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ATPRadioMe99.3Join KAren each Sat morning breaky broadcasting  inspiring stories creating a positive impact with fab interviews, reviews,  guest, good vibe music & profound conversation about Life, Love and the Universe. The worlds is changing and we’re on the transition team making the world better for each other

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   John Essen Living          Mirva the Singer        Glen Millanta         Suzi Evans   

“Hi Karen, what a great idea and excellent info you have on your radio program. Stumbled upon 99.3 while scanning a couple weeks ago and heard your happy voice. Great to have such uplifting and fun stuff.  Kevin”

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 Hi Karen, I would love to be more In tune with the universe and it’s magic. You are a beautiful being and have inspired and entertained me with you radio show. I’m on the Gold Coast, I love that with digital radio I can tune into you up here. I have gone through your old shows and wish you would store more of them. Thank you for being you. Love and blessings Kim xx








Listen to highlights below.

The world wants your intuition…

MirvaJoin KAren and Mirva for an inspired and fun show.

India Arie has something to say about learning to follow her intuition.

PamBradburyPsychic / medium Pam Bradbury joins us in the studio with her wisdom & insights.

Sting talks about being a real man.

Deepak Chopra and Oprah have a chat about the power of mediation. Deepak also talks with neuroscientist Rudy Tanzi about where memory and consciousness is stored.

Robert Kirby, transformational educator, calls in to talk about intuition.

How to write a book in 40 hrsKAren calls Getrude Matshe in Wellington New Zealand to talk about being in the creating flow and writing a book in 40 hours.

 WOW  What a show Enjoy!!

Personal Branding. What’s YOUR STORY?

Listen to highlights below.

The world wants your Crazy

How do you put yourself out there? It’s ALL about PERSONAL BRANDING.

We have Deborah Shepherd and Susie Wells with us in studio who have left the corporate to pursue their passion to help, heal, uplift and enlighten, and are putting on a Embrace Life Live Life expo 

Michael Norton says… Money CAN buy you happiness, it’s all about HOW you spend it..

Michael Margolis: Talks about WHY YOUR Bio is the New Resume. Soul Pancake talks about TRUE LOVE.

John Raatz from GATE (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) Talks abut the new paradigm in Media and Entertainment.

Mary van de WielQ & A with Mary Van de Wiel Personal Branding Expert calls in  to answer questions about how you can best sell your story, talents, products and services. ENJOY!

Life is EASY

Listen to highlights below.

Marc Allen New World Library

Marc AllenToday we take it easy with Marc Allen, musician, author and co-founder of New World Library. (The Lazy Millionaire Guru with a Z type personality)

We had a really wonderful chat, filled with inspirational and sound advise and wisdom.

Also Bob Hughes from News You Can Use stops by to chat about finding our core values and making decision about what we want and how we are going to create this from the insights into who we really are.

What a Fab show, ENJOY!!

The Magic of Appreciation

Listen to highlights below.

Education & Consciousness

Today on the show Max Strom talks about how we have no app for happiness.

Are children educated about how to find their passion and how to get happy? NO.

We chat with John Eussen from Eussen Living who gives us some tips on colouring our world.

KAren also chats with Vicky Condon about her organisation ‘Raise’, A mentoring foundation for young people who are lost and confused…

Geordie Williamson Literary critic of the Australian News Paper calls in to chat  about his fab first book; The Burning Library:



Laura Be fit wrote from Paris: 
I love your shows Karen!  I am listening to them all the way from PARIS! :)
Thanks for doing this!  And I love the work of Byron Katie & Esther too :). I love your voice, it sounds so clear and fluid when you speak, I love it!  Love Laura”
Karen, really enjoying your show this morning. Was having a terrible morning. Decided to tune in and your show made me feel a lot better. You obviously put heaps of work into it. Good stuff!  Sam Hunt.”
 Your show is pure energy!  Every time I feel a little down  I tune into Blissful Beings and your empowering voice :)   With Luv from France, Nicolas Berthou”

The Gift of Acceptance

Listen to highlights below.

