Welcome to the Inner Sanctum

Hello and WELCOME to the Inner Sanctum. Thanks so much for joining us on this co-creative journey.

“You are a Difference Maker to the core, here to affect transformation on this planet and within yourself. While you are a part of this co-creative circle you will learn many things, which will help you on your journey through this physical time space curriculum. We welcome your burning questions and look forward to serving you further.” Blissful Beings 

We get together once a month on our webinars to support each other, to affect change within us and on this planet and to make a difference in our lives. Our webinars are on zoom. You will need to download the zoom platform to join. This is a free platform, like Skype, which allows you to be seen, if desires, type questions or ask questions on video.

In addition to these webinars we invite on special guest to share their wisdom with you, and this way you have personal access to some of the brilliant teachers I have on ATP Media. If you can not make the allocated time for the webinar we will send you the video recording to watch, and you can send in your burning questions to be answered.


You have asked and we are answering. Below are some of the questions people sent to us at the end of last year. We answered them and look forward to answering more of your enquiries. Together we are expanding human awareness, raising the level of consciousness on this planet.

Our FIRST webinar for 2017 will be on Saturday the 21 January 2017 at 9 AM Sydney time.

Which is 5pm Friday 20 Jan EST: 2PM  Friday Jan 20 PST: 10 PM Friday London UK

Check your timezone here.

To join

You will be sent a link to join the webinar. Just click this link at the allocated time and you will be taken to the zoom platform, where you will be on-line with us. The webinar is around an hour-long.. See you there ks x

Week One:

Click here to learn about Law of Attraction and How it is working in our lives.


  1. a seminar conducted over the Internet.
Welcome to the Inner Sanctum