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Ganga Ashworth: Singing The Self

Ganga Ashworth Ganga Ashworth came into the studios at FM99.3 to sing live on air to us and tell us her  wonderful stories and life journey. Listen to her singing the silver circle aria…
Ganga Karen Ashworth B.Mus.Ed is a dynamic Facilitator and Voice Empowerment Coach with 20 years experience.  A luminary in her field, Ganga has lectured at University in Music Education, and has led workshops at conferences for the Australian Society of Music Educators, the Association of Yoga in Daily Life the Australian National Choral Association, the Anthroposophical Society, and the Goddess Association in Australia. A facilitator at the renowned Petrea King’s “Quest for Life” Foundation. “From the stage to the counselling room,” was how Rachael Kohn on her ABC Radio National program “The Spirit of Things” described the unique way Ganga incorporates “her musical talents, gorgeous voice and facilitating skills to help people facing terminal illness and mothers in childbirth”, learn to use their own voice for healing and personal transformation.

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…………     singingthe self



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