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Yvonne Ballard

NDE Yvonne BallardRetired Nurse and mother of two, Yvonne Ballard had an amazing NDE during a life threatening illness in 2008 which changed everything. During her time in non physical, Yvonne found out the many secrets of the multi universes and beyond. She saw her life plan, why she came to earth and what we are all doing here and much more.

Yvonne explored the many mansions and universes in the cosmos and spent time in the knowing of all that is. She came back armed with this knowing but not able to assimilate all she was allowed to remember. Now she is reaching out to the public through her chapter in our first Book in the Awakening Soul Series: Surviving Death, Personal Stories of transformation.  

“Yvonne Ballard is a retired RN of 20 years who now lives a gypsy life. Since her NDE in 2008, Yvonne has been channeling her higher selves, the other side, as well as reading the infinite timelines. She is a loving, intelligent and eccentric, as only a true aquarian truly can be often confusing and amazing people all at once. Yvonne is a misplaced hippy who loves to travel the world experiencing all there is on this wonderful planet meeting as many interesting people along the way.”

This is a fascinating insight into who we are when we are not physically focused, how we create our reality, the nature of time and why we are on this world.  Visit Yvonne’s Youtube channel here  And connect with Yvonne on Facebook here

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Yvonne Ballard

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Yvonne Ballard

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