Ian Gawler and Janine Shepherd

Mind Body Expert  Ian Gawler is one of our guest on the show today. A Cancer survivor for over 37 years, Ian has been enlightening people around the world to the power we have to create the life we want in our health ad well being…

We also speak with the inspirational Janine Shepherd about her wonderful Ted x talk in Kansas city this year, and her new book ‘The Gift of Acceptance’.

This is a really Powerful show,


To Listen to their full interviews click here

Quest for Life

Listen to highlights below.

Petrea King


Listen to my wonderful chat with Petrea King founder of the Quest for life foundation.

Petrea is a bright star in the world of self help and healing, she has received the Advance Australia Award, Citizen of the Year and the Centenary Medal for her contribution to the community, she has been nominated for Australian of the year each year since 2003, she was also featured in channel 9′s television show  ’This is your life.’

Listen to the complete interview here

Open Heart Surgery

Listen to highlights below.

Family Harmony

We are doing some Open heart surgery today on the show. We hear from Byron Katie speaking to a woman finding peace around the complaints she has with her husband.

Iyanla Vanzant, who is one of Orarh’s favourite teachers.

Miss Edwina; What’s on for the school holidays.

Bob Hughes from News You Can Uses gives us some peals of wisdom.

And I speak with a young up and coming film Maker/Director Max Hemmings about his latest project. ‘You Take the High Road

Peace Angels

Listen to highlights below.

Antoinette Sampson


Angelic Saturday with Antoinette and the Peace Angel. We invited Antoinette Sampson back on the show to share her wonderful up dates with the Peace Angels. Hear Antoinette’s fascinating story and where she is with her Angels.  So much wonderful news.

Antoinette’s husband Rob Sampson shares his new song of peace.

Maurizio Vespa share a story about the Fairies in Iceland and Kevin Tan tell us an Angelic story. Enjoy!

Overcoming Obstacles

Listen to highlights below.

Love what is & Go with the Flow


Kevin Tan and Maurizio Vespa are with me today and together we discuss how the drama’s and the disruptions in life are an important part of our internal growth and expansion.

Join us for some wonderful stories of people who overcame the prison of the mind to find new ways of living and being in the world.


We hear from Dr Joe Dispenza, Byron Katie, Nic Laidlaw, our body balance expert and much more..


Listen to highlights below.

Why do we dream?

What do our nightly dreams mean to our daily lives.

Maurizio Vespa joins us in the studio to discuss why we dream.  Esther Hicks, the teachings of Abraham, enlightens us about the meaning of our dreams & Leon Nacson, Australia’s dream coach, shares some great dream advice. Also we hear from Deepak Chopra, what do dreams mean, and Tim Little , our new Tech adviser, chats with us about whats happening in the App world, on the web and with computers.

Listen to Jack Canfield’s manifestational advice.

Miss Edwina chats with us about whats on.We hear from  Claudette Wadsworth with more nutritions Health tips. Enjoy …

Flying High

Listen to highlights below.

Richard Bach

 Listen to Jane Arakawa from  ‘The Long way Home’  Thursdays 4-7 pm on FM99.3 and me, KAren Swain, chat with Richard Bach.

We teamed up  as Jane held a deep desire to talk with Richard, and so when he agreed to have a chat with me on Accentuate the positive Radio, Jane simply had to be there.

Wow what a wonderful time we had, what an amazing man. So filled with wisdom, grace, love and knowledge, and what fun he had talking with the two of us. This is Richard’s web siteTo Listen to the whole chat uninterrupted go here

Nic Laidlaw joins us with some Body Balance tips, Claudette Wadsworth with nutritions tips and more…


Listen to highlights below.

Are you a Hopeaholic? And Pithy Poems

Jon Lemon (Jon Hawley) Joins me in the studio to delight us with his very special magic, his Pithy Poems. www.jonlemon.com.au/

He reads from his magical book  Pithy Poems  making us laugh and wonder.. What a JOY!  Listen to full chat with Jon here

Also I have a beautiful chat with Marie Lavoie Lady of Hope in Canada who has started a movement ‘Hopeaholics. Listen to Marie’s Vision and dreams for the future. Go here for full chat with Marie

Bob Hughes from NEW you can Use joins us again to talk about the optimist bias and if it is a good idea to be hopeful all the time.. Go here for all our chats with Bob

We are Limitless Beings.

