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Bliss Blog

meIs is my intention to do more sharing this year so I gave myself a challenge to write a blog, kinda like a small diary, each day for 30 days at the beginning of the year.. So here goes….




These are a few questions from Edie Weinstein who writes a weekly Bliss Blog 

Edie: This is a perfect connection since you call your guides Blissful Beings. How did you and they come to connect?

KAren: Of course we are all, always connected and guided from our inner-being, or guides, or our broader perspective, or source energy, and this is called our emotions… but the recognition of this guidance is the story most people find so fascinating. The question could be, how did I recognise and start listening eagerly to my guidance, or when did I start calling my guidance Blissful Beings?”

I have always had a two way conversation going on in my head, as does everyone, but I have been intensely curious about how life works ever since I can remember. The questions I was asking were along the lines of: “why are we here, where did I come from, what is my purpose, what is the meaning to life? what happen when we die? ect….” and even though I was given the answers many times from within, I was not listening to myself, to the thoughts in my own head, I was searching for the answers out side myself.

I read all manner of self help and spiritual books, I went to many healers, gurus, psychics, seminars on healing, energy and enlightenment. I was constantly looking and asking, asking, asking and not listening to my own thoughts. Then one day I read the book “Conversation with God.” by Neil Donald Walsch.

When I stated reading the CWG books I found that as Neil was asking the questions to god I was receiving the answers before I had time to read them on the page. Often I would put down the book and just listen to the conversation going on in my head, and I would ask more questions, to which I would receive profound and life changing answers. It was fantastic and felt so very natural to me to have this conversation within, and I realised while I was so busy going around looking for answers, I always had this connection to an infinitely wise broader self, who had been trying to communicate to me for years. Well all my life, only I didn’t TRUST my own thoughts or that I had exalted wisdom flowing through me. I thought I had to find an enlighten one to show me the way…..

Once I realised I am are connected to the wisdom of the universe and I can turn it on any time I want, I stopped asking questions and stop reading self help and spiritual books. There is nothing someone can tell me that I can’t access myself form within. If I have a question, the answer comes. Except maybe for subject that I’m not interested in, like motor mechanics. The answers only comes to things I WANT to know about. That’s how we draw to us every thing in life. Our asking summons that which is asked, and we are usually only asking for things we want to know about. This is the nature of Law of Attraction. “ASK, then get out of the way, and It is given.”

I call this connection to my source, “Blissful Beings” because as I feel my guidance it feels like a huge mob of beings with no particular name identity or personality. A stream of infinite blissful conciseness. The name bliss hit me when I opened a furniture shop in my twenties. I called it Bliss because surrounding myself with beautiful things felt, to me like Bliss. After I closed it Bliss stayed with me and I called my healing practice Blissful Beings. I thought it had two meanings, we all want to be blissful and who we are is a being of bliss….


Edie: What ideas do they/you share?

KAren: They only share ideas that interest me, and the thing I have been most interested in since I hit the planet is “How do I get what I want ?” or “HOW DO I CREATE MY OW REALITY?” The answers to this come in extraordinarily varied ways. There is only one answer really, with a million different ways in which to say it…


Edie: How can we reframe delivery of those messages in ways that people are more mainstream in their spiritual beliefs can understand?

KAren: Another fantastic question Edie. This is something I am passionate about. To make life affirming profound exalted spiritual wisdom available in a language that is understandable and accessible to the masses. I find it all very simple really and I want to present it in simple ways, with easy language, which is what I do and how I teach when speaking in a gathering. I teach from my personality, with my vocabulary. It never sounds like I am being given the answers, it always sounds just like Karen blabbing on with another story… but here is the power in what I do. It’s all about the story…. Most people remember a story, they may not remember the details but they always remember the message. And this is how I teach. People ask me questions, or i tune into (feel) what they are wanting to know, as not everyone knows exactly how to ask, and I am reminded, by my inner-being, of a story that will illustrate the message they are looking for. Or sometimes I just talk about how it all happens, and I learn as much as the ones listening. I do not call this channeling, because this label conjures an image which is about something or someone out side of self projecting into us and talking through us. which is so not what happens. All channeling is connection to the energy of thought, or connection to our inner-being or higher self which is pure positive thought in its most sublime form, translated through the mind and the personality of the speaker.

