Private Sessions with KAren

KAren Swain

This is your invitation to Self Empowerment and Freedom.

‘Your problems are an Invitation to Enlightenment’  Who would you be without your stressful thoughts?

A Private session with KAren is about revelling YOU and Your power to Create the Life you want.

KAren tunes into her higher self and the sub-conscious beliefs within you that are sabotaging you from believing you can be, do and have all you desire, and then with KAren’s expert guidance you transform these outdated limiting beliefs into more empowered beliefs which align you with your true Empowered self.

These sessions allow you to return to a feeling of freedom, confidence and clarity about your ability to achieve your desires and live the life you know you can live.  Set in a relaxing beautiful and comfortable environment KAren and Blissful Beings answer your questions from a place of expanded awareness, allowing you direct access to your future, your power , the source energy that made you and the Well Being that is you.

You are a Genius Creator, you are Creative and you are Creating with every thought. This Life is your opportunity to expand the awareness of the immensely creative energy that flows to you and through you.”Each session is an empowering experience of profound insight about you and life. A direct experience of the brilliance and wisdom that you are. Healing occurs from a level of acceptance and understanding that many gifts are available through the choices we are making now.


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Life Changing, Easy, Empowering, it Works.


“Hi KAren from Kathy, I hope all is well with you, things are going well for me, our meeting in Sydney was soooooo helpful, it helped shift a lot of my thinking that just wasn’t serving me, thank you again so much, Kathy!!”

“Wow, what can I say that I guess you don’t already know and believe in? At the end of my time with you, I experienced a weightlessness that I have never felt in 40 years. Although not forced, I am moving out tonight and just want to thank you for showing me a light beam to follow. I know that I would continue being tortured within had I not met you. As sad as I do feel, I have slept for the last 2 nights secure in the belief that I need to hold onto happy and blissful feelings and safe in the fact that I truly do want to be happy within myself and that the love that I have for Gilly is so much broader than I allowed myself to be exposed to. You rocked my precious wife’s world and I feel the same. I TRULY hope that I create the chance to once again collide with someone I love so much….I can’t get the word FREEDOM out my mind. Thanks Karen….I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Russel”

“Dear KAren, Thank you for this most wonderful answer to my questions. I do love my life and the opportunity to be here on the planet at this time, offering all I have to anchor light and love. Your suggestions offer me ways to achieve even more focus. I am so grateful. Love, Ann”

” Dear KAren, I am not sure if I can reply to a group email….but here goes ! I absolutely love and look forward to these weekly reminders…. this one made me truly LOL ! Thankyou for setting up this web page and sharing these life giving and affirming inspirations with us all Much love and appreciation….Bev”

Thank you, karen, for helping me make peace with what is…. It is something i have intended to do every moment of this week. I have alarmed my iphone every hour to make a small list of positive aspects no matter what that could be. I used to be really good at positive aspects before and i want to get back into that mode of thinking and feeling. The contrasts that i have experienced have been beneficial for me as they have given me the opportunity to shore up my vibration of who i really am and remind me that nothing is more important in this world than how i feel. Hope you have a great day and see you next week….. Karen Agar”