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An online event celebrating

I Chatted with Sue Davey about her International Conscious Women Community Event March 24 / 2015 on ATP radio. She has some Awesome women speakers and it’s all free!! Register your place below

CLICK HERE to Register for this event Free

  • Connect to your consciousness and thrive!
  • International Expert Mentoring Sessions
  • Join us and register now for FREE to be mentored by a number of international conscious women experts.
  • In partnership with UN Women Global Charity

CLICK HERE to Register for this event Free

The Event of the Year! Join a Community of Conscious, Spiritual and Enlightened Women press the pic above.

The International Conscious Women Community Event Day is featuring a community of compassionate and caring women.

Together, we aim to help You reach enlightenment, connect to your consciousness, spirituality and higher self in order to live a life full of purpose.

With sufficient support and encouragement, women like you can make a bigger impact in the world and make it a better place to live in. Believe in yourself, free your mind to unlock your amazing potential. Live with integrity in line with your values, and importantly to think “It’s okay to be me.”

We are here for You!


Through this event that will happen annually, we are raising both awareness and funds for charities that support women’s empowerment.

The purpose of this amazing event is for conscious women leaders from around the world to come together to change the world by empowering women just like You. We will come together annually not just to make a bigger impact on the world, but to make a big impact on each and every one of YOU.

Each speaker is coming from a deep sense of consciousness, love and peace by wanting to make the world a better place through all of our actions.

Gandhi taught us to “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. By connecting with us during this worldwide event, you will be a member of a conscious community of leaders dedicated to personal and collective evolution.

If you would like to be part of this amazing community of inspirational, conscious and spiritual women, who will mentor and guide you, then register today to join our online event.


Be a part of the shift.

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If this is something that resonated with you, I look forward to serving you further …

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