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August 2006 Available to Receiving

Recently in private session with a client, at the end of our time together he said to me, “I feel Weightless. I can’t believe the way I feel right now, it is as if I have no weight to my body, like I can not feel my physical body at all.” What a beautiful feeling to not feel the weight of who you are being. A sensation one would only understand if felt before. I know I have felt this after years of practicing meditation and only in a closed eyed trance state.

In a recent newsletter, I posted an inspirational story from Lesia. She talked about receiving a message from a beloved brother who was transitioning, leaving his physical life experience. Lesia said to me she experienced a sense of weightlessness one night as she saw her brother saying goodbye.  He gave her a gift as he left this physical world.  He showed her  what it felt like to be free and who we are when we let go our our troubling beliefs. She describe it as if a sheet was being pulled across her body and all the burdens and weight of her life was being lifted off. She said this sensation happened a few times until she felt weightless.  “He gave me a taste, she said, of letting go of this physical life experience and all the burdens I have been carrying around with me.”

SpritualprtectionWhat a beautiful image and sensation of bliss she had. But do we have to die to let go of the negative ideas we hold about ourselves, or meditate for years to feel this beautiful feeling of weightlessness and live a burden free life.

According to my clients, we do not. This wonderful sensation is available to all of us when we lighten up and let go the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves, life and what is possible for us. A really good result, I thought when my clients left my house. They had an extraordinary experience, which happened in very ordinary circumstances. One of my weightless clients said to me. “Wow this is so profound and yet so simple. We could be sitting in a cafe having a chat.” As all that went on in our session was a conversation. But he found clarity and connection inside the words that were being presented to him.

It is not our physicality that weighs us down, but the limiting beliefs we drag around with us which affect everything we do. It is as if our thoughts are heavy and we literally feel this heaviness in our hearts and in our physical body. In know people who for years have spent time looking at these limiting ways of thinking, in an effort to rid themselves of their burdens. But you can never focus on anything and have it go away. The more mind power you give it the more power it has in your life.

It really is so simple. Healing anything in our life can be a simple profound experience of changing our inner dialog so that it lines up with the truth about who we really are, and how our inner being or soul feels about us.

This means thinking better about ourselves and the choices we have made. Choosing empowered ideas about what we can do and expanding on these.

I have spoken to clients who had NDE’s (near death experiences), and many of them told me that when they left their body and this time space reality, they had a sense of sublime peace. A knowing that everything they did in their life was meant to be, every mistake had a gift, every trauma presented an opportunity to expand their awareness about what they are capable of and the power within them. To live with more purpose and focus more profoundly so as to live in their natural state of joy. It is a common story amongst the NDE people. All  of them reported a sense of belonging and a profound feeling of support from our inner-beings, our spirit or the Universe. On their return life seemed to be an easy ride, as many of them took on life with a new-found sense of daring and invincibleness. They came back knowing that nothing can go wrong because our mistakes only give us more reason to focus in a better way. And this can be the thrill of living a physical life with spiritual knowing.

Athletes, young children, most teenagers and the brave daring expanded thinkers of our planet have this sense of invincibleness or weightlessness about life. Watch them fly through the air on their skateboards, or fly through life getting everything they imagine, as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Gravity will not stop them, impossibility will not stop them, others opinions will not stop them. Nothing will stop them exploring more of what is possible and push the boundaries like never before.

What stops you from living the life of your dreams? And what thoughts would help you achieve your desires? Think about these more empowering beliefs and write them down, stick them on the fridge and practice thinking them everyday.

When we find the gift in every life situation, we will give to ourselves the LOVE and Acceptance we are all looking for.

The spirit of every being is weightless, Pure positive Light Energy. And we access this every time we love ourselves and appreciate life. We can all think in a way that lines up with positive energy.

Think well and let your life be a Joyous, Empowering burden Free ride.

Love is you, remember to feel it… KAren Swain & Blissful Beings

Spiritual protection

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