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What I do

What I do

My work on this planet is to align you with your soul’s calling and connect you to your own inner guidance and spiritual team, or mob, as I call them. I  activate, teach and support people who are here to make a difference to our world and the people who abide here.

I call YOU the Difference Makers and the New World Teachers.

I am a teacher of teachers, here to support and help the Difference Makers of our world remember your purpose and connect you to your inner guidance and broader perspective. I  support you in a variety of ways and realign you with your Soul’s purpose and intentions.  I only do this for people who are in alignment with the teachings my guides Blissful Beings bring forth.  I work with many teachers, coaches, singers, musicians, artists, healers, innovators, changemakers, disrupters and people serving humanity and this planet in a multitude of ways.

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How I do it..

I read vibrations and speak with your guides, transform lives, align energy desire & intent, reconnect you to your soul’s purpose and inner Guidance. Transform limiting subconscious belief structures and thought form, and align you with your higher mind.  I also present empowering stories & people on radio. Make films which inspire you to be all you can imagine. Empower and facilitates Self-Empowerment and change for the better.

I am all fired up about this era of the difference makers and watching people come alive with creative life changing ideas and self-empowerment. I love seeing people transform the way they think about themselves and go on to transform others. I just live for those Ahhh Haaa! moments when I speak with people.

I really enjoy creating different ways in which to communicate the message of who we truly are and what is available and possible for us when we are in tune with our true nature of Love energy and infinite possibilities.

I interpret spiritual wisdom into simple and practical ways to live and thrive, and I help people find creative ways in which to do this too.

I love knowing and teaching awareness of our energy alignment, and how this is what matters most when we want to create our dreams and desires.

I influence people’s healing, transformation and powers to create by strengthening my connection to source energy. This connections reminds you of your powerful connection too, and how to be the power to transform any limitation you perceive in your life.

We have an infinite smorgasbord of ways in which to communicate who we are, express our love and empower others to express Love too. We can do this through our art, voice, body, heart, head, hands, connections any pursuit really. There is no limit to how we can express the love we are.

Life is changing rapidly and if we don’t keep up with our dreams we fall into those dull routines of our limiting habitual patterned responses which say, “I am not enough, I can’t make a difference and I can not have what I truly desire.”

We are living in NEW times and the spiritual education and transformative energy available today makes miracles a common occurrence. Amazing spontaneous healing is available and becoming more commonplace today. More people than ever before are allowing their dreams to manifest. We are genius creators and can be, do and have whatever we truly desire when we tap into the energy within us that is the same energy that creates worlds. I relish guiding visionaries like you to find your calling and realize your visions.

I believe the keys to living a JOY filled, Vital and Self-Empowered life is an optimistic attitude, the willingness to take responsibility for our energy and our actions. To Love expansively and receive Love in return. To Forgive ourselves and the past and celebrate all we have lived. Doing things that light us up, tap us into our brilliance and allow our creativity to boundless flow. Having an unquenchable sense of humour. Being OPEN to whatever or whomever comes our way, being unapologetic about who we are, saying YES to everything we are living and drinking in as much of life as we can.

My intention with her radio show is to bridge the gap from dis-empowerment to empowerment.  when people embrace transformational work and then listen to the media, which beats the drum of all that can and does go wrong in the world, this can create great discord within them. The media is a hypnotic tool which is responsible for perpetuating many of the limiting ideas people have about life and what is possible.

When wanting to effect change it is important to focus our powerful attention on messages which promote well-being, transformation and possibility.

Make an Appointment with KAren for a session or a quick chat about how we can help you

Why do you want to see me?

Because you want more, because you want to remember your birthright to be, do and create all you can imagine. Because you feel stuck or unclear about the road ahead and you want to reconnect to your joy, clarity, alignment and purpose.

Because we all need reminding of our greatness, why we have created what we have lived and how to use our power to create the life we dream of. And because you won’t find anyone anywhere in the world who does what I do, but you can come close!

Why I LOVE what I do.

I love to demystify the world of spiritual, psychic and non-physical forces. So few people really understand how all this psychic phenomena and spiritual awareness really works. When I speak to people who talk about seeing psychics or hearing ghosts stories or going to spiritual gurus, channellers, energy healers, Reiki masters, Intuitive life coaches, oh you name it they’re out there! It all seems like a mysterious mindfield, something they can’t or don’t want to understand, when it’s all quite simple really. It’s creative genius, fun and profound. Today this conversation is becoming more and more mainstream as we’re being exposed to the many magical and beautiful ways people are expressing their intuitive, creative  and psychic abilities.

 What I really LOVE  to do is take the psycho babble out of these types of conversations and talk to you about your ability to tap in, turn on and tune into your power to receive guidance and create the world you want to live. To know your power to attract what you want. I’d love to teach you HOW you CAN live the life you want. How you  receive empowering personal messages all the time from your inner being, and how to tap into your creative flow and higher genius.

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