The Awakening Soul SeriesA transformational Book Series for the Awakening Soul.

We invite you to share your transformational life stories with the world in a unique series of books for the Awakening Soul. Sharing our personal stories of transformation, how we overcame our traumas and awakened to our true nature of love, is how we change the world and help humanity evolve awaken and rise.

Each book will cover a specific topic and showcase at least 10 personal stories of people who have overcome and transformed from their challenges and life traumas. Sharing our personal stories changes the world.

The TASS book series is a collage of stories addressing issues humanity is most grappling with at this time such as..

1: How I overcame the death of a Loved one

2: My Near Death Experience Story

3: Awakening to my Healing Powers

4: Awakening to my Powers of Insight, Psychic Awareness and Intuition

5: How I became a Spiritual Channel of Higher Consciousness 

6: My Story of Becoming a Change Agent, Energy Healer, Light-Worker and Difference Maker

Other subjects we will cover are:

Overcoming divorce
Overcoming Rape
Overcoming cancer or illness
Learning to Trust Life
Learning to Thrive with change
Getting over attempted suicide or the suicide of a loved one.
How I remembered I am a star child.
My Abduction Story.
My experience with Extraterrestrials.

And many more issues we can face on a daily basis which have us asking Why is this happening to me?

We will put the books together from A to Z including Amazon, Kindle and Audio publishing to get your transformational stories out into the world. See below for our special introductory offer.

Listen to Getrude Matshe and KAren Swain talk about the new series and why they are creating it.


The Awakening Soul Series Offer

This is an introductory offer for the first 50 authors to jump on board. Prices will increase after this introductory offer. All Prices are in American Dollars USD

Entry Level 1

$499  What you will receive:

Send us your story in print, no matter how crude you think the writing is, we will edit and polish your words, so it flows as an engaging story for many people to enjoy.

  • 20 finished published books to sell at $25.00 a copy which will recoup your investment.
  • Ghost writing
  • Editing
  • Formatting for Print
  • Formatting for Kindle
  • TASS Branding
  • Press Release
  • Marketing

We do all the work and you will have your transformational story published!

BUY NOW to Get this Special Introductory Offer; Ends December 31 2016

Level 2 

$699  What you will receive:

  • 25 copies to sell $25 each and you can purchase more books at half price to sell later on.
  • Audio interview
  • Ghost writing
  • Editing
  • Formatting for Print
  • Formatting for Kindle
  • Press Release
  • Marketing
  • Your story showcased on the Awakening Soul Podcast Series.

Don’t worry if you do not have your story written down. KAren will help you in level 2 by doing an audio interview with you, which will be transcribed into print, edited by a professional editor, and formatted so it flows by professional ghost writers. Your story will be told in 6500 words or less.

We do all the work, and you will have your transformational story published in a beautiful cutting edge  book and also have an opportunity to make money from the sales of the printed book series!

BUY NOW to Get this Special Introductory Offer; Ends December 31 2016

Level 3 

$999  What you will receive.

With level three, you will receive 25 personal branded copies of the book with your face on the cover and your bio on the back cover. Your story will be the first story in the book and you will receive your interview as podcast which you can use as promotional material for your work and any other books you have about you and your journey.

  • Audio and Visual interview and podcast
  • Ghost writing
  • Editing
  • Formatting for Print
  • Formatting for Kindle
  • Formatting for Audible
  • Press Release
  • Personal Branding
  • Marketing
  • Radio opportunities
  • Magazine article opportunities
  • Your story showcased on the Awakening Soul Podcast and ATP Media Podcast on Youtube and iTunes and Soul Traveller Radio. You also have a chance to have your story published as a Huffington Post article.

The normal charge to have your story made into a printed book and eBook with PR & marketing is $15,000 USD. This is a saving of $14,000  to have your story published, marketed and told through many different forms of media.

BUY NOW to Get this Special Introductory Offer; Ends December 31 2016

Interested!!  Please outline your story in a few words in the form below. And if you can not jump on the introductory offer with full payment for Level 2 & 3 we can work out a payment plan.

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Who is Getrude Matshe

Getrude MatsheGetrude is the author of 8 books, she is an inspirational speaker, transformational business and life coach helping people share their stories in their memoirs.  She offers this through her business write a book in 40 hours.

Getrude Matshe has been described as a vibrant bundle of African energy whose zest and passion for life inspires everyone she meets. She is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential and find their individual life purpose. She is passionate about individuals’ success. This makes her an energetic, inspirational and enlightening speaker.

Her speaking career started in Norway 1989 and for 12 years she worked in the IT industry as a Systems Analyst, Systems Support Manager and Project Manager. She has a Bachelor of commerce degree and an Honour in Industrial Psychology. Getrude immigrated to New Zealand in 2001 with nothing and is now the Director of three successful companies.

Getrude is a dynamic entrepreneur who has started life in a new country and who has proved that anything is possible if you have a purpose. Learn more about Getrude Matshe here     Watch Getrude’s TED Talk here


Who is KAren Swain

KAren SwainKAren is a transformational spiritual teacher, radio host, inspirational speaker and author. She has a unique ability to draw people’s stories out of them through her radio and TV show Accentuate the positive and helps people find their purpose, connect to their highest values and Soul Plan and is a spiritual coach and supporter for the Different Makers of our world.

KAren has had access to exalted higher perspective most of her life. She is able to read people’s energy fields and vibration, making her an excellent coach and interviewer.
“I know who you are, why you are here, what you fear and see your dreams. When I first started meditating in my early twenties, I would see a BIG eye staring back at me in the darkness. It was visceral, in colour and as real as looking in a mirror. I was told, this is the all-seeing all-knowing eye which has access to broader perspective. I was being shown something about myself I didn’t quite understand at the time.

It took me a long time to realise my true calling and purpose, as my curious mind was determined to discover as much as I could about life and all it had to offer. I now know I am here to activate and support the Difference Makers. People who know they’re here to make a Difference. I’m passionate about helping people who are passionate about helping people, our world and all who abide here. I’m here to make a Difference in YOUR life and to humanity as we evolve into a new light in consciousness. I do this in a variety of ways.”

KAren is one of Australia’s Foremost Thought Leaders and Change Agents, Showing you the way to a Happier Healthier Life through Personal Sessions, Workshops, Seminars, Festivals, Movies and Media.

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