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ATP Media Awakening Consciousness

Conversations with Open Hearts & Inspired Minds 

KAren Swain

Meet Some of the Amazing people KAren has spoken with on ATP Media. Here you can listen to today’s most inspired minds, thought leaders, change makers and difference makers who are enlightening humanity.

KAren created ATP Media to expand the consciousness of our world. Her conversations will help you find answers to your burning questions about Life, Love, the Universe, Who you are, Why you are here, What is possible for you and How you Make a Difference. 

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Conscious Producer Giselle Koy


Giselle Koy Conscious Media, Ascension, Crypto & The New Earth



Dance of eternal Rapture


Garnet Schulhauser: Book 4 Dance of Eternal Rapture 

NDE howard Storm


Howard Storm: NDE All about The Angels

Robert Clancy Touched by an Angel


The Wing Man Robert Clancy: Touched by an Angel




1000 ripple effects Stacey Huish


Stacey Huish: 1000 Ripple Effects 

Jana Beeman in ATP Media


Jana Beeman: Lightworkers Create your Dream Business. Money and YOU.

Swami Sadashiva Tirtha


Swami The Orange Cowboy: Living in an Insta World. INstant Manifestation




Lisa Wechtenhiser and I’m a channel for Guides and Teachers in Spirit.


Channeling Prince: With intuitive teacher and channel Lisa Wechtenhiser and KAren Swain


Author Robert Tremblay tells his humbling tale with truth and courage that will change the way you think about death, healing, and love.

Angels messages


Ollin Morales is an Angel translator and spiritual teacher. He shares his awakening journey and how he connected with the Angels 



avis mulhall


Avis Mulhall: From the Brink of Death, Avis is Reinventing the Future 

Adnan Ademovic UFO HUB


Adnan Ademovic: Truth Seeker, UFO Hub Founder, Filmmaker Awakening to the Oneness.


Robyn Collins: The Death of her baby took her on a amazing spiritual journey



Howard Storm NDE


Rev Howard Storm: NDE: My descent into death and Awakening

Tracey Ash on atp media


Tracey Ash: Stepping into the fifth dimension

Daniel Coates Sound


Daniel Coates; Suntara Sound Session Medicine and Music to soothe your soul.



Teresa de Grosbois on AT Media


Teresa de Grosbois: Mass Influence, a Spiritual Journey

Kevin Moore They Call us channelers


Kevin Moore: They Call Us Channellers; Going beyond where we’ve been before.

Bill McKenna Teacher Healer


Bill McKenna” Creation and Healing in the Higher Dimensions



Lightstar celestial Channel


Lightstar: High Frequency Attunement Artist, Celestial Channel, Language of Light Transmissions Translator and Starseed Ambassador. 

Anand Mehrotra Sattva Yoga


Anand Mehrotra is the founder of Sattva Yoga & Master Jyotish (Vedic Astrologer)


Marina Jacobi: Energy Philanthropy in the Quantum Field



A Secret Life Revealed


Brad Thornton: A Secret Life Revealed 

Michael A. Goorjian


Michael Goorjian: What Lies Beyond The Stars

Bosnian Pyramid Julia Smith


Julia Smith: Revealing the Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids



Meditating at stonehenge


Clayton John Ainger  ‘The Magic Shop of Creation.’


Allison Gee; Time Travel Parallel Universe and Alternative Reality

Roberta grimes Author


Roberta Grimes: Liberating Jesus, Channeling Thomas Jefferson and Exploring the Afterlife 



Dr Tarrin Lupo


Dr Tarrin Lupo The Mandela Effect, Healing, and Awakening

NDE Yvonne Ballard


Yvonne Ballard: NDE: Heaven is Empty

NDE Penny Wilson



Penny Wilson: NDE Dancing In The Garden With God


Cyrus Kirkpatrick Astral Adventures


Cyrus Kirkpatrick: Astral Adventures Out Of Body Projection

Frances Key


Frances Rae Key: The Team Books; A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side

Comic Awarness


Will Berlinghof: Channels Cosmic Awareness a Twelfth Dimensional Collective





Lauren Kurth: StarSeed UFO & ET Experiencer, First Earther.

