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Well Being Abounds

Well-being is by far the dominant energy in existence.

If you are not experiencing well-being it is because you are  thinking, or vibrating in a way that is disallowing source energy to thrive in you. There is only ONE energy source of creation in existence, this is the flow of pure positive energy which you can allow to flow in abundant amounts into your life, or pinch it off with your negative thinking.

Bliss, Joy, Abundance, Love  and Well-Being are the source of your existence, you are a being of Pure Positive Energy. There is no source of evil, sickness or stress anywhere in the universe, there is only your resistance to the flow of Well-Being.

Relax and Let it Flow.

KAren Swain MagicYou have come here to experience source energy dancing in a physical form. Anticipate good things to happen, they are supposed to. You are here to allow the contrast to inspire more desires within you, and to live all you can dream of.

Your work is to live the Joy that is your Source, and in living your Joy you are able to uplift those who want it.

“I have the capacity to love, and I have the ability to choose positive aspects over negative aspects. I don’t care how many negative aspects you show me,

I Am a Lover.”


Love is you, Remember to feel it

Your Broader Perspective.. Blissful Beings


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Well Being Abounds