weekly 12 session program.

KAren SwainDear friends, I would like to let you know about a new program I’m running in 2016, just in case you know someone who might need some support and/or Transformation this year.

I only have a few spaces free to take on new clients at the moment. As you know I do one-on-one guidance sessions and readings with people on specific issues and people wanting to understand their relationship with their non-physical self and broader knowing. What you may not know is that I also assist people deal with the challenges of life over a weekly 12 session period.

What this does, is provides ongoing transformational assistance in helping the person create new ways of being and new behaviours, dealing with recurring thoughts and breaking habits and ways of being free from the past = SOUL CONNECTION; MORE JOY & TRANSFORMATION !!! 

The three programs I offer are:


1.    New Beginnings

You are at the beginning of a new chapter of your life. It might be by choice, or it might not. How you deal with it will determine how much ease and grace there is or how hard it will be. There are things you know and there are things that you don’t about the world you are moving into. In this program you will be able to explore that world and your beliefs, thoughts and attitudes and check if they are the best for you to create great results. You will have the opportunity to see, think, feel, know and understand how you can operate at your best and transform into that. You don’t have to be lost or blind or scared of this new world, you can confidently adjust and shift yourself to be able to master it and have fun doing it.

People who would benefit from this program are:

Women want to start a family.

People who wish to create more health and well being.

People who have been given a life sentence from their doctor and wish to reacquaint themselves with their power to heal and stay well.

People who have recently lost a loved one or are about to

People recently separated of divorced

People just received redundancy or retrenchment

People starting a new relationship or wanting to cause a new relationship

People starting new jobs, ventures or wanting to create new ways in which to promote their product services, or themselves.


2.    Going to the Next Level

How do you change yourself or your circumstances for the better?

Many people get stuck or comfortable with where they are, doing what they are doing. If you are one of them and want more, this program is for you. Over a 12 session program, you will transform the major areas of your life that you believe are holding you back and create the next level in them. This is all about working with own limitations and beliefs and then creating possibility around you in your current work, life, family, career, health and wealth.

People who would benefit from this program are:

A person in relationship that has stagnated or is lifeless.

People that have not advanced in their career for a while or who have missed out on being promoted.

People wanting to change careers or vocations.

People starting a business or a new venture.

People who want to see what they are really capable of.

People who want to know their power to attract or create their desires.


3.    Law of Attraction and Emotional Guidance

People love the work I do which is in alignment with the teachings of Abraham/ Esther & Jerry Hicks and the Law of Attraction and Byron Katie: ‘The work’. In this 12 session program we will dive into all areas of your life and start attracting better Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality, Career, Family. You will learn how to fully apply the Law of Attraction so that it’s second nature. It will be part of your thinking and way of life. The benefit too is that while you are doing the program, you will attract even more into these areas.

People who would benefit from this program who want to attract and create more:

Money – you want some, more or more than enough !

Health – Better well-being,  reduce or get rid of a dis-ease or illness.

Career – attracting opportunities and recognition

Clarity — How to get clear about your internal Guidance System.

Intuition — Develop your intuitive and psychic skill.

Connection – Create an intimate relationship with your spirit guides and higher self.

Exceptional Well Being…

Fee for the 12 session program is $2,000 (inc GST)

Payment plans $700 per month  or  $200 per week JOIN below


Payment Options

FREE 15 minute assessment/reading available by SKYPE or PHONE to see if this fits with you

Call 0414321432..  to book in. 

If you or someone you know would like to work in one of these areas with me, then call me now as it will go on a first come first serve basis. 


One-on-one personal session .. $250     click here to buy now.

I am Happy to work on a specific issue with you in one session, although the packages are much better value and you receive on going support and guidance.

What I DO?

I lovefluids to demystify the world of spiritual, psychic and non-physical forces. So few people really understand how all this psychic phenomena and spiritual awareness really works. She speaks to people who talk about seeing psychics or hearing ghosts stories or going to spiritual gurus, channellers, energy healers, Reiki masters, Intuitive life coaches, oh you name it they’re out there! It all seems like a mysterious minefield, something they can’t or don’t want to understand, when it’s all quite simple really. It’s creative genius, fun and profound. Today this conversation is becoming more and more mainstream as we’re being exposed to the many magical and beautiful ways people are expressing their intuitive, creative  and psychic abilities.  What she really LOVES  to do is take the psycho babble out of these types of conversations and talk to you about your ability to tap in, turn on and tune into your power to receive guidance, health, peace, happiness, Joy and create the world you want to live. To know your power to attract what you want. Karen loves to teach HOW you CAN live the life you want. How you receive empowering personal messages all the time from your inner being, and how to tap into your creative flow and higher genius.

Read more here http://karenswain.com/home/


What people say about working with KAren Swain

“Karen has helped me in so many ways through her sessions with me that my friends and family have commented on my new healthier way of life. I have tried all the obvious forms of therapy with some results but none have been as effective as she has. So I highly recommend her 2 anyone out there looking for a better quality of life – she is the real deal and I cannot be more grateful. ” Karen Norman


I have been through a very difficult time lately with a relationship breakup and work and have been healing and processing and its been a great growing time for me – what has helped and only of late because ‘i got it’…… every time I felt myself go down and start to rant and all that stuff, when I caught myself and consciously changed my thinking and started focusing on feel good feelings, I actually can say I now can change my state. So THANKYOU for the gift you have given to me!!! I feel excited about the future and my wonderful new life that is unfolding. God bless you and thank you!! xxx Sue ”


 “Quite a while ago I did your deliberate creation course….with great success – I really believed it help me attract my partner and in-built family that I now enjoy and have for 5 and 1/2 years…..and help my thinking/emotions etc….. I would love to do the course again, hope you are well and glad you are still doing this – I was just on the net searching about self esteem and thought of how good I felt when I was doing your course!! thank you – to you and the universe!!” – regards Jenny Doyal


Looking forward to hearing from you soon

BIG Love KAren Swain

Teacher Deliberate Creation