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Join  KAren Swain, teacher of Deliberate Creations  each week as she shares stories of Love, Success, Transformation, Enlightenment and how we Make a Difference. Accentuate the Positive is not just a name, it’s a way to live our life. KAren speaks with some of today’s most Inspired Minds, Thought Leaders, Change Makers, Difference Makers, Conscious Musicians and Conscious Leading Edge Teachers.  ATP Podcasts are highlights from KAren’s  show on Soul Traveller Radio .com  KAren plays a mix of positive/conscious music, supports charitable organizations, interview fascinating people, previews conscious music events and has a whole lotta FUN! 

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We’re transforming lives by creating a positive impact through media. Many of the limiting ideas we hold about who we are and what is possible are perpetuated through our mainstream media outlets. It is important to feed ourselves a healthy media diet to live a happy life and uplift our world.

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“Hi Karen, what a great idea and excellent info you have on your radio program. Stumbled upon 99.3 while scanning a couple weeks ago and heard your happy voice. Great to have such uplifting and fun stuff.  Kevin”


Inspiring radio, podcast and youtube films dedicated to presenting stories of upliftment which create conscious expansion and a positive impact. The world’s changing and we’re on the transition team making the world better for each other. 😀

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 “Hi Karen, I would love to be more In tune with the universe and it’s magic. You are a beautiful being and have inspired and entertained me with you radio show. I’m on the Gold Coast, I love that with digital radio I can tune into you up here. I have gone through your old shows and wish you would store more of them. Thank you for being you. Love and blessings Kim xx”

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