Dr Maree Batchelor


Maree Batchelor:  Tragic death of her son brings Awakening to our multidimensional reality

krista gorman nde



Krista Gorman: NDE I died and learned how to live



Angels in my hair


Guardian Angel Everyone has one: Lorna Byrne: Angels in My Hair 

Scarlett Lewis and Son's


Scarlett Lewis: I choose LOVE: Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation changing the world one Loving thought at a time.

Mary Rodwell





Peter Mcintosh


The Pyramids of Chi Peter & Lyn McIntosh.

Stephen Dinan Sacred America Sacred World


Stephen Dinan: Sacred America Sacred World

Teacher healer KAren Swain


KAren Swain: How I found my life purpose through the death of my Mother



Bashar Darryl Anka


Darryl Anka: Filmmaker Spiritual Teacher Channel for Bashar

Robbie Holz


Robbie Holz: Secrets of Aboriginal Healing & Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening.

Jamie Butler & KAren Swain


Jamie Butler: Spiritual Teacher Medium (EveryDay Medium)  The Love & Light Centre 



Channel Micheila Sheldan


 Micheila Sheldan: Intuitive Channel of Higher Consciousness

channel Danielle Gibbons


Danielle Gibbons: Channels Mother Mary & The Divine Mother Collective

Your Sacred Anatomy with Desda Zuckerman.

Your Sacred Anatomy with Desda Zuckerman. A new paradigm for transformational change based on the subtle energies of the Human Structure.


Elanor Bradbury


Elly Bradbury: Leaving a Legacy and Rock the House for Habitat for Humanity

Michael Margolis Get Storied


Michael Margolis: Get Storied

Singer Alissa Nathaniel


Alissa Nathaniel: Devotional Jazz Kirtan Mantra Singer.



Dr Dave Jenkins


Dr David Jenkins: Founder Surfaid: Holistic Practitioner dedicated to eradicating dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Paul Avgerinos


Paul Avgerinos: Grammy Winner Best New Age Album, ‘Grace’. Amma, Jesus and Miracles

Eric Pearl


Dr Eric Pearl: The Reconnection



Edo Kahn on ATP Radio


Edo Kahn: Edo speaks about his journey with Music, A Sound Life and the loss of his wife Jo Mall-Kahn in 2015

Witch Lucy Cavendish


Lucy Cavendish: Witches and Wizards: Real life Stories 

David Starfire on ATP Media


David Starfire; Karuna: DJ, Musician, Humanitarian, SuperStar!



Tom Cronin The Stillness Project


Tom Cronin: The Stillness Project

Nahko Bear Medicine for the people


Nahko Bear: Medicine For The People

Garnet Schulhauser copy 2


Garnet Schulhauser: Dance of Heavenly Bliss



Soul Motion


Arjuna Marti: Founder of Soul Motion Dance 

ET lady Mary Rodwell


Mary Rodwell: Healer/ Teacher The ET Lady supporting the Star Children

life between life Kathryn Hand



Kathryn Hand: Life between Lives



Global Healing Exchange


Sharon White : Global Healing Exchange

Pape Mbaye


Pape Mbaye: Master percussionist and story teller

Transexual Transion



Cassie: Transitioning from a man to a woman



Michelle Mahrer


Michelle Mahrer: John of God Doco and Radiance Dance

I AM GENIE Joshua Dawson


Joshua Dawson: I Am Genie: The Experience Genie 

Mike Worsman Changing the world with a smile


Mike Worsman: Changing the World with A Million Smiles




David Byron on ATP Radio


David Byron: Remembering Happiness again, after the death of his daughter Chloe in the Bali Bombings

Chris Raine


Chris Raine: Hello Sunday Morning:

