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How to be Successful

How to be Successful

March 2008

Through my work as a transformational teacher of deliberate creation I’ve seen many people create what they want and witnessed many stories of success. But did this bring them the happiness they are wanting to achieve?

Success Stories

Everyone who applies the wisdom of allowing, receives what they want. They get the great job, earn more money, attract better homes, lifestyles, partners, health, business, dream and more, but here’s the thing!  Even after they have what they want, most find they still want something MORE, something better, something new. They want another challenge, more money, more adventure, more life and more new experiences.

We never stop wanting, because we are here to do just that. We come to earth to sift through the variety physical life has to offer and then we identify our personal preferences along the way. When we experience what we do not like or do not want, we give birth to a wish for a better experience. We become desire making machines!

You will find many successful people even though they may have attained all they could dream, still dream of more and may have habitual patterns of thought which will trip them up along the road to creating it, as they identified another dream they want to fulfil. They go into the same frustrated attitudes they had when they were wanting the things they have now. They can experience the same fears and dramas over trying to obtain the new desires, as they did when they first came to me. Why? Because the drama queen or stressful attitude has become a habit of thought.  And this habit of thinking is not going to bring them quickly and easily the new identified desire.

People say to me, their friends look at them and think, ” They have what they want and still they are not happy, they complained for years about wanting a loving partner, or a baby, or good job, or more money, and now they have it, why aren’t they happy?”

What is going on? Why are these people still not happy?

It is because they have not practiced achieving an Attitude of Gratitude as an habitual thought pattern or a Habit of Happiness.

Law of attraction shows us, happiness is the way to get what we want, because when we feel good we become a vibrational match to what we are asking to achieve.

“Everyone wants more because they think fulfilling their next desires will bring them happiness. But happiness is not something to be obtained from the material world, HAPPINESS is who we ARE.”

We do not have to work to be happy, we only have to relax and stop thinking about the things we don’t want. We can do this in a variety of ways;  By thinking nice things that happened in the past, feeling grateful for the great things and people who are in our life now or by dreaming about a bright future… How easy is that!

Think about it: you are happy some of the time, and in those moments of feeling good, you become a vibrational match to  attracting more of what you want.

There have been stories of movie stars who have had amazing lives and careers and seemingly achieved all they have ever wanted, and yet they come out and say they have suffered depression most of their life. How can this be?

They are so used to worrying, they have created a chronic attitude of worry, doubt or frustration and still they managed to create amazing careers. How? Because along the way they had fun and loved what they were doing, albeit they did not do what they loved 24 hours a day. But Life does not demand you be happy 100% of the time to bring you what you want. Life will bring you your desires in those moments of Joy, Gratitude and Bliss. It is up to you how often you want to evoke these feelings and how much of what you want you will let in.

Creating a habit of stress can catch up with you, the more you indulge in stressful thoughts the more you will hate your life , it will feel like you are depressed most the time.

Many people who claim to be depressed all the time,  really only feel bad for a short part of their day or week.  But these times of suffering and disconnection feel like an eternity and get most of our attention.

WHY?  Because this bad feeling is our guidance showing us we are not on track. It is the way our inner-being speaks to us and lets us know what we are doing with our powerful focus and attention. Our bad feelings tells us; we are thinking in a way, or vibrating in a way which leads us in the opposite direction to our dreams.

If we are to receive help from our inner being and guidance from a benevolent source, wouldn’t feeling bad be the BEST way to get our attention? We always notice when we feel bad, and the worse we feel the more it gets our attention. Your guidance system is here to remind you to turn your thinking around and if you do not listen to it, don’t worry it will get stronger.

Stress becomes pain, pain becomes illness, illness becomes a diagnosis and a diagnosis can become a life threatening disease. You can get happy by dying or get happy by deliberately choosing to think in better feeling ways. There is no loser in this game of life. There is the game and the way you play it. You can play it having fun or play it having drama and stress. Only you get to choose which way you’ll play the game of life.

I am not a teacher of success, the universe has all that handled, you are guaranteed to get what you want at some stage. I am a teacher of the laws of life, and it’s up to you to apply them. As the Beetles said; “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans”. Don’t get me wrong, making plans is a very important part of life, we all want something to live into, it is when we stop making plans that life loses its luster, but once we know what we want we need to go about loving the life we have instead of crying over not having what we want.

I have heard many so-called spiritual gurus say that desire is a bad thing because it doesn’t make us happy when we get our wishes, or if it does make us happy we are only happy for a minute then we create another new desires to want and suffer over. They have called this continual wanting; “suffering.” Desire is not suffering, desire is creating and it never ceases. We are creators and the way we create is to experience contrast which stimulates new desire.

Even the enlightenment  ones have desires. They desire stillness, peace, fulfilment, enlightenment and many of them struggle as much to achieve these things as they did to achieve the material things they have denied because wanting them is causing their suffering.

Suffering only occurs when you entertain the thought, “I can NOT have what I want”

The reason this thought feels so bad is because it is Not True, and you feel the discord as negative emotion, or suffering.

If you feel sad a lot, a Habit Happiness has not been your daily routine.  a Habit of stress and searching for what you want,  has been your dominant thought pattern. Thoughts like…”I can’t be happy until I find my perfect partner, or until my child is more respectful of me, or until I get the money I want, the house I want,  the relationship I want, the job I want, the health I want….” And yet, none of these things have the power to give you happiness.  You could have all you  want, but still be unhappy.

It is not until you practiced being happy with yourself, by cultivating an attitude of Gratitude and Joy. Turn your attention from always wanting something you think you can not have, and start to create self-love and appreciation by focusing on what you like about yourself and your life. Then you will really know what it is to be happy.

How do we change our attitude toward ourselves and life? Simply by changing the way you think and focus.

This is something I can support you with. These constant and changing thoughts that are holding you back from a life of joy and easy to change. Doubt,  stress and worry are not in control of YOU.  YOU are in control of the way you think and feel. You are in control of the way you look at your worries and your circumstances. You may not be able to change your life circumstances but you CAN Change your perspective towards your life. And when you do. YOUR life will become Magical!

Resisting the life you have is not going to bring you something better.

You are going to get what you want, it is why we are here.  YOU ARE A CREATOR! But many of you think ONLY when you get what you want you will feel good, and feeling good is available to you right now!

Success is not about getting everything you want, Success is about enjoying what you have.. Happiness is the journey, and the result.

So now that you know this, what are you going to do with your day? Go out there and LOVE somebody. LOOK around at what you do have that you like. Feel Grateful, Dream Big and Have fun and play … YOU ARE LOVED: Remember to feel it..

Enjoy … KAren Swain

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