the vibration of humanity.” Blissful Beings

Is this channeled information?

I do not call this channelled information, as this description describe something different to the way I teach.  I receive thoughts and insights in response to your asking. You can ask with your words or with your vibration and I will speak directly to the inquiry burning within you. I often hear the wisdom and the analogies for the first time as I speak with people or groups. So I benefit from this as much as you.  I am inspired from my inner-being to tell you stories, that I or someone else has lived, which portrays with a perfect picture, the meaning of the teachings coming through. We often do not remember great wisdom, but we always remember a great story!

What is this phenomenon called channeling?

It is my interpretation of thoughts and inspirations I receive when people ask me questions about how they can feel better and  receive what they desire. This process is the expression of all that I have lived, which has caused me to become a vortex to my desire to communicate exalted wisdom from my broader perspective.

Can everyone do this?

YES, we all have the ability to ask and receive higher guidance available to us, the question is do we want this?

This is what they have to say… Life is supposed to be Good!

You want to live a joyous existence and create the life of your dreams. You know you are a Genius Creator and your good life leads the way for others. Blissful Beings helps you understand how to deliberately use your creative powers to create a world you enjoy living in. Well Being is the only source of life flowing through the Universe. Your Health, Wealth and a Good Life, is all about thinking in a way that allows Well Being to flow…

The Teaching in Brief.

This web site and the teachings of Blissful Beings are about living in harmony with your genius inner self. Blissful Beings helps bring you to an understanding of the powerful universal Law of Attraction. How to live the life of your dreams and experience the wonderful things this magnificent world has to offer. It is an inquiry into life, who we are and what is possible for us when we live with the ageless knowledge that we are all magnificent creators of our own reality.

The Basis of life is Freedom, the purpose of your life is Joy.

We talk about deliberate creation. How to manifest what you want, and how to live joyously. We teach an understanding of your broader perspective, or spiritual self and why you would want a relationship with your spirit. We help clarify the confusion that has been created throughout the ages about the relationship you have with your soul, spirit, broader perspective, source energy, god presence, life and the Universe.

Spirituality and understanding

We teach an understanding of a science based spirituality which has discovered that everything is energy. You are energy, your thoughts are energy the things you want are energy, everything in the universe is energy. This is a vibrational Universe, everything that exists is made up of energy and information. There is an intelligence innate in the energy that has created this magnificent universe and this intelligence is listening to and answering every thought that is conceived. Energy vibrates in a variety of frequencies and is governed by attraction. What does this mean to you and Why this is important to know?

You are a genius creator; you create with every thought.

We have come here to this magnificent physical life existence to enjoy life and experience the fulfillment of our own creations. Be it wanted or unwanted we are creating all the time with our thinking and frequency. We are here because we want to be here, we want to know what else we can create, because we know from our broader perspective that everything is possible. Law Of Attraction gives power to our thoughts. It is our thinking, or beliefs  the Universe is listening and responding to and the feelings attached to our thoughts that is determining or giving us feedback about what vibration we are evoking and what we will be attracting.

Through the powerful LOA we have been given the power to create. But many of us create by default, we are living what we have been giving our attention to. Even if this is unwanted, we are creating all the time. Creation never stops to wait for you to catch up. You are living what you are continually thinking or feeling. You will always know what you are experiencing and which experiences are coming to you by the way you feel. If what you are thinking about feels good, then you are in alignment with what you are wanting. But if what you are thinking about feels bad, then you are in the process of creating something that will feel the same or match the frequency or vibration of your dominant thoughts. It is important to notice what you give your attention to.

Inner feedback system or guidance system

We speak about guidance, allowing you to find clarity in the process of life. We are all guided by our inner self. Every being on this planet has an emotional guidance or emotional feedback system in place which is clearly speaking to you. Feeling good is your guidance speaking to you about how much you are in alignment with your power to create or manifest what you have been asking the universe for. The better you feel the more alignment you have with your inner power. The worse you feel the more you are resisting your power to create.

All your power is in the now

There is only the now to consider when thinking about how to get what you want. Everyone wants to feel good, but most people think feeling good is about getting the things they are asking for. And we say to you, all the power you have to attract or get what you are looking for, physically speaking, is in your ability to feel good NOW. You have the ability to focus in a way which feels good to you right now in this very moment. It may take a journey up the emotional scale, but feeling good now is very possible and you can do it.

Think about it. No one else can control your thoughts, only you have the power to focus your thinking. Only YOU!

As you bring yourself to a good feeling place you will through the powerful law of attraction, bring to you what you have been asking for. You will become a vibrational match to what you have been wanting. We know that everything you are asking of life is because you want to feel good. Or if you are feeling very bad or sick you may be asking to feel better, more at peace, reassured and comforted. And we say to you; the peace is there, the comfort is there within a mind which is in alignment with your soul or source. Think in a way that feels better and you will change the way you feel, attracting a different result in your life. Some people visualise, some speak to angels, some speak to friends, some people pray, some read a funny book or listen to beautiful music. There are many ways to change your vibration. Shifting your vibration to a higher frequency, or better feeling, is the fastest way to attract what you want.