Educating people about their relationship with Alcohol and Drugs

Shannon Harvey



Shannon Harvey: The Mind Body Connection



Fred Hollows Award


Damien and Keats: Fred Hollows Humanity Award 

David Hirsch-Barister-


David Hirsch: The Sydney Peace Prize and Foundation

Garnet Schulhauser out-of-body experiences



Garnet Schulhauser: Out of Body Experiences





Kaya Finlayson: Director; Future Dreaming

Julie Genovese


 Julie Genovese: Nothing Short of Joy

Shae-Lee Shackelford



Shae-Lee Shackleford: SketchShe





Jess Porfiri: Singer/Songwriter; Miracles

Dr Tom Murray


Dr Tom Murry: Love in Our Time

Ganga Ashworth


Ganga Ashworth: Singing The Self






Dr Elisa Medus: Channeling Erik

Alana Fairchild Spiritual teacher


Alana Fairchild: The Divine Circus

Paul Selig


Paul Selig: Knowing Your Worth




Dianne Collins Quantum Think:


Dianne Collin: Quantum Think

NDE Nancy Rynes


Nancy Rynes: Atheist Near Death Experience 

Medium Charles Peden



Charles Peden: Animal Communicator



Christina Stevens


Christina Stevens: Love, The Saint and The Seeker

JP O'Sullivan Hope Foundation


JP O’Sullivan: HOPE Foundation




KAthy Wong: MeoLoco



Omar Pinto


Omar Pinto ‘O’: Stories of Recovery.

Natalie sudman


Natalie Sudman: NDE: The Application of Impossible Things

Unleash your beast



Justin Cooper: WHY do you do what you do?



Sandra Champlain


Sandra Champlain: We DON’T Die

Michael Neeley Bio Pic

Michael Neeley : Consciously Speaking

MeOct2014 copy 8



KAren Swain On Consciously Speaking



Eloise King Enlightened Entrepreneur


Eloise King: The Way of The Enlightened Entrepreneur

B1G1 Business for Good


Paul Dunn: B1G1: Business for Good 

Kerrie Phipps



Kerrie Phipps: DO Talk to Strangers



Chad Zani


Chad Zani: Social Entrepreneur

Derek Amato The Script


Derek Amato: Acquired Musical Savant (Synesthesia)