Listen to highlights below.

Our Genetics make-up does NOT determine our health and well-being

Listen to Dr Bruce Lipton and Wayne Dyer discuss how we are powerful beyond all doubt and measure. Hear how Esther Hickes (The teachings of Abraham) talks to a beggar. Miss Edwina with ‘Whats on in Sydney’ as well as our Naturopath Claudette Wadsworth with some nutrition and health tips

Perception is EVERYTHING!

Listen to highlights below.

What an Amazing show

We hear Add man Rory Sutherland views on perception. Very funny and poignant, what great insight.

Tali Sharot  ‘The Optimism Bias

Listen to Tali’s Ted Talk, hear her explain why being optimistic is good for your health as well as being the blessings of life..

Dr Joe Dispenza

What an amazing man…I saw him speak in Sydney recently. Dr Joe is one of the most fluid speakers I have ever seen. He knows his wisdom and delivers it with precise and easy to understand language… I recommend his teaching and his new book.

We also chat with Bob Hughes from NEWS you can Use, he enlightens us with his special knowledge and wisdom about perception. We also hear from Nic Laidlaw our body Balance man, and our new Naturopath  Claudette Wadswoth joins us with some great health tips..   ENJOY! I did.

Beauty and Passion

Listen to highlights below. 

LIVE Your Passions

We celebrate Beauty and Passion today on the show. Listen to some sublime teacher like Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and more talk about Law of Attraction, living your pasion and manifesting your desires.

We also talk to two very passionate men living the life they Love. Nick Hamond from Smooth Jazz  Saturdays at midday on  FM99.3. Nick has been presenting a sublime mix of smooth music to the public for the past 22 years in the name of love and passion.

We aslo tune in with John Walker on his journey through Australia on his push bike, and have a chat with Nic Laidlaw our boby balance guru about enjoying the beauty around us… ENJOY!

Money and Success

Listen to highlights below.

News you Can Use.

It’s all about the money today, how do we attract it, how do we become a vibrational match to it, why we want it, and more.

Attract Money/ Abraham Hicks

We hear from Esther Hicks the teachings of Abraham  about how to have a totally positive and empowered perception of money.

Bob Hughes joins us again from NewsYouCanUse.org with some fascination insight into our attitudes towards money.

Nic Laidlaw talks about the importance of attitudes of health vs money.

We check in with John Walker on his epic bike journey to raise money for a cure for MS and much more. ENJOY!

The Difference Makers

Listen to highlights from our 3 hr LOA Saturday morning breakfast show below..

John Walker

My guest in the studio today is John Walker one of FM99.3 and Accentuate the Positive’s avid listeners. He is making a difference in the lives of other by riding his push bike from Manly to Broken Hill to raise money for research to find a cure for MS. An epic journey. Listen to his story and his wisdom

Support JOHN by donating here

Making a difference in the world is a vibration many people are tuning into, especially the younger generation. Listen to our wonderful show about the difference makers.

Who is making a difference in your life, and how are you making a difference in the lives of others

Intuition & Emotional Guidance

Listen to highlights below.

News you CAN USE

with Bob Hughes and Walking the Labyrinth with Emily Simpson

Learn how to use your emotional guidance system to show you the path to more enjoyment of life and to show you the path to your dreams. Nothing is more important than being tap into the way you feel and knowing how to focus in a way that feels good. We aslo chat with Emily Simpson about finding more clarity when walking the labyrinth.

And Bob Hughes from News you can use has a fascinating chat with me about his intention to present more insightful and poignant news.

Nic Laidlaw our Body Balance Guru lets us know who made a difference his life and why

Life after Life

Listen to highlights below. 

We are LIFE Eternal!

My guests in the studio today are Tryphena McShane, co-author of “the Intimacy of Death & Dying.”

PamBradbury Psychic/ Medium  and amazing teacher of joy and wisdom, and Karen Rodregus Radio Presenter of Breakfast in Bed. Together we discuss how we are life eternal, the magic that can become available to us when we let go and go with  the flow of the ending of life, and how to find our joy again after we loose a loved one.

