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Tracey Ash

Tracey Ash 5D training Have a listen to our fascinating conversation with Tracey Ash, a researcher, lecturer and gifted, wisdom keeper on ATP Media while she was in Karnak Egypt in September 2017. We do a Sacred Site 5D Activation Meditation at the End, so stay all the way through.

Tracey is the Creator and Innovator of Awareness School, Life Vision School, Mystery School & 5D Training, since 1999. This is a revolutionary approach for cutting-edge in HEALING & AWAKENING.

Tracy is leading the way in transforming potential and health to heal and awaken. Her pioneering inner work defines and upgrades your spiritual practices, previous inner training and any field of endeavour. She is  fascinated in understanding our ancient origins and truths to create a better future.

Tracey is an honorary member of PSI Science Institute Japan,  she shares decades of work on consciousness revolution, influencing reality, planetary transformation and ancient technologies. She leads seminars at premiere ancient sites worldwide. Visit Tracey’s website here



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Thought Leader and teacher of Deliberate Creation KAren Swain brings you wisdom from many spiritual teachers, thought leaders, change makers and difference makers on ATP Radio & Media. KAren is here to help you expand your awareness of what is possible and to remind you of your powers to create. KAren teaches from her broader perspective and guides; Blissful Beings.

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Tracey Ash

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