Support Positive Media

Support Positive Media

The world needs more empowered content and LOVE in the media, if we are to evolve as a human race. It is so important to feed your mind a media diet of empowerment, inspiration and to listen to transformative stories. THIS is HOW we change our world! YOU can help us do this by becoming a Supporter of ATP Media and helping to spread more empowered messages through our world.

ATPBe a part of the shift.

We are changing the face mainstream media to more Empowered, Useful and Life Affirming Messages.

When you Subscribe for a year you will receive a 30 minute session with KAren and Blissful Beings valued at $150 .  This is a chance to receive books KAren receives from her amazing guests.

Become a  Sponsor of  ATP Radio  for only $15 a month or $100 a year…

 If this is something that resonated with you, I look forward to serving you further … 😀

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I’ve been running ATP radio for over 5 years now, bringing you enlighten conversations to educate, inspire and help expand our awareness of our innate powers of creation and to uplift the consciousness of our world. I really appreciate your support and look forward to getting to know you better… ks xxx

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