Hear some beautiful and shocking stories of the way in which some of us have made our transition. And our gorgeous Kevin Tan shares a magic near death or death experience from Mellen-Thomas Benedict

His Holiness The Dalai Lama has stated “The World will be saved by the Western Woman”

The Power of Change

Listen to highlights from our 3 hr LOA Saturday morning breakfast show below..

Guy M Saunders, Ashley Wood, Emily Simpson

What a wonderful show, we have two inspiring men in the studio who tell their incredible life stories of courage and wisdom. Listen to my chat with Guy M Saunders, a young man who 6 years ago, experienced a diving accident leaving him a quadriplegic. Hear how he overcame the medical paradigm of ‘you will never walk again’ to now walking, surfing, climbing mountains and inspiring others..

And Voice-over artist Ashley Wood, shares his inspirational story of reviving his passion to be in radio in a view to overcoming crippling back pain.

Aslo I play the frist part of my wonderful chat with ‘The Lady of the Labyrinth’ Emily Simpson... Stay tuned next week for more of Emily’s amazing journey with Labyrinths..

Contributing to others

Listen to highlights below.

Tom Shadyac’s vision for the future

Today we discuss how contributing to others is about the best fun we can have standing up.

We are all connected, some have said we are all one. So when we uplift, help and contribute to others we feel that connection and it is sublime.

Listen to my guest in the studio Narelle Hand talk about the joy she receives working with The NSW Women’s Refuge Movement’

And we hear the end of my chat with Tom as he talks about  the Law of Attraction, his vision for the future…



Listen to highlights below.

Tom Shadyac

One of the most inspirational people I have talked with. Listen to Tom talk about his vision for the world, making his documentary ‘I AM’, being on Oprah, his bike accident and facing death, why he reved up his intention to share his spiritual journey. Tom’s epiphany moment and the change in his awareness and consciousness. What makes us Happy. Hollywood vs simplicity. We chat about the state of our media, how films can educate and inspire. The changing face of humanity, Educating and much more.

Steve Orphin from the StevO Show is our guest in the studio we discuss audio wallpaper and Kevin Tan presents us with some realy wonderful GOOD NEWS Stories..

Listen to the complete conversation with Tom  uninterrupted here… It’s really a wonderful chat…

Nothing short of JOY

Listen to highlights from our 3 hr LOA Saturday morning breakfast show below..

Julie Genovese

Listen to my chat with the fabulous Julie Genovese, a little person with a powerful message. We celebrate JOY today as I chat with Julie about her amazing life journey and her transformation from feeling unworthy of Love to self Love, Genius Creator and JOY ambassador..

Our Boby Balnce Guru  Nic Laidlaw chats to us about living and loving the out door life style and his surfing caree.

Also Jack Canfield has a few words to say about being an optimist  .. Have fun! I did… To listen to my chat with Julie without interruptions click here


Listen to highlights below.

Charley Johnson

I’s all about random acts of Kindness, Listen to my chat with  Charlie Johnson, president of the PAY if Forward Foundation, I think he is just about the MOST passionate person I have ever interviewed.

Also Kevin has some excellent Good-News stories, and we chat about what it takes to live the life we dream of..

It’s a really wonderful show today…


Click here for the entire chat with Charlie uninterrupted


Listen to highlights below.

You can Heal your Life!

What a POWER SHOW it is today. If you have ever wanted to be re-enforced and empowered about the power you have to change your life and your health for the better, today’s show is for YOU.

We play some snippets from Louise L Hay’s Powerful DVD ‘You Can Heal your Life’ and share some amazing healing stories…

Share this with someone you LOVE, it is an extraordinary show…

I know you will LOVE IT!


Longevity Jane Fonda

Listen to highlights below.

on TEDxwomen.com

Listen to Jane Fonda’s TED Talk about our third stage of life, many people have called this…OLD AGE.


Are we getting older or wiser?  YOU decided… How do we maintain a healthy body, powerful mind and good life when we are in our Third Act?

It’s a FASCINATING show filled with insights and wisdom…


Connection, Vulnerability

Listen to highlights from our 3 hr LOA Saturday morning breakfast show below…

& Chinese New year

Join us for some random acts of kindness in the Good News, Chinese new year explained and Listen to the fabulous Researcher Brene Brown talking about connection, vulnerability and the wisdom of the whole hearted…

What a fabulous speaker and incredible woman!!

