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Time of Awakening

Time of Awakening

Here we are in the twenty-first century, how exciting it is to be alive today in this time on the leading edge. Never before has so much been fulfilled so quickly by so many. Now that many of us are in the place of asking, “how can I get more of this, How can I manifest exactly what I want?”

Fabulous new and exciting ideas are being found to everyday problems of lack and limitation and wonderful creative dreams are being lived. It is our asking that has been pushing evolution along so quickly. Now more than ever before, people feel they have the right to ask and the right to receive!

This is the time on the planet when many people are coming to an understanding of the power they have to create anything they can think of. They are starting to see they are a power to manifest their dreams within their world. It is a time of awakening to the creative power within us, to the impact our thoughts have on our lives and to the realisation that everything is vibration and our thoughts are driving the vibe.

Never before has there been so many teachers talking about the power of thought. The Power of positive thinking, the Power of the mind, the power of your intent, the power of focus, meditation, yoga of the mind, body and spirit. It is in everyday life and this is a grand step in creating a world that everyone is enjoying.

In the past many desires were born from horrific episodes in human history, but unlike the awakening leading edge thinkers of today, the people of the past did not take their attention away long enough from their contrasting conditions to let their dreams come true. In this new world of allowing, we are reaping the benefits of the dreamers of the past. Sometimes it took centuries for desires to be realised because of the poor focusing efforts of our past generations.

The successful people of today’s world will tell you, that they keep their focus on the desired goal and do not let contrasting conditions distract them from dreaming and knowing their dreams will come true. It has been a tale set before us in so many ways.

Even as children the fairytale of Cinderella Cinderella story LOAdisplays this very quality. Even in her terrible conditions she kept her life full by loving the little creatures around her. She was satisfied with her life, but continued to dream of greater things not letting her terrible conditions sway her from her dreams. The challenge has always been to keep our focus on what is wanted in the midst of what is not wanted, knowing that time will change all things, nothing is stagnant and nothing stays the same. Everything is temporary, this moment is temporary and it is our own thinking and feelings that will determine the next moment.

We define the world by the way we feel. It is no secret. We see it everyday often displayed on mainstream TV. Interviewers asking their subject,” how did you feel about it, when you won the gold medal, or when you were violated, what did it feel like?”

We see the world through how we feel. Everything we desire we desire because we think that when we have it, we will feel better. This is a feeling based world, even the guys will have to admit it, you are feeling all the time!

“When I get that new job I will feel successful, more important, wealthier, happier, more fulfilled, supported, more relaxed and more LOVED.” And today there are so many people, therapies, ideas, religions and companies offering us ways in which to feel better, less stressed, more energised, younger, more vital, more empowered and more enlightened.

How do we know we are enjoying life? We feel it! It is our attention to the way we feel, that is propelling us along at such a vast rate in the evolutionary process, and is creating this time of Awakening. This is a vibrational cosmos without dispute. Every quantum scientist of today will agree, we live in a time space continuum of vibrating information manifesting, or being perceived, as matter and hence physical life. Everything is energy and information, we are living in a vibrational Universe. And the only way to validate our lives, is to feel it.

In this time of awakening we are realising that our feelings are communicating much more important information to us, than we in the past had given them credit for. Our feelings are guiding us towards our dreams. They are our internal emotional guidance system, and more people are listening to them, as a result more people are realising their dreams now than ever before.

For many centuries other, (well-meaning) people asked us to listen to their way of looking at the world. They laid down laws and regulations to help guide us to live a good and meaningful life. But how did they get people to listen to their ways of thinking when everyone has their own internal emotional guidance system set in place. The only way they could think of to keep us listening to their rules, was to misguide us about our internal emotional guidance system. We were told to listen to them and not to listen to the way we feel because, “this was misguided”. They told us that if it felt good then it was probably something that was bad, or sinful or unlawful. And if it felt bad, then you are doing good work, and even though you would not get to reap the reward in this lifetime, your bad feeling or hard work would give you rewards in another life, or in the after life.”

How crazy it seems today, to rob yourself of enjoying the now moment to please someone else’s misguided request. To the youth of today this feels insane. Anyone who is a parent will tell you how strongly a child will rebel if asked to do or be something that does not feel good to them. But to the people of yesterday, it was the only way they knew how to live. And there are many people still living with this struggle.

“Do I do because it feels good, or do I do, because I am expected to, or told to, or because it is deemed the right thing to do and everyone else is doing it.” Then when people follow the guidance of the past set down by others, they wonder why life did not give them all that they had hoped for.  They are left saying… “Why was life such a struggle. “Why do I feel so bad most of the time, so unfulfilled.” And now their struggles are reflected in their declining physical health.”

So used to struggle are our past generations, that illness is thought to be normal, even expected as we age. And getting what you want is something one should not even entertain, because you probably won’t Get it!” Many of our social and religious dogma’s have declared it is more holy to struggle through life than to live a life of ease, fulfillment and abundance.

How freeing it is to know this way of thinking is now behind us. In this fabulous time of awakening we have so many wonderful examples of dreamers achieving all that they dare to dream, regardless of race, education, upbringing, social status, wealth or family background. In fact many of the very successful brilliant happy people of today’s modern society, lived just the opposite. They were born into a minority, poor or handicapped backgrounds. But they had big dreams. Big to them because the contrast of what they wanted compared to their life circumstances was so huge. But still they dreamed, and realised their dreams because they made their only authority, the way they FEEL.

In this time of Awakening, people are dreaming big, but their dreams are no longer personal. Within this time space matrix the dreams of our rising generations, are for a better quality for humanity and planet earth. Abundance for all human beings, equality, fair trade and restoring this beautiful blue planet to her natural state of abundance, health and wholeness. We need the BIG dreamers to manifest their desires more now than at any other time in human history.

Are you one of the big dreamers? If you are, keep dreaming, keep visualising a world we all want to live in and keep listening to your emotional guidance system. For it is guiding us to towards an evolutionary shift, none before have ever seen in this planets history.

”Here’s to the Dreamers, the Crazy Ones and the BIG Thinkers. For the people who are Crazy enough to think they can change this world, are the ones who will!  ”

Love is you… Remember to FEEL it.

KAren Swain

Teacher of Deliberate Creation for the Difference Makers                                                                                                                  20/3/ 2006

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time of Awakeing

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