Well Being is the dominant energy in existence

There is only one stream of energy that flows through out the universe, it is the stream of pure positive energy. Some have called it god, some spirit and some have call it the quantum field. It does not matter what it has been called, it is the basis to all life, it is the stuff of the universe which has been called matter. Life is experience by allowing it to flow or not. Good experiences are your ability to allow positive energy to flow and bad experiences are you pinching it off with your thoughts. The more you resist it the worse you feel. The more you relax and allow  the better you feel.

 Eternal Beings and Unlimited Joy

You are all eternal beings, you will live on everlasting after you have done with this particular life experience. There is never any reason to worry if you will ever get what you want as you have eternity to get it right. You have unlimited choice available to you and an unlimited time to play with it. There is immense joy available to you in every area of your life, and a universe to discover, explore and create as you play joyously.

 Why  teach

Blissful Beings wishes to remind you of your brilliance, revitalise your being, replenish your body and expand your visions. We do this not to fix a failing world but because to us this is the most fun we can imagine doing right now. To us nothing feels better than to remind and empower others.

Have fun with all of this, take in only what feels good to you and leave what you do not agree with. We are not wishing to change the beliefs that serve you at this time, we only wish to uplift you and strengthen your connection to the power that has always been yours.

 Love is you… Remember to feel it, Blissful Beings

For personal guidance sessions and readings with KAren & Blissful Beings, please contact us to make a booking  or JOIN the inner sanctum below for monthly group webinars.


A little story of discovery:

As a young seeker of enlightenment travelling the road of personal growth and self-empowerment, I looked for a personal Guru to answer life’s BIG questions and help me make decisions about who I am and what I was doing here on earth. I wanted guidance from a higher perceptive in the form of a teacher, coach or mentor. And so I spent many years searching for this person who was going to see into my soul and know me so completely they could see the truth of who I am and what I have to offer the world and help me travel in the directions of my dreams.

It was on a sweltering summer’s day many years ago, I drove the long distance to a little wooden house in Sydney’s outer western suburbs to sit before the Guru from India who was reported to be the one I was looking for.

His first question to me, as a sat on the corner of a bed in the front of this little house was; “Do you meditate?”

What!  I thought.

How could you ask me this silly question!  Can’t you see into me?  I have been meditating for many years, and HE should know the answer to this! I thought to myself.

More silly questions followed and at the end of our time together, he tried to sell me some meditation beads, which I declined, telling him I had enough distractions in life, meditation for me was a time for no more distractions. It is for me a time to be with my source.

Later during the Indian singing ceremony, the Guru asked me if I could start off the singing, indian mantra’s in his language!

“What part of me looks like I know how to sing in indian ?” I thought to myself shaking my head vigorously and repeating no.

I was so disappointed and confused at the end of the day, once again I didn’t find my Guru. As I drove home I had a serious chat with my inner guidance, blissful beings. The image that came to mind as I spoke to them was a group of beings rolling around laughing so hard, at my confusion and dilemma, they were holding their stomachs for fear they would wet their pants! Choruses of laughter streamed through my mind as I was driving home through the packed peak hour traffic.

“WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?” I said to them and they said to me..

“We have told you many times KAren.. the guidance you are looking for is within.


I started to finally get it that day. I began to really TRUST that I had all I needed to know within me and that I already had an open and clear communication with a higher perspective and life affirming guidance who is clearly and precisely showing me the way to manifest a good life, my life purpose and my dreams.

It is so important to listen to our inner wisdom, it comes to us in so many ways.  This is why I call myself a teacher and NOT a healer. I am passionate about helping people recognise their Guru within and listen to their inner guidance who is guiding them every step of the way to the fulfilment of their dreams.

I am a teacher of Deliberate Creation, but we all are really. When we get in touch with our inner knowing and LISTEN; I mean really listen to our inner wisdom and guidance, in a way that makes a difference to the way we make decisions and how we think. We can never go wrong in life. For when we do, every drama and every stressful situation becomes a gift that puts us back on track on the journey of our grandest life!

The Importance of Feeling Good

“Life, work, the family have me really busy and I don’t have time to follow my bliss.”

When you allow yourself the time to move yourself up the emotional scale toward your bliss, your finances will begin to prosper, your health will flourish, YOU and your family will thrive in new and profound ways!Your business, your relationships, your finances, your health cannot grow beyond your emotional response to them.

Nothing grows beyond your emotional response to it. Through the powerful Law of Attraction everything matches your emotional set-point on every subject that exists. Feel good get healthy. Feel good get wealthy. Feel good and thrive!

There is nothing more important than feeling good!

Feel good and live the rewards.


Love is you, remember to feel it.

Your Greater self, Blissful Beings..

Who Are BlissfulBeings