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Accentuate the Positive RadioInspiring radio with stories creating conscious expansion and a positive impact. The world’s changing and we’re on the transition team making the world better for each other. ūüėÄ

Join ¬†KAren Swain, teacher of Deliberate Creations¬†¬†as she shares stories of Love, Success, Transformation, Enlightenment and Making a Difference. Accentuate the Positive is not just a name, it’s a way to live your life.

KAren has spoken with some of¬†today‚Äôs¬†most Inspired Minds, Thought Leaders, Change Makers, Difference Makers, Conscious Musicians and Conscious¬†Leading¬†Edge Teachers. Meet them and hear¬†their insights and¬†their¬†wonderful life¬†stories¬†below.¬†¬†ATP¬†Podcasts are highlights from KAren’s three-hour Radio show in Sydney on FM99.3 each week when she plays positive music, supports charitable organizations, interview fascinating people, previews conscious events and has a whole lotta FUN!

KAren’s¬†is transforming lives by creating a positive impact through our media.¬†Many of the limiting ideas we hold about who we are and what is possible for us are perpetuated through our mainstream media. It is important to feed ourselves a healthy media diet.

Being a guest on ATP Radio 

I do my show as an extension of the work I do in the world as a spiritual channel and teacher of Deliberate Creation with my guides Blissful Beings.   I speak with Thought Leaders and Difference Makers who are a part of the expansion of the consciousness of our world.

If you would like to be a guest on ATP Radio, I want to know what lights you up!¬† How your story will impact my audience and WHY you do what you do. Please email me your BIO and a picture of you and How you feel you are transforming our world for the better¬†….. email your story me here¬†

Saturdays 8 to 11 AM on FM 99.3

Sundays & Wednesdays 7 PM on Soul Traveller Radio Sydney, London, LA

NOW on iTunes,  Soundcloud,  Tune in , Mixcloud,   Stitcher Radio

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“Hi Karen, what a great idea and excellent info you have on your radio program. Stumbled upon 99.3 while scanning a couple weeks ago and heard your happy voice. Great to have such uplifting and fun stuff. ¬†Kevin”

WANT to be a part of changing the face of mainstream media to more Empowered, Useful and Life Affirming Messages?  Be a  Sponsor of  ATP Radio.

Call 0414321432 or email KAren.  This is a WIN WIN opportunity for Everyone!


Meet the Team

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Join KAren each Saturday from 8 to 11 AM for Breakfast on FM99.3

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NOW KAren is on Soul Traveller Radio Sunday Nights 7- 8 pm



¬†“Hi Karen, I would love to be more In tune with the universe and it’s magic.¬†You are a beautiful being and have inspired and entertained me with you radio show.¬†I’m on the Gold Coast, I love that with digital radio I can tune into you up here.¬†I have gone through your old shows and wish you would store more of them.¬†Thank you for being you. Love and blessings¬†Kim xx”