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KAren Swain The world needs more empowered content, enlightenment and LOVE in the media if we are to evolve as a human race. It is so important to feed your mind a media diet of empowerment, inspiration and to listen to transformative stories. THIS is HOW we change our world! YOU can help us do this by becoming a supporter of ATP Media and help  me spread more empowered messages through our world.

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Media has such an important part to play in creating our collective beliefs systems. It can empower us or dumb us down, but mostly media, in the past, has been a tool which has perpetuated fear. I want my shows to help us understand more of who we really are and what is possible. So I created these shows, first on community radio here in Sydney, then I moved them to the web for on demand listening, to help people find the many answers I was looking for when I was younger and seeking the meaning to life and to know myself more fully. On ATP Media you will meet some of the most fascinating teachers, different makers and change makers who are teaching us about the infinite possibilities available in our world.

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KAren Swain


I’ve been running ATP radio for over 6 years now, bringing you enlighten conversations to educate, inspire and help expand our awareness of our innate powers of creation and to uplift the consciousness of our world.

I really appreciate your support and look forward to getting to know you better. ks 💜 💕 💖 xxx



Another way you can support KAren’s work and receive guidance, is to Join the Inner Sanctum Webinar Series where you get to meet some of the Amazing guest KAren speaks with on ATP Media, as well as meet and share with other Emerging New World Teachers. People who wish to share their life journeys, and what they are comming to know about who we are as infinite potential.

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Thank You for Supporting Positive Media Awakening Consciousness