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Lauren Kurth

Lauren KurthLauren Kurth is a UFO and ET Experiencer, her mission is to facilitate UFO and Extraterrestrial peaceful and enlightened contact events and training evenings, using Lauren’s own personal contact protocols, from her life long experience to expand consciousness and raise awareness of the UFO and Extra-terrestrial interaction with humanity on Earth.

ET AgenderListen to Lauren and I discuss some of her awakening journey and experiences, what it is like to feel and be so different, how we can contribute to humanity when we know we are not from here and how our vibration and frequency makes a difference even when we are not actively doing to help others. Visit Laurens site here.


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Lauren Kurth is a cosmic visionary, public speaker, UFO/ExtraTerrestrial contactee and experiencer, UFO/ExtraTerrestrial CE-5 contact worker and founder and Co-ordinator of her own UFO/ET contact group. A cosmic Sound resonance specialist using 432htz, Hypnotherapist (QHH). Thought field practitioner. Lauren  is passionate about helping humanity open their minds, heal their heart and raise consciousness, as a part of the shift.


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Thought Leader and teacher of Deliberate Creation KAren Swain brings you wisdom from many spiritual teachers, thought leaders, change makers and difference makers on ATP Radio & Media. KAren is here to help you expand your awareness of what is possible and to remind you of your powers to create. KAren teaches from her broader perspective and guides; Blissful Beings.

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Lauren Kurth

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