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self worth

From where your inner-self see’s you, there is no such thing as NOT being worthy, because the Universe yields to every vibration you offer. Life  listens to your every emotion, and brings you a vibrational match.

Manifesting your dreams is about the powerful Law of Attraction.

You always attract a similar vibration to the ones you offer with your dominate thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

You are worthy enough to create anything you can imagine.

The question is not, “Am I worthy enough to have what I want?”

The question should always be….. “What do I believe and what vibration am I offering with my thoughts?”

You will know the answer to this question because it is indicated to you through how you feel…

You are so worthy, the whole Universe dances on your every breath.

Embracing your Dreams

Your dance partner, Blissful Beings.

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