Listen to  Symphony of science and much more.


Magic Mystery & Change

Listen to highlights below.

Change can be challenging, but also very enlightening.

Today we feature  Scott Grace a singer, song writer, spiritual teacher and Comedian. Listen to my fabulous chat with Scott and some of his wonderful songs and comic skits..

He’s a HOOT! Kevin and Tian with the GOOD NEWS, More Angel readings..

I talk to Tian, who is new to all this spiritual talk, about if he thinks Angels are real or not? How powerful are our negative thoughts vs our positive thoughts…

More Law of Attraction insights.. a great show filled with Love, Light and fun…


It’s a new year 2012

Listen to highlights below.

Today on the show we do some mini readings for 2012. 

Kevin and Tian have some GOOD NEWS about technology and life love and the universe… I introduce comedian Scott Grace and play his Dr Seuss  skit.

We hear and part of an interview of John Diaz’s Survival Story from a plane crash. Listen to what he saw as he witnessed the soul leaving the body.

I play a snippet from an Oprah interview with Jill Bolty Taylor, a brain scientist who wrote a wonderful book called, ‘My Stroke of Insight’ 

Also check out, Kevin, Tian, mine and our callers card readings for the new year.

Its a great show filled with wonderful LOA insights… ENJOY!

Christmass Giving

Exerts from our 3 hr LOA Saturday morning breakfast show..

Lindsay Drummond sings live

Lindsay Drummond, song writer and creator of the beautiful song ‘The Wish’, is our special guest in the studio today. Listen to Lindsay chat about why she decided to be a uplifter and inspirer, what she believes in, her music, what inspires her and much more.

We also have the pleasure of hearing Lindsay sing live in the studio.

Nic Laidlaw, the Body Balance guru, gives us his feel good Christmas health and exercise tips.

We play a bit of Deepak Choprah, Greg Braden and Kevin spoils us all with some really wonderful GOOD NEWS christmas stories



Listen to highlights below.

Money and Freedom.  

It’s the week leading up to Christmas and we are talking MONEY today.

How do we get more of it? how do we align with the energy of it, why do we want more money anyway? We replay an burning question form Jeff who wants to raise the bar in his finances and let go of feeling not worthy to receive more.

Kevin asks how he can attract a million dollars, Tianjoins our conversation.

Jim Carey talks about the power of intent and Wayne Dyer talks about being in harmony with the field of intension and physics…


Creativity & Education

Listen to highlights below.  

Sir Ken Robinson

Today on the show we discuss the revolution our public education system is going through in order to service the magnificent creative minds of this generation. I play you some snippets form Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 and 2010 TED.com talks.

Could we have psychic ability and intuition taught in public school?

Nic Laidlaw calls in with some more great Body Balance advice.

Congratulations to Tian who received his desire to study at Australian Film Television and Radio school next year…

The Teachings of Abraham

Listen to highlights below.

A tribute to Jerry Hicks:

Jerry Hick made his transition back to the eternal reality on November 18 this year. I dedicate todays show to all of the people I admire and Love who have made their transtion home this year.

I play some snippets form Abraham about Death, self worth and living as vibrational interpretors.

My friend Clive Lewis joins me again on the show wonderful LOA and Deliberate Creation conversation, and young Tian, one of my producers, hears this type of conversation for the first time. It leaves him with a lot to think about.

Kindness, Miracles & Beliefs, Healing

Listen to highlights below. 

Such a wonderful show today with Vianna Stibal

What an amazing time we have on the show today. I chat with Vianna Stibal, founder of Theta Healing.

We talk about how miraculous we all are when we align with our source, how spontaneous healing can occur, how our beliefs can stop or allow healing and what Theta healing is about.

Miss Edwina, our new ‘whats on in Sydney’ gal, lets us know what we can see and do in Sydney this weekend.

jonoFisherAnd I chat with Jono Fisher founder of Wake up Sydney, a community dedicated to Kindness, Courage and inner well being. Listen to Jono’s beautiful story to why he stated this amazing movement.

Be on the show Contact us with your inspiring stories or ask a question…

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