I am given thoughts that I, at a deep level, translate into words, stories, teachings and insights. But the quality of the answer always relates to the amount of wanting, or desire, from the asker.

Someone asking a question who is not really interested in what I have to say, will draw little and flat information from me, but someone passionate about knowing will draw brilliance.

It is a bit like your questions Edie. I sat down to brows over them after a busy day, not intending to answer them right now, but as I read, the information is coming so fast I had to put fingers to keyboard. Before I could finish the thought, ” what will I write, the writing came… It is the power of your asking and the passion you hold for what you do that is summoning ….

It is just too exciting .When this happens, the energy comes so fast it can be a bit mind blowing, literally. And sometime I stumble over my words, for I can’t get them out quick enough to keep up with the speed of the knowing. I find I loose thoughts as the ones after them are coming so fast I can’t keep up. But it’s fun and so exciting. Really Edie it’s the best fun I can have standing up!!! That is why I do what I do. This is the only reason anyone should do what they do, because when life lights us up, this is our higher self saying to us, “You are on purpose, you are on tract with the meaning of your life… You are fulfilling your intentions or a desire within you”

And this is why we are here …. To allow the contrast of this magnificent time space reality, to evoke new desires within us, and then to find our way back into alignment with source so that the desires may be fulfilled. What is alignment with source ?? FEELING GOOD!


Edie: Can you speak about the genius creator concept?

KAren: Everything in life is Energy. There is nothing in the universe that is not. Science has shown us that the stuff life is not stuff, it is all energy and information swirling around in a infinite universe. There is a power that is directing this energy, some have called this power “Gods power on earth.” I call it “thought.”

Every being on the planet, including the animals, is creating their own reality from the the thoughts they are thinking. Thought holds vibration and vibrations are attractive in nature. Like vibration attracts similar vibrations. And so because we are thinking all the time, even when we sleep, we are attracting all the time and creating the life we see around us.

We are the writers, producers and directors of the movie called ” My life” and everyone we encounter is playing a roll in our movie. When we are deliberate with our thinking by choosing thoughts that hold a good feeling vibration, we will attract more good feeling things into our life. We have been given a navigation system to guide us through life and this system is our emotions. E-Motion is energy in motion. Our emotions are constantly communicating to us what Vibrations we are emitting. When we emit a vibration that will attract things we do not want, we feel negative emotion. When we are on track to achieving our dreams, and connected to the energy source, we feel it as positive emotion…

We are always creating, we are always evolving and expanding … We are all Genius Creators, for we hold the power of manifestating energy into physical form with our focus. We have an awesome power that few are aware of, and even the aware ones seldom take responsibility for it…


Edie: What is deliberate creation?

KAren: When we understand that every thought we have creates our reality, it will be important to understand that we are the creator of the thoughts! We are the ones in control of how we think and feel. No one and nothing has the power to think for us, no one can choose our thoughts, this is a power that is giver solely to us.

If we are creating, or attracting all the time by the nature of the thoughts we think, then it would stand to reason that it would benefit us profoundly to be deliberate with the thoughts we choose. We call this “Deliberate Creation.” Napoleon Hill called this “a spiritual power.” this ability to choose thought…. He said

“Regardless of how many times we have failed in the past, whatever the mind can conceive and believe we can achieve.”

He called this ability to be deliberate with our thinking “the greatest power in the universe. Greater than poverty, greater then the lack of education, greater than all our fears and superstitions combined. The power to take possession of our own mind and direct it to what ever ends we may desire.” “A profound law by which we can chose our vocation in life and achieve it.”

He was indeed a wonderful way shower toward the evolution of an empowered humanity, just like you Edie. We are on this fantastic ride called accelerated expansion of awareness of who we REALY are and what we are capable of. We are all part of the expansion, and I JUST love it… don’t you?

I have to say I have really enjoyed writing to you. There is always many ways to communicate Love..

Much Love… KAren Swain

If you would like to know more about KAren click; My story, A Conversation


The JOY of Deliberate Creation.

Our Source Is One of Love