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Pam’s story

Hi KAren,

How are you? Hope all is well. Just thought you might like this little story…

Was on the phone with Gill yesterday and she called me a secret weapon. I thought that was fabulous! There’s a t-shirt in that! So I wrote ‘secret weapon’ on my note pad.

This morning I had a voicemail from a potential new client and I wrote his name and number on my notepad, right under ‘secret weapon’.

I rang the guy and he said he has a nice brand that’s doing well, called secret weapons… I said, hold on, what did you just say it’s called? He said, secret weapons.

I said, you’re not going to believe this, but a client called me a secret weapon yesterday and I wrote it on my notepad, and this morning I’ve written your name and number on the same piece of paper, right under secret weapon. He laughed!! I said, I think I should hang up right now! Ha ha. Of course I didn’t. Was too good a conversation.

So, I’m feeling a LOT better these days. Thank you again for your help!!

Hope you’re having a fab Friday!  🙂


Pam  x

what we focus on grows

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