Christel Hughes



Christel Hughes: Multi Sensory Intuitive


Sasha Cobra Conscious relating


Sasha Cobra: Conscious Relating 

Lulu Mischka


Lulu and Mischka; Warriors of light


Mother Meera in Sydney March 2015

Jo Mall Kahn


Jo Mall Kahn: VAANI







Mary Freer


Mary Freer CEO and Director of Change Day on 11 March each year 



Natasha Howie : Concern Foundation



Tanya Allison, sage


Tanya Allison: Sage Magazine

Shayne Locke copy



Shayne Locke: Soul Traveller Radio & Sage Magazine



Joe Cross


Joe Cross: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

The Change Concept


Tristan John Griffiths: The Change Concept: Helping the Homeless

Vinh Giang


Vinh Giang: Man of Magic Mystery Inspiration and Manifestation





Bravo Child: Embrace in Martin Place

Director of the Sydney Peace Foundation Jane Singleton


Jane Singleton:  Sydney Peace Foundation

Aymeric Maudous



Aymeric Maudous: Founder of EcoXpo



Muneesh wadhwa


Muneesh Wadhwa: Humanity in Business 

Andrew Hughes Mindset Trianing


Andrew Hughes: Mindset Training 




Stu Robertson: Peace in 10,000 Hands



Steve Killelea


Steve Killelea: Founder of the global Peace Index

Ben Harrinton


Ben Harrington : Educational Ambassador for Peace One Day

Emily Simpson


Emily Simpson: The Sydney Labyrinth 


Fedirico comforto



Federico Comforto: The Italian Book Club



Michael Sternfield: Body centered therapist, producer, dancer



Rebecca Brown: Soul to Soul




Cristina Harris: People for Peace Film Festival



Deb Shepherd


Deborah Shepherd: Embrace Life Live Life

Costa Georgiadis


Costa Georgiadis: sustainable living Food and International Permaculture day

Michelle Darlington


Michelle Darlington: Seed it Up


Nahko Bear



Nahko Bear: Medicine for the People 



Eloise King : Soul Sessions 

EMILY Chantiri


Emily Chantiri: Voice of Intuition




Morgan Evans: Country Music Star; New Album



Simon Cohen


Simon Cohen: Gives away Global Tolerance

Tom Dawkins


Tom Dawkins: Start Some Good

julio & chad



Chad Zani: UNstoppables Club


Diego Copploa


Diego Coppola talks about John of God first visit to Australia 




Appleonia and Nadav Kahn: OH



Ronni Kahn: OzHarvest


Listen to KAren, Nick Perrin and Anna Hirst talk about worldbridger





Grace Farris and Daniel Murchison from Burn Antares



Vanessa Forbes: Love letter from the Universe




Andrea Thompson: Fair Go Game



Lousie kennedy


Louise Kennedy; Australia’s Got Talent 2013.



Annabelle Wadsworth: Mrs Twinkle

Ann Joel



Ann Joel Energy Healer: John of GOD





Luke Escombe: Singer/Song writer Comic Genius



Yantra Ji Lindon: Profound Awakening




Lisa Clifford: Naples a way of LOVE



julio de lafitte


Julio De Lafitte: Improving our financial intelligence



Nicole Bayliss: 5 Steps to finding Love




Elia: Unbreakable



Moya Love


Moya Love: Channelled messages from JOY

jen Harwood


Jen Harwood; The Greatness Principle 




Ana Teren: Mothers In Love



Jennie Gorman


Jenny Gorman: Awesome Autheniticy

Ron Farmer PhD

Dr Ron Farmer :

Be the change you wish to see in the world 

Amanda Gore



Amanda Gore Speaker: The Joy Project





Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan: Energesse 



Pam Bradbury: Teacher, Psychic & Medium 

Robyn Beeche



Robyn Beeche : Photographer






Anatole Kononewsky: Entrepreneur 

Getrude Matshe


Getrude Matshe: Ubuntu



Annie Kagan: The After Life of Billy Fingers

Ben Lee



 Ben Lee: Welcome to the Work



Stephen Simon


Stephen Simon: Spiritual Cinema Circlen

Toni Childs


Toni Childs: Citizens of the Planet; listen

Dr Darren Wiessman


Dr Darren Weissman: Infinite Love and Gratitude





John Rattz:  

G A T E  Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment

Stephanie Dowrick


Stephanie Dowrick: Interfaith minister



Dr Iain Edwards: Chrysalis

sharon Snir


Sharon Snir: Everyday Miracles

Mary van de Wiel




Mary Van De Wiel: 

ZING your Brand



Thrive what on earth will it take Foster gamble


Foster Gamble : Movie;  THRIVE What will it Take ?


The Youth Mentoring foundation


Vicki Condon: RAISE


Geordie Williamson



Geordie Williamson The Burning Library; Listen



Marc Allen


Marc Allen: New World Library; Listen


 Janine Shepherd: The Gift of Acceptance



Dr Ian Gawler: Mind Body Medicine 




Brian Skerry: Ocean Soul; listen 


Petrea King: Quest for Life 


 Richard Bach: Pilot, Author and Spiritual Inspiration


 Artist Jon Hawley ( Lemon ) Pithy Poems




Leon Nacson  Managing director of Hay House Australia

Hopeaholic Marie Lavoie


Marie Lavoie:  Hopeaholics Spreading hope


Tom Silver ‘Master Hypnotist; The Power of our Mind



Hope Breed :An Inspiration




Tom Shadyac   ‘I AM’


Charlie Johnson  ‘Pay it Forward’ 


 Roko Belic: The Happy Movie


Emily Simpson: The Lady of  the Labyrinth



Bob Hughes    ‘News You Can Use’




Guy Saunders: Inspirational Message


Vianna Stibal: Theta Healing



Scott Grace: Wisdom with Humor




Antoinette Sampson’s Vision of Beauty & Peace


ATP Media Awakening Consciousness