Conscious Creating

You a Genius Creator: Every thought you have holds a vibration and has creative potential . You are creating with every breath, turn of your head and vibrational stance you offer life.

    How do we live our Spiritual Intelligence in day to day life?

JOIN us for a night of Conscious Creating with many insights into life, in-depth conversation about how we create, how to become more aware and attune your consciousness and vibration, feel your enlightenment and find your purpose and joy…

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Blissful Beings answer your questions about anything you wish to know, nothing is off-limits.. The more you ask the more energy and answers you summon..

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What do you want  &  WHY do you want it?

The only reason you are not living the life you know you really want is because you believe the limiting stories you are telling yourself about why you are not good enough, why you can’t have it, or create it and then you come up with more reasons why it will never happen! And these are just stories right? Not the truth, not set in stone, just a  jumbles of justifications an excess of excuses and a string of sabotaging stage plays you have concocted to create the life you know you don’t want and put off the life you know you were born to LIVE. You know what?  There’s Really Good News ….

You Can turn it all around and Create the life you see

in your grandest vision of yourself

What’s your story?

If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you will be right.

Speak Up for yourself

You are the story behind your bright future.

See your ideal, design your Life, Transform those old Belief Patterns, Write your Love Story and Create your Dreams!

We all know it right, we just have to practise it, then we will BE-come what we have always known to be true about what we can achieve, who we can be and how